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I followed Xiao Yeye's instructions and stood on the line of First Year Class B students beside the red paper. Under my strong demands, my parents walked out of school with attachment. I found the reluctant goodbyes between students and parents rather amusing.

"Grandpa, go back, I'm fine here by myself," a sweet voice resounded beside my year, instantly touching my heard.

I turned around to look, and became excited beyond words, I saw the person that was constantly on my mind in my previous life, Zhao Yanyan. She was exactly the same as she was on this day in my previous life, wearing a white dress. In front of me, she became a refreshing air in the hot summer.

There was a kindly old man beside Zhao Yanyan, but why was he so familiar to me? Before thought too much into it, that old man said to Zhao Yanyan, "Yanyan, it's your first day at high school, I'm worried."

Zhao Yanyan shook her grandfather's sleeve and said in a spoiled manner, "Grandpa, other students don't have their parents with them, I'll become a laughing stock if you're here."

Ah, Zhao Yanyan's graceful voice caused my heart to sway. I'm already a thirty something years old man, but I was entranced by a girl of ten odd years.

Zhao Yanyan's grandfather's thoughts seemed to be the same as mine, and he was unable to resist her elegant ton. Shaking his head, he spoke a few words, then spoke to a young man behind him, "Secretary Zhang, I have another meeting later when I go back, pick Yanyan up tonight."

Secretary Zhang nodded, and left with Zhao Yanyan's grandfather.

When almost everyone lined up, Ye Xiaoxiao walked over, and got us to line up in height order, with boys and girls in separate queues. This was all the same as my experiences in my past life, since I was rather tall, I was arranged to stand at the end of the male queue. In front of me was a boy named Guo Qing, he became my best friend during high school.

Guo Qing was the same as me in my previous life, introverted while possessing a dream of someday becoming the center of attention. It was due to this that we easily became great friends. Watching the back of this boy that stuck with me to discuss with me after class if a certain girl was pretty or not, or the new tape released by a certain celebrity, I spoke with thought emotionally: I wonder if I can become great friends with him in this life.

After the queues were sorted, Ye Xiaoxiao took us in front of a class room on the second floor, I didn't have too much memory of this point, because in my past life the new school building had already been build after I started the second year, and after the class selection, the Science classes also moved over there.

After that we sat onto the seats in the classroom in male and female pairs under Ye Xiaoxiao's arrangement. Everyone around me were already calculating their seat, of course the thing they were most focused on was which girl would become their desk mate. As I expected, from the position where their sights stopped, their ideal desk mate was Zhao Yanyan. Although they didn't say anything, but it was obvious, all of them were calculating whether or not their future desk mate would be that girl weating the white dress.

I deliberately clapped Guo Qing's back, and pointed towards Zhao Yanyan's direction with my finger, "Will she'll become my desk mate?"

After I said this, several boys immediately looked towards me with disdain. In their heart, they all treated me as a toad that wanted to eat swan meat. I laughed coldly in my heart, what's the point of the glares, didn't I just say out loud what you wanted to say?

When it came to us, I could tell, all of them looked anxiously towards the girls, only I was calmly standing there. Possessing memories of my past life, I clearly knew that Zhao Yanyan will become my desk mate.

When I walked into the classroom with Zhao Yanyan, a lot of boys looked at me with jealousy, giving me goosebumps. That's weird, why didn't I have this feeling in my past life? I didn't understand whether I matured a bit later in my past life or if boys in my class matured rather earlier.

Both Zhao Yanyan and I were quite tall, so we were arranged to sit at a desk near the window on the third row from the back, this was the same as my past life.

After we sat down, Zhao Yanyan reached her hand our friendlily, "Hi, I'm called Zhao Yanyan!"

I remember it was rather hesitant at this moment in my previous life, and because I didn't reach out my hand for a long while, it made it very awkward for both of us. I won't have that kind of shy action anymore, what a joke, being the company CEO, what kind of person have I not shook hands with? What kind of situation have I not faced? Furthermore, how can I miss this rare opportunity to touch her.

I liberally shook her little hands, "Liu Lei, please take care of me from now on!" When I let go of her hands, I didn't forget to lightly rub her hands at a suitable place. Zhao Yanyan's face immediately turned red, but I pretended not to notice anything and turned back. I was laughing inside, I didn't think that this girl will also be shy at times.

After everyone sat down, Ye Xiaoxiao started rambling on. It was just about how high school was different from middle school; what we were learning were broader and harder; don't think that we're half way there just because we entered a key high school, high school is the easiest place to fail; everyone should work hard etc.

Although her voice sounded nice, but what she said didn't interest me at all, it wasn't just a little bit weird having a man who was mentally thirty something listen these encouraging words for children.

I focused on the Ye Xiaoxiao that I despised in my previous life, and without me knowing, my sights were focused on her delicate face, I noticed that I really matured a bit too late in my previous life, I actually despised such a beautiful teacher? It was different from Zhao Yanyan's immaturity, Ye Xiaoxiao already had a hint of a mature woman, no wonder so many male classmates liked to bombard Ye Xiaoxiao with questions after class in my previous life.

Looking down a bit, my sights rested on that incredible full breasts. I couldn't help but have a slightly nasty thought, did she had sponge pads inside?

This thought caused me to sweat a little! It was completely different to my serious attitude before, did it finally explode after holding it back for so long in my previous life? Like a certain great person said, if it doesn't explode in silence, then die in silence? Then what about me? Died in silence then get reborn and explode?

Perhaps to a person that have experienced life and death, there would be changes on both personality and thoughts! I was too focused on my career in my previous life and didn't enjoy life, this life I will place my life as the priority, and my career as secondary.

I noticed that my dear Ye Xiaoxiao laoshi was really a first class beauty, she was about 1.7 meters tall with long legs, her skinny jeans also showed off her voluptuous body. It could be compared to Zhao Yanyan after she grows up in terms of both looks and her body, listening to her class could be said as an enjoyment, why didn't I realize this before.

After that it was self-introductions, and it was also done in terms of the seating arrangement. I noticed that a lot of people were quite careful, and only simply said their name and the school they graduated from after sitting down. Only the ones called Xie Wei and Liu Kesheng summarized the position they held in middle school and the prizes they won, I saw that a hint of approval from Ye Xiaoxiao's eyes.

This Liu Kesheng was also our class representative in my previous life, and had a grudge with me. Now that I look at it, it really didn't matter, that person was also a pursuer of Zhao Yanyan, and Zhao Yanyan was our class's group secretary.

Liu Kesheng often used proper business as an excuse to ask to change seats with me during study periods, I believed him at the start, but then I noticed his alternate motive, and being Zhao Yanyan's secret admirer, of course I wouldn't give chances to my rival in life, and our grudge gradually built up from there. This caused him to often say bad stuff about me in front of Ye Xiaoxiao, causing the disagreement between Ye Xiaoxiao and I to worsen.

That Xie Wei, will also take on a leadership position in our class. If I remembered correctly, he is the study commissary, but after the second year he was switched off, due to his grades worsening.

Zhao Yanyan's self-introduction was also very impressive, her expression was plentiful, causing them to stare intently with their mouths watering. In comparison my own was very plain, although I was decent at speaking and was quite calm, but it didn't catch Ye Xiaoxiao's attention too much.