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With an evil smile on his lips, his voice still sounds cold, "Want to finish college? Well, you have to learn to please me first!"

Please him? Nina Morrison weighs the pros and cons in her mind.

For such a stud, pleasing him means giving her up - what does it matter? Since she is not pure anymore. What is the difference between two and three, passive and active?

Nina Morrison takes a deep breath and walks slowly toward Lucien Gray.


The next morning, while Nina Morrison is sitting in the classroom, she is still sore!

The class has not begun. Some students are having breakfast, some are chatting, and the others are reading newspaper of the day.

"Well, these rich people, they love to change lovers!" One of the students in the front row says disdainfully, pointing to the news in the newspaper.

"Well, it is Lucien Gray, the president of Gray Group! He is a famous playboy. It is said he has a number of mistresses, including the popular star...who is craving for him!" Another student puts his head on the newspaper and says.

Nina's heart leaps.

Lily is gnawing at the bread and says to Nina, "Why are these women so shallow and cheap? Running off to be a mistress just to satisfy their vanity? What a shame!"

"Yes! They just like Lucien Gray's money! I do not believe how much love they have!" A schoolgirl scorns a woman who is close to Lucien Gray in the newspaper.

In the newspaper, a huge photo in the front page shows Lucien Gray hugging a woman. The paparazzi's angle is so extreme that they can clearly see the emotional flush on the woman's face.

Nina Morrison suddenly feels her breathing is a little rough and her chest is a little stuffy.

It turns out Lucien Gray went out in the midnight yesterday to meet the woman... Indeed, his woman is innumerable. And she, Nina Morrison, is just the latest prey. For Lucien Gray, she is just fresh for the time being. Her shelf life is never more than other women!

Nina Morrison shakes her head with a self-deprecating laugh. That is good. It is just a trade. When dad's body is recovered, everybody walks each way.

Good. It is really good.

But what if her classmates learn that she was one of Lucien Gray's mistresses. She does not know how they would look down on her.

Nina Morrison shudders.