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Alice was so angry that she stomped on the ground.

Just when she was going out with him, the cell phone rang. But fortunately, if it didn't ring, she might have forgotten to bring her phone tonight.

It was a phone call from home. It should be mom who just came to see her the day before yesterday, and yesterday called to Alice that she was see her off in person.

"Mom, I am really good. I promise. I will call you as soon as I get off the plane."

After Alice finished speaking, she didn't hear her mother's complaints as usual.

"Miss," A familiar male voice came from the the other side.

Alice smiled, "Ray, how are you? What's going on these days?"

Ray's voice was very low. Even if he didn't want her to be sad. But some things must be told to her, "Miss, something happened at home. You'd better come back."

Alice's heart missed a beat. Something bad might happen. It must be serious; otherwise they would.not let her know.

"What's wrong?" Alice's voice was already trembling, her hands cold and sweaty, and she even couldn't even stand anymore.

Benjamin had gone out, and she suddenly felt lonely and helpless in the world.

"Miss, you should come back first. the driver was on the way to pick you up."

Alice was paralyzed sitting on the sofa, "How about my parents? I want to talk to her."

"Miss ..."

"Go and get my mom!" She suddenly interrupted Ray loudly, and he was hiding something from her.

"Mrs. is in the hospital now." Ray knew Alice's temper and she will definitely ask.

Alice's heart tightened, a knot in her throat, "How about my dad?"

"The District Head ... is also in the hospital." He could only tell her that much. He was really afraid she couldn't accept it.

Alice wanted to find Benjamin, but found that her legs were weak, and her tears fell down.

Because Benjamin was always by her side, she hadn't remembered how long she hadn't cried.

Something must have happened. Mom and dad were in the hospital, and the driver had to pick her up. Something must have happened.

She was very useless and could not bear any bad things. She wanted to call Benjamin and asked him to come back. Her hands holding her mobile phone were shaking.

Before she had time to call Benjamin, her cell phone rang again. It was called by a godmother (Benjamin's mother). So something bad must have happened.

"Mrs Wilson," as soon as the phone was connected, Alice cried.

Joan over there was silent for a while. She knew Alice must have already known what happened at home. And she heaved a long sigh, and set her mind to tell Alice, "Kid, godmother wants to beg you something."

Alice held back her tears, wondering why the godmother suddenly spoke to her like this, "Mrs Wilson, can you tell me what happened to my parents?"

Joan stunned, "Your dad was reported. You should know your dad's temper. When those people in the procuratorate went to your dad, your dad jumped from the office building ..."

The godmother seemed to have said a lot, but she had tinnitus and could not hear anything.

Dad's office is on the tenth floor, and he jumped down from the tenth floor ...

At the end of the call, Alice sat on the sofa, grinning sadly, and tears falling uninterrupted.

The two calls changed everything about her.

Hearing that the familiar footsteps were getting closer and closer, Benjamin must have been waiting outside for too long. She had not gone out yet, and Ben came back to find her.

She picked up a novel on the short table, flipped a few pages casually, and read seriously.

When Benjamin came in, he saw that she was reading a novel. He was really speechless at the sight of this. He bent over and took away the novel in her hand. He was about to talk to her, when she had already looked up at him.

She cried.