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His eyebrows tightened for a moment, his voice tense and low, and he squatted down, "What's wrong?"

Alice actually heard all of what godmother just said. She just wanted to escape those realities.

At this moment, beside looking at Benjamin she couldn't do anything except crying. She couldn't say a word.

She was in a mess and wanted to ask him to hug her, but she couldn't.

He will never belong to her again.

His warm fingertips were in the corners of her eyes, a gentle wipe on her cheeks, and his brows tightened deep.

His voice was still so deep, and he slightly tickled, disappointingly. "If it was because of what I have said just now that made you cry, then I swear, I will never say it again . "

What he meant was he liked her..

If it makes her unhappy because he loved her, then he can bury that love deeply in his heart, even though that would grow uncontrollably.

Alice cried and shook her head, and then smiled again, "It's because the plot in the novel is too moved that I cried."

Benjamin's eyebrows fluttered, her eyes deepened, and for a while he could not tell whether she was true or false.

She hadn't cried like this for a long time, and he was really panicked.

Benjamin got up, his heart heavy, "Get up, otherwise they should come to us."

Benjamin turned around, Alice instinctively wanted to reach out and hold him, but as she just stretched out her hands, she and stopped in mid air, without any courage.

Since then, they were different.

Her eyes were blurred, his back made her so reluctant to leave, and finally realized how much she did not want to be separated from him.

They had been fooling around for more than ten years, and they both became an integral part of each life.

"Benjamin ..." regained all emotions, and relented as requested by the godmother.

Hearing her call, Benjamin turned and looked back, a pair of deep eyes, staring at her momentarily.

The two were separated by a distance of three meters, but Alice felt that from then on, it was out of reach.

Benjamin said, "You are not very well today, and if you really don't want to go out, then just stay here. Anyway, when we arrived in the UK, everyone will gather together everyday."

United Kingdom.

Alice said, decisively, "Great Britain, I won't go to the Great Britain."

Benjamin frowned, and the plane tickets were ready, and she clowned around again.

He walked back patiently, sitting on the big red sofa, "Why?"

She had to buy this sofa when she moved in. Because of this big red sofa, friends who come here will laugh at them. They are using this place as a wedding room and they are so festive.

Alice clenched her hands tightly. Her fingertips were almost trapped in the palm of her hand, but at this moment, except for the pain in her heart, she had no other consciousness.

Godmother's words were still repeated in her mind, hoping that she would not delay Benjamin' s future, because if she could not go abroad, Benjamin would do the same.

"Godmother, I know what to do. Don't say that, even if you don't tell me this intentionally, I won't be dragged Benjamin."

"Good girl. You don't have to worry about your mother's medical bills. As long as godmother is here, you will never have a rough time."