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Three days later, Davis's wedding ceremony is held as scheduled.

In a gorgeous church, full of guests, at this time, Davis has been released.

He wears a wedding festive suit and shuttles through the crowd. The bride Sophie has not arrived yet.

Davis picks up the phone and dials the phone.

"Are you ready?"

"Everything is ready, Master."

At this time, in the dungeon, Wit is close to the dungeon.

"Master Wit, the master says that no one can get into the dungeon." The bodyguard at the door says blankly.

"Anyone? I'm sure it doesn't include me. Let me i. I miss my mum. I want to see her."

Little Witt says stubbornly, the bodyguard at the door looking at each other, and not knowing what to do, but they still don't let him in.

"Hurry up, I'm going to meet my mummy." Wit says impatiently.

"No, master."

"Remember, you have offended me. You have no good fruit to eat."

Wit leaves angrily.

After a while, Wit comes again.

At this point he comes with two cakes.

"Hey, you've done a great job. The sun is so big, you must be thirsty, eat a cake first."

Wit says with a smile on his face, pleasing them.

The two bodyguards looks at each other. In fact, there is no sun this morning. Besides, eating cake cannot mitigate their thirsty.

However, this master makes a mess here for a long time. If they don't eat the cakes, he will surely become fierce.

"Hurry up, do you think I will poison you."

Wit raises his tone impatiently.

The two bodyguards don't dare to resist anymore. They pick up a cake and eat it.

Wit looks at them smugly, and in a minute, the two bodyguards will pass out.

Wit snaps his fingers."Uncle, it's your turn."

Daniel immediately emerges from the corner.

"Boy, you're smart."


Wit is so proud, and Daniel comes in with a pile of clothes.

Alisa is walking around in the cell in depression. Davis is taken away last night. She spent the night alone.

Thinking that he is about to marry another woman, she feels bad.


Wit shouts, Alisa walks towards the iron fence.

"How about it?"

"Mummy, puts on this clothes quickly, we will leave immediately..."

Wit snatches the clothes from Daniel and gives them to Alisa from the crack of the fence.

"I'll open the door."

Daniel holds the key from the bodyguard and opens the lock on the iron door.

A few minutes later, Alisa dresses up as a bodyguard and walks out of the dungeon.

This suit is obviously oversized and she has a hat on her head to cover her black hair.

"How?" Alisa is for fear of being seen through.

Daniel touches his chin and looks at her up and down.

"Well, the uniform is tempting. Alisa, I regret it now. How about Davis marrings Sophie, and you marry me." Daniel jokes intentionally.

Wit kicks him, "Uncle, you dare to do this. It seems you don't want to live in the world."

Daniel is a bit embarrassed.

Under the cover of Daniel, Alisa leaves the family.

In fact, as long as she leaves the dungeon, there are basically no obstacles. After all, Daniel is also a member of the family, and his access is free.

Coupled with the happy wedding of the family, few people are around.

Not until the car reaches the road did Alisa feel relief.

At this time, Davis is sitting in the caravan of weddings, decorated with roses and festive wedding dolls.

He is on the way to pick up his "wife".

There are more than a dozen of cars in this convoy, each with four bodyguards. These are the assistants of Mr. Biden, to prevent Davis from an running away.

Seeing the car approaching Sophie's home, Davis is anxious.

He looks at the diamond watch on his hand, time is running out.

But getting off from here now will certainly attract everyone's attention. It is hard to run away with so many bodyguards here.

The team stops, and Sophie is already in her wedding dress and stands at the gate.

Davis steps out of the car door, Sophie could not wait to run to him, and grabs the bouquet in Davis's hand.

"My dear, I am waiting you for a long time."

Half of the bodyguards have already get off the car. Davis frowns slightly as he watches the situation.

Suddenly, he bows his head and says something to Sophie.

Sophie nods, and takes his hand into the door.

At this point, the bodyguards have to follow up, and Sophie blocks them out of the door.

"No one is allowed in. Did you hear..."

These bodyguards dare not go in and wait outside.

An hour passes, everyone is anxious. How can this couple be locked in the room for an hour? What are they doing? Everyone is confused and don't dare to open the door.

Finally, one of the bodyguard captains calls Biden,

"Master, Davis enters the room with the bride and refuses to come out. It's been an hour. What shall we do?"

"Stupid guys. Open the door!" Biden shouts angrily.

"Yes. Yes. We have to hit the door right away."

Several bodyguards open the door. Sophie is tied to a chair with a rag in her mouth and looks at them with tears in her eyes. The window is wide open, and Davis is gone.

He must have run away. The bodyguards jump out of the window and chase out, but at this moment Davis has already been pick up.

At this time, a luxury cruise ship moors beside the port, with words on it, the Queen

Alisa stands on the side of the ship and looks anxiously towards the shore.

Daniel is still indifferent and plays on the cruise ship before walking down with interest.

"Alisa, this ship is really good. How about we run away together."

"Get away. Don't you still have to cover us? If you leave, your father will definitely find us worldwide..."

"Hey, Mommy. Look, Daddy is here..."

A locomotive is racing towards the shore. The man riding the bike does not even wear a helmet, and his messy short hair is blown messy by the wind.

There is a hint of sweetness in Alisa's heart, and at the same time she is also worried about him.

Thank god, despite the fast speed of the car, his technique is even more brilliant.

Soon, the car passes the grass and stops at the beach. Davis drops the locomotive and runs straight towards the ship.

A few minutes later, he climbs up the ladder.

"Daddy, you're awesome." Wit compliment him in excitement.

Daniel sneers, "It's that great? You haven't seen anything better."

"Well. Uncle, you don't have to blow your own trumpet" Wit laughs loudly.

Daniel's face turns red, rolls up his sleeves and runs form the ship.

"Hey, Daniel, I have a classmate. Her name is Lucy, so please help me take care of her."

Alisa screamed at him quickly. This time they flee, no one know when they would be able to return. In order to avoid Biden, they would definitely have no way to call back.

Therefore, she could only ask Lucy to take care of her company for the time being, but she couldn't halt the company's operation.

Daniel stands on the ramp and raises his eyebrow, "Are you sure you want me to take care of her?"

Alisa knows the meaning of his words and says angrily, "If you dare to treat her badly, I'll not let you go."

"Relax, this will not happen. When you come back, we two might..."

Daniel smiles, jumps onto the shore, lifts the black locomotive dropped by Davis, and rides on it. Before he runs on the highway, he falls down... Wit is laughing his head off.

Davis grabs Alisa's shoulder and arm quietly, "We set sail."

The ship starts slowly and leaves France.

On the deck, the family of the three surround together.

"Mum, hug me."

Davis puts up Wit and throws him aside.

"Get away, boy. Your dad has important things to discuss with your mum."

"What else do you need to discussion?" Wit says.

"It's...very important. You don't understand anyway."

Wit looks at Alisa, "Mum..."

"Ah..." Alisa clears her throat."Yeah, there is indeed an important thing, but we will tell you at night." As she says, she gestures Davis with her eyes, and then looks at Wit.

"Now, you two should see where we are going, and I, now I will cook dinner for you."

The silver moonlight shines quietly on the deck.

At the table,the family gathers around for dinner.

It is very rare to have dinner on the sea like this, and it is a family reunion.

Wit is very happy.

"Mom, you know what, I used to ask Daddy where is my mum, guess what he said?"

Alisa ate a cake, bites the fork in her mouth, and looks at Davis.

"What did you say, dear."

Davis takes a piece of cake and stuffs it into Witt's mouth.

"You kid, you can't talk when you eat. Keep quiet."

"I see, Daddy. I am wrong." Wit bows his head to eat.

Alisa's eyes narrow and looks at Davis suspiciously, "What did you say? Dear?"

She will not let him go until he answers her question.