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His piercing black eyes stare straight at Nina Morrison, holding up her jaw with his big hands, forcing her to look him in the eye, "Are you wrong? Well, tell me what you did wrong."

Nina Morrison hides all the edges of her eyes and makes them full of fear and weakness. "It is my fault. I am not good enough." She tells Lucien Gray in tears. "That is why you hate me so much. You do not like me and it must because I am not good enough."

Lucien Gray sneers closer to her, "Is that what you mean? Why do I feel so hypocritical?"

Nina Morrison is shocked. Her eyes are more innocent, "It is the truth. I remember you said a girl is better to be nice."

Lucien Gray's eyes are half-smiling, "What, are you just trying to impress me?"

Nina Morrison is relieved to see that the strategy of pretending to be a white rabbit worked.

"President Gray, you are willing to spend so much money treating my father. I, I can't thank you enough...." Nina Morrison tries to sound sincere.

"If I do not pay for your father's treatment, I am still an asshole in your heart, a villain, a pervert, right?" Lucien Gray yanks away from his hand. Nina loses the strength of him and almost falls.

Lucien Gray's eyes are cold. His handsome face is even more somber.

Nina Morrison bites her lower lip and swallows the phrase that comes out of her mouth: Are you treating my father for kindness? You just want me to be your mistress to satisfy your desires!

Hold on! Nina Morrison, you have to learn to tolerate! Nina Morrison slips back into an unremarkable corner.

Lucien Gray goes to the table and sits down. He stretches out his right hand, "Bring it!"

Ah? Nina Morrison does not understand.

"Bring me a pair of chopsticks!" Lucien Gray feels hungry as he looks at the noodles in the crystal bowl on the table. The noodles look delicious. He did not expect Nina Morrison to be quite good!

Nina Morrison, who was so hungry, watches Lucien Gray taking a mouthful of sweet noodles and drinking the soup, leaving nothing for her.

Lucien Gray finishes eating and sits contentedly on the sofa. Black velvet shirt is unbuttoned the top two. His face is still with that kind of smiling handsome appearance. Only his eyes are cold and deeper than the deepest night!

Looking at Nina Morrison, he says coldly, "From now on, you do not have to go to school. It is your duty to be my maid."

Nina Morrison is shocked. No, she could not give up school. If she gives up her chance to go to college, she will be stuck with Lucien Gray for the rest of her life. She has so many dreams to fulfill! She could not really give up and be a canary in a cage!

"Please, let me finish college!" Nina's eyes are real pleas. Lucien Gray will always do what he says. If he is serious about not letting her study, there is nothing she can do about it.

Lucien Gray's overbearing striptease, "You are a decent cook and it is a waste of you to go to school. Cook for me at home!"

What kind of logic it is! Is it a waste of good cook to study! Nina Morrison has scolded Lucien in the heart many times, be she keeps begging.

A weeping beauty, who like pear blossom bathed in the rain, with Soft-spoken pleading. It is enough to melt a heart of stone.

Lucien Gray's eyes are fixed on the Nina, blazing and cold. Nina Morrison feels a sudden chill. She could see the blazing light in his eyes!