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"Leilei, get up quickly! Don't be late on the first day of high school!" a female voice I am very familiar with sounded out beside me.

"Mom, my whole body is breaking apart, just let me sleep a while longer!" I pulled the blanket over my head and replied habitually.

That's not right! I quickly got up from the bed, did I buy an apartment for myself in Yanjing City, where the company is? Why is my mom here?

I opened my eyes, and surveyed my surroundings. The broken single bed, the ancient red desk, the messy shelf, all of it was so familiar yet foreign.

My mom, who was in front of me, was so young. This all shows, my old bro Yama didn't lie to me, I was reborn.

Of course, there was another possibility, and that I had a dream, a very long dream. In the dream I managed to reach thirty, and became the director of Company M in the Huaxia region. I attended my dream girl's wedding, then died in her wedding, after that I met old bro Yama.

Thinking to this point, I subconsciously touched what was in front of my chest. The "cell phone" that old bro Yama gave me was still there, it seems like I had really been reborn.

I happy leaped up from the bed, and hugged my dear mom.

Mom patted my head and smiled, "You are a high school student from today, that means you're an old child now. You're still acting spoiled in front of mom?"

I shook my head, the mother that I would hug whenever I see her even after becoming thirty in my past life, she also said: In mom's eyes, you are always a child.

I got dressed quickly, and said to my mom, who was helping me organize my school back, "Ma, is today my first day attending high school?"

"Of course!" My mom looked at m in confusion.

"Ah!" Unable to hold back the excitement in my heart, I couldn't help but scream. I have really been reborn, I actually returned back to 1994, the me that was about to enter high school.

The reason I was so happy was because I knew that I will never miss Zhao Yanyan in this lifetime. I opened the window, and took a deep breath of fresh air, then shouted out the window, "Beauties, I'm coming!"

I turned around, and noticed that my mom was still standing in the room, and was staring at me with her mouth wide open.

"Hehe!" I laughed, I was able to understand my mom's expression. If you saw your child scream out for beauties after just entering high school, you probably will feel the same.

My mom touched my forehead, "Leilei, you don't have a fever right?"

I shook my head with a smile as I walked out of my room and into the bathroom, and saw myself with a full head of messy hair in the mirror. Was I really do dull at this time in my past life? Fuck, what is this image, no wonder no girls liked me, this was worlds apart from the handsome me during university. I decided, the first thing I'll do after rebirth would be to improve my own image.

After a simple washing up, I went to the kitchen, mom was making breakfast, dad was reading the newspaper at the dinner table. There were no wrinkles on father's face right now, his hair was also completely black, he was thirty something, the prime age for his career.

In my memory, the nationalized factory where father worked at didn't close, father's future was bright as the youngest engineer at the factory. However, things wouldn't go as expected, without any experience in my previous life, nobody would expect the kind directory at father's factory will take out all of the funds of the factory and the salary of the workers and run away. He was captured later on, but the funds had already been transferred to another country, so all that was left was a factory shell that was in debt for over a hundred million, it was forcefully expropriated by the bank within a month.

After father was laid off, he constantly sighed, and his hair also became a lot whiter, he barely managed to support our family through driving a tricycle. This situation continued until I graduated from university and begun to work at Microsoft, the financial problems a home were finally dealt with then.

But my father's body already wore down, and passed away within a few years.

Since I have been reborn, I naturally have to prevent this from happening, at least with my current ability, I had no problems with supporting my family.

"Dad, I missed you!" after getting reborn, I saw my father who I thought I would never see again in my past life, I couldn't suppress my own emotions and dived into his arms.

Father put down the newspaper in his hands, and caressed my back in wonder, "What is it with this child today?"

I didn't want them to become suspicious, so I explained, "Dad, I had a bad dream last night. In my dream, Director Zhang of your factory scammed all of the factory's money." Regardless of anything, I still warned him ahead of time.

"Don't bullshit, Old Zhang is not that kind of person!" Father angry put me down.

I knew that this dream I made up would not have any warning effect, it looks like I had to take it as it goes. I might even have my own career when that happens.

After breakfast, my parents went with me with report in. I had wanted to go by myself, but my parents refused. That was understandable, since I've never been to anywhere further than one kilometer away from home by myself. My primary school was on the street right behind my home, less than five hundred meters away. Middle school was also near my primary school. On the other hand, the Fourth High I was going to report to was more than ten stations away from my home, because this was the first day reporting in, no parents would be at ease, furthermore even parents of children going to university were like that as well.

The entrance of Fourth High was very busy, filled with parents and students like us that had come to report to school. Fourth High was one of the key high schools in Songjiang City, father also paid quite a lot of money for me to attend to this school. I was a typical bad student in middle school, and the middle school I was in was also notoriously bad, if it wasn't because I was introverted and cowardly, I probably would have been depraved. Only students that have attended there would understand how terrible that school was; robbers, murderers, rapists, gamblers, a lot of the juvenile offenders in Songjiang City came from there. It would be unbelievable for that school managed to train out a talented person, I had naturally gotten a bad result in the citywide Senior Entrance Exam, and had to pay a very high price to study at Fourth High.

I couldn't help but gasp as I say the row of good cars by the road, there were so many rich people in this era! Using my experience of my past life, I knew that there were too few cars that cost more than a million here. My sight stopped on an Audi 100, what attracted my attention wasn't the model, but the car license plate. At this moment in my previous life, I didn't know the meaning behind this car license number.

With Song 0 (0) at the start were all cars belonging to governmental organizations, the number of this car license was also very small, so it clearly meant that it was the car of an important leader. It looks like our school was full of hidden talents.

Everything was all the same as my experience in my previous life. I was placed into First Year Class B. This was a key class, the result of my father's gifts.

I quickly found the teacher responsible for receiving me, a cute girl that just graduated from a normal university, she's also Ye Xiaoxiao, my class tutor from now on. Of course, this was from the perspective of myself as a thirty year old in my previous life. In my past life, my parents were all very confused, the class tutor of an important class that they spent a lot of money for me to get into was actually a girl that just graduated.

I only found out afterwards that our Ye laoshi has a very important background. It is rumored that her father is a very important person in the Department of Education, aside from her who teaches us English; all of the teachers of the other classes were all exceptional teachers. The reason for this arrangement was to turn Ye Xiaoxiao into a famous teacher after the College Entrance Exam three years later. In reality, Ye Xiaoxiao did become a famous teacher after we graduated, our class totaled at ninety-two pupils, aside form a few transient student, all of us got into university.

In my previous life, I didn't have a great impression of our beauty of a class tutor. I believe this was the same from her end, is was my fault that I dragged the class behind in the first two years.

"What's your name?" Ye Xiaoxiao asked me.

"Ye laoshi, I'm Liu Lei," I answered sensibly, without any sense of nervousness that other students showed when they meet their teacher.

Ye Xiaoxiao looked up at me in shock, "How did you know my surname is Ye?"

I didn't reply, only pointed at the nametag on Ye Xiaoxiao's breast with a smile. I didn't realize in my previous life, but the breast of our class tutor isn't just a little big.

Ye Xiaoxiao also noticed the way I stared at her chest, but she didn't mind. She just thought I was looking at her nametag, nobody would believe that a kid just entering high school would stare intently at his teacher's breast.

Ye Xiaoxiao took out a form for me to complete, I took a lot, it is just a simple information form with our height, ethnic group, and which primary and middle school we graduated from. Ye Xiaoxiao looked at me in shock as I rapidly filled out the form. You have to know, other students were all afraid of writing the wrong stuff, so they all asked a many questions as they filled out the form.

Ye Xiaoxiao received my completed information sheet, her couldn't help but twitch her eyebrows when her sight stopped at my results in primary and middle school. This was also within my expectations, the middle school I attended was publically admitted as a trash school, and my results on the Senior Entrance Exam had two failed subjects. The tiny bit of good impression that this beautiful teacher was probably going to disappear.

But that's good; I didn't want to be chosen as for any class leadership positions. With my experience in my previous life, class leaderships roles were thankless roles.