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"I have a new boyfriend, and I don't want to be separated from him."

Benjamin looked up suddenly, a pair of deep eyes staring at Alice. She was very abnormal today, first let him proposed to Molly, and then cried heartbreak. Is it because of this reason?

She hadn't lied to him. She always said anything, AND she never felt that she would lose him one day, because she never cared.

Benjamin resisted the urge to strangle her, and asked her in deep voice, "Who is it?"

Alice couldn't think of it for a while, "It has nothing to do with you. Telling you about him means breaking up with him. I want to protect him."

"Alice, you ..." Benjamin glared at her with gritted teeth.

Alice clearly saw the blue veins rising from his forehead, and his temples jumped abruptly because he was suppressing his anger.

She said to him, 'I 'm sorry, Benjamin, I have no choice. '

"I'm leaving here tonight. I won't go to the airport to see you tomorrow. Benjamin, goodbye." Alice said lightly, speaking fast, and ready to go to the room to pick up her luggage .

Benjamin pulled her back angrily, with such a strong force that almost lets her fall into his arms.

With four eyes in contact, he really had the urge to smash her. Was it possible that she could see his heart only by digging it out to show her.

"Are you going to drive me crazy?"

Alice smiled, a mocking sneer, "Benjamin, haven't you seen the relationship between the two of us yet?

"From the beginning, it was you who forced me. Do you think you have held me in your palm and loved me, do you like me? I tell you, this is not love. It is your control over me.

"I can't find my own life by your side. What I want to do is not allowed to do as long as you think it is inappropriate. I won't eat anything that I love as long as you think it junk food. .

"Whether it's the guy I like or the guy who likes me, you'll do whatever it takes to separate us.

"Benjamin, who do you think you are?

"From the start, have you ever asked, do I like your control like this? "

Alice said a lot in one breath, half-truth, half-false, paradoxical. A heart is like a knife cut.

Why didn't Benjamin think that the girl he had been petting for twenty years was actually a heartless woman.

But he was really hopeless. Even if she didn't like his pet, he couldn't change his habit.

Once a habit was established, it was really a terrible thing.

"Done?" He looked at her calmly.

Alice felt that what he was talking about was cruel enough. Shouldn't he yell at her with no conscience, or just turn around and leave?

Why can he stay as if nothing had happened.

Is he too sophisticated, or did he love her that much?

Alice said coldly, "From now on, we are parts way."

She dared not look into his eyes, really afraid that she would be unable to control her inner emotions, holding him, crying until her heart broke.

He Benjamin not only pampered her, but tolerated her in recent years.

Loving her for a long time can't get a response, it would turn into hate.

He suddenly hated her, but he hated himself even more.

The big hand clasped her neck firmly. The other hand was firmly locked in her waist. And he bowed tp her head, and kissed her lips in a brutal way.

She wanted to hide, but there was nowhere to hide.

He was angry, like a beast that had been asleep for a long time and awakened, angry and hungry.