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The light in the dungeon is very dim, and there is only a little yellow bulb, quietly lit in the corner of the wall.

The dungeon is paved with bricks. Although dry, it is still cold.

Alisa is in Davis's arms, and his body's heat is continuously passes to her through his clothes.

Alisa gradually falls asleep.

Then she is awakened by a sound.

Opening his eyes, Jordan comes in from outside.

Davis gently let go of Alisa.


"How's it? Did you bring it?"

Jordan shakes his head."When I came in just now, the thing was confiscated. It seems that Biden is very angry this time."

Davis slams his fist on the iron fence.

"However, after three days, there is a good opportunity."

"Fuck, three days later, I'll have a wedding with Sophie."

"Oh, that's what I meant. At that time, all kinds of things may happen, so please be calm."

Jordan's words makes Davis suddenly think of an idea.

"Go out and get everything ready.."

"It will be fine."

Jordan soon disappears at the gate, and Alisa is a little dazed.

"You sleep for a while."

Davis's voice is a little hoarse, her eyes red, and she doesn't seem to fall asleep all night.

"If I don't show up, would you marry Sophie?"

It is a beautiful and young girl, full of vigor.

Davis narrows his eyes dangerously, and says politely to Alisa, "Do you want me to fuck you here?"

Alisa is suddenly bold, "Hey, we haven't tried it in jail."


Alisa pushes away with his hand, "Go away, you are full of dirty thoughts. We are in jail, and you still have mood for this."

"Jordan said just now, three days later, we can have a way out."

The next morning, Daniel takes Wit to visit the couple.

"Hey, bro, are you romantic here? Did you do that thing last night?"

Daniel says jokingly.

Davis wants to slap him in the face, "Get away."

Daniel dodges swiftly. He runs to Alisa's side and smiles, "Alisa, he is a violent man. It seems that he must not satisfied last night"

Alisa coughs gently, "Brother, Wit is here. Please stop"

"Ah, yes, Wit, I almost forgot, but the seven-year-old should not understand."

Wit ignores him and walks directly to Alisa, across the iron fence. He is worried about his mum.

"Mummy, are you uncomfortable?"

Across the iron fence, Alisa stretches out her hand from the iron gap and gently strokes Wit's forehead.

"Baby, Mommy is not upset, as long as I can see you, I am willing to do anything."

Alisa is no longer as panic and helpless as before, with the support of her son, she is not afraid of anything.

"Mom, I'll save you out. Don't be afraid."

"Well, Mommy is not afraid."

Alisa reaches out and strokes Wit's soft hair. This child looks really beautiful.

"Oh, you are so sweet." Daniel protested.

Wei is very reluctant."Uncle, I haven't seen Mummy for many years. She is so beautiful, of course I need to accompany her more."

'Oh, if it 's not for me, you still don't know you have a mummy?"

"Well, well, well. You have to go now. My father will know if you stay here for a long time." Davis interrupts them.

"Okay. You have to take good care of yourself and Alisa..." Daniel raises his eyebrows.

Davis kicks him out, and Daniel is scared to hide.

In fact, Davis couldn't kick him at all. His actions are so exaggerated that Alisa and Wit laugh.

Daniel holds Wei's shoulder, and the two quickly leave the dungeon.

"Do you ask Wit to come here?"

Alisa asks with a smile. Davis holds Alisa with both hands.

He raises his black eyes and looks at her tenderly, "Well, I always think that when I lied to you that he is dead, and you would forget him. I don't expect that your laptop still keeps those videos. So, I ask Daniel take him out to find you..."

Alisa exclaims, "Do you peek at my laptop?"

"I just saw it by accident. Besides, don't you record it for us? When do you show it to Wit? Let him know how much his mom loves him."

Alisa's eyes are slightly moist, "Davis, you bad guy, do you know? Wit is the best gift you gave me."

Davis smiles. He lowers his head and whispers in her ears, "Would you like one more?"

"Asshole, what do you think?"

"Do you really want to know?" Davis fumbles Alisa's back across her clothes. Alisa feels itchy and unbearable.

"Oh, Davis..."

Before Alisa's words are finished, Davis's hot kiss is blocked and her voice is blocked in her throat.

He kisses enthusiastically and passionately, brushing her mouth little by little, sucking all her sweets away.

There are two heavy gasps in the dark dungeon.

"No, not here..."

The dungeon is very simple, the floor is dry brick, and there is only one chair, and a square table.

Other than that, nothing is left.

Alisa doesn't want to have sex here. It's not suitable for sex here.

Davis slowly kisses her ears.


Davis suddenly picks her up, puts her on the table, and lifts her right leg.

"Baby, I love you, are you comfortable?" Davis's kiss becomes fiercer, and his face is hot.

Alisa tilts her head back, and she allows him to kiss every inch of her skin.

"Baby, you are so charming."

Davis does not hold back his praise. Alisa's face is stained with brush.

She slightly opens her mouth, and moans happily. With Davis's movement, she is continuously moaning.


After half an hour, the "fighting" finally ends.

Davis's suit is still intact, but Alisa's skirt is lifted high, and her fair skin is covered with kissing marks.

Davis carefully arranges her skirt for her, then wraps her in his suit.

"Baby, you are as beautiful and sexy as before..."

Alisa's face is crimson and she is leaning weakly in his arms.

She presses her small face against his chest and listens quietly to his powerful heartbeat,

"I saw you with Sophie that day. Do you like her?"

Davis sees the jealousy in Alisa's eyes, and his lips show a smug smile. Why is this feeling so good. Is she jealous?

"Hey, you have been with Jack for so many years, haven't you liked him?"

Alisa freezes, why doesn't she think of this?

"I'm different from you. We're just friends, not lovers. Sophie is your fiancee. I don't believe that when you two are alone, you don't have evil thoughts about her?" Alisa argues forcefully.

"Are you happy if you want me to admit to having anything with her?" Davis raises his chin and looks at Alisa seriously.

"So, you had?" Alisa starts to get angry.

Davis's dark eyes stare at her tightly, and keeps silent.

This expression makes Alisa very crazy, she turns away from seeing him.

Asshole, she must have an affair with her.

Davis hugs her tightly from behind her, "You don't trust in me? Or you don't trust yourself?"

Alisa angrily turns her face and does not speak.

Davis strokes her cheek with a big hand.

"Stupid woman. You are really a stupid woman. I love you. I only want you."

Alisa is still sitting dully.

"If I really like Sophie, she and I would have a baby of 7 years old."

Alisa turns abruptly, "Don't you dare."

"You dare to murder your husband..." Davis exclaims exaggeratedly.

"Because you have been with her for so many years..."

"Stupid, I said no."

"You did."


"Yes, yes, yes...Oh..."

Alisa's mouth is finally blocked. She is thrown down by Davis again, and the voice of quarrel is finally gone.