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Although he looked handsome, she can't forget the task Molly asked for. "Benjamin, what's up with you recently? We haven't set out for Britain, and now you got unacclimatized?"

Benjamin looked up at her expressionlessly, "Hold your mobile phone and go out."

She hadn't persuaded him to propose to Molly yet. How could she explain to Molly after a while. "No, you are not going to marry Molly, aren't you? It's very simple, you just say, "Dear, let 's sleep together in the future, and she must say yes."

Benjamin put his hands in pants pockets and looked at her calmly but with firm voice, "I won't propose to her."

Alice was puzzled, and hurriedly asked, "Why?" This was the first time she wasn't unhappy because he didn't follow her.

"Because I don't like her," Benjamin told Alice word by word.

For a moment, Alice was startled by his deep eyes. He seemed very angry. "But she likes you." She murmured slowly.

Benjamin was really about to get mad. Whenever can she try to figure out his mind?

"She likes me and must I have to like her? I like you and could you like me?"

Suddenly, the atmosphere of the whole villa became a little weird. What did he just say? He liked Alice?

Benjamin didn't want to say it. He might be too angry just now. She could dislike him, but she couldn't always push him to others.

Alice felt that her little heart was almost coming out. He said he liked her just now. She really wanted to ask him, "really?"

She raised her hand and hit him on his own chest. "Even if you don't want to propose to Molly, you don't have to say you like me."

As her hand was about to fall on his chest, he held it in the air. He held her soft hand, and placed it on his left chest.

He stared at her deeply. They were not kids anymore. He would never know the answer of how she though if he didn't say it out, and he never knew what the outcome will be if he had never done it.

"Alice, let's sleep together." He gazed at her with affection. His deep voice was like a beautiful melody drawn from a good cello, and she could not get the sound out of her ears for a long time.

Alice was frightened by Benjamin who seemed to suddenly become another person. Her hand was put on his left chest. If he didn't hold it hard, she would take it away quickly.

Now, her hand was tightly pressed to his heart, and she can clearly feel his strong heartbeat. He seemed to be serious.

Alice scratched her earlobe helplessly and said, "Personally thinking, it would be great to sleep with Molly. And it would be boring to sleep with me. "

She would only touch her ears if she didn't know how to do, but her words were like icy rain, completely discouraging him.

Benjamin put down her hand and sneered. "I still remember when we have sex, it was highly coordinated."

Alice stammered, "You ... how long has it been. Forget it." Her face flushed with anger.

He got mad at her every day, and now he wanted to get her angry. "You can forget, but I can't. Since that time, every time I acted like a man ... I thought of you."

"Benjamin, you Jerk!"

She had never seen such a shameless man like him .

Ben paused, but didn't turn around. Her voice deep and helpless, "Alice, you are heartless."