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"You know what? It's extremely impolite to interrupt other's dinner." Davis says meaningfully. Alisa squints slightly, her eyebrows raise, and her voice prolongs.

"Really?" Alisa stops talking and begins to eat.

At night, after Wit sleeps, Alisa sits in the living room and watches TV.

The news is being broadcast.

"According to the latest news from this station, there is a vicious kidnapping incident in this city. The police suspects that the suspected kidnapper is a Chinese woman called Alisa. The police have given a reward of one million franc to catch the woman, and hopes the citizens could help with the police and report her. "

Alisa frowns. This old bone has decided to catch her, and he still spends so much money in finding her.

"Baby, there are important things to do tonight..."

Davis walks to the back of the sofa, hugs Alisa from behind, and kisses her hotly, then lingering on her cheek.

Alisa is not tempted by her boyfriend, and directly pushes him away.

"You know what? It's impolite to interrupt others watching TV..."

Davis is startled, and he soon realizes his mistake.

"Baby, I am wrong! I won't dare to do it now. Will you punish me?"

Alisa squints her eyes slightly and looks at him seriously, "How to punish you?"

"Punish me... you can punish me to kiss you, how?"

Alisa is watching TV and laughs, "Your father is finding me. He intends to spend one million to find me out."

Davis looks gloomy, and somewhat doesn't care about it, "No one is allowed to touch my woman."

"Even if he is your father?"

"No one. Last time, he shut you up, which has angered me. If he is so excessive this time, I will not stand by." Davis's face is cold.

Alisa's heart rises with a warmth.

"Master, there seems to be a speedboat tracking behind our ship."

A bodyguard hurries in.

Davis gets up, "I'll go and see..."

Alisa also follows him.

On the electronic screen in the operation room, there is indeed a small black dot behind it.

Alisa is worried.

The small black spot quickly turns into three in a triangle, and come over towards the big ship.

Alisa is panic, "What should I do?"

Davis immediately orders, "Get ready to the battle. No matter who it is, as long as it is close, launch an attack."

"Davis, it's your father's men. Wouldn't it be bad to fight them like this?"

Alisa says worriedly.

"Do I watch my woman be taken away?" Davis says very aggressively.

"Open the fire."

Without thinking, Alisa leaves the cab and walks towards the cabin, the Wit's bedroom.

After a few minutes, the gunshot is heard.

Among the faint light, Wit is asleep. This small face is exactly the same as Davis's.

He sleeps so peacefully, and Alisa reaches out and caresses his cheek.

"Mommy, don't leave me..."

Wit holds Alisa's hand and says softly.

Alisa's eyes are a little wet, and she whispers in a low voice, "Mommy won't go."

After a while, she realizes that Wit is having dreams, he just mumbles a few words, and then falls asleep again quickly.

The gunshots outside are intermittent, and Alisa hugs Wit with anxiety.

For seven years, when he needs maternal love most, she is not with him.

Alisa feels guilty and uneasy in her heart, and she fails to fulfill her duty as a mother.

During the night, Alisa holds her son to sleep. The gunshot makes her feel uneasy.

The next morning, when she wakes up, she finds that she is lying in Davis's arms, and she is surprised and immediately comes to her senses.

"Where is my son?"

Davis bows his head and kisses her, "Baby, as long as you have me, you will be fine!"

"How is last night?"

Alisa hurriedly gets out of bed and puts on boots to see Wit, but Davis stretches out his hand and pulls him.

"You only have a son in your heart. Why don't you think about me?"

"Stop fooling around, I'm really worried about him..."

"He is sleeping of course. This ship is fine, how can he have something wrong?"

Davis presses Alisa under him and kisses her.

"Hey, Oh... No..."

Davis's big hands rub her breasts through her clothes.

Alisa's small face turns red, and the two are gradually entering the good world.

A footstep sounds.

"Mommy, mommy..."

It is Wit. Alisa hurriedly pushes Davis away, blushing and tidying up her pajamas.

"Mummy, good morning! Hey, daddy, you are there too."

Davis is dissatisfied, and his hands are resting behind his head, lying on the bed.

"What are you doing here?"

Wit lights up the plate in his hand, "I made the cake myself and give it to Mommy."

"Do you know how to make cakes?" Alisa is very surprised.

"Of course!"

Wit carries the cake and delivers it to Alisa.

"Mommy, come and try..."

Davis is completely ignored.

"Hey, you still envy your son!" Alisa pokes Davis with her finger.

Wit is also smart, "Daddy, you also try it!"

Davis gets up and gets out of bed, "I'll go outside and see, what the fuckers were doing last night."

Alisa hugs Wit and kisses him, "Baby, the cake you made is really delicious! Who do you learn from?"

Wit always lives a good life, but this little boy is not arrogant, which is really rare.

Wit raises his eyes and stares at Alisa urgently, "Mommy, is this cake delicious?"

Alisa ate two pieces and nods, "It's delicious. Your cooking still is almost better than your mummy, but it would be great if you put a little more sugar on it, Mummy loves sweet."

Wit is appreciated by Alisa, and feels very happy. He looks at her with a smile.

"I heard dad said that Mommy is in a very remote place, and then told me where I was born. He also said that Mommy is good at making cakes. Then I learn to make cakes myself, but the cook in the kitchen often finds me making cakes, and she can do nothing to me. At first, she disagreed with me doing this, and later when she saw me making flour everywhere, she is willing to teach me!"

"Well, my son is awesome and you must gain affection from a lot of girls!"

"Mommy, don't say that. I will be shy!"

"You have to learn from your father!"

"Go, let's go and have a look on the deck. Did you hear the gunfire last night?"

"No, but in the morning, I heard the bodyguard brothers say that my grandfather sent someone to hunt us down." Wit is so calm that when he says these words, he is not afraid.

Alisa touches his head, "Little guy, you are such a brave boy. You wait outside for a while, and mother will come back as soon as possible."

"Well, I'll make a glass of milk for Mummy!" Wit runs out again.

Alisa quickly changes her clothes, washes her face and brushes her teeth. When she comes to the deck, Davis is having a lesson for bodyguards.

There are some guns on the ground.

"Mommy, here is the milk!" Wit delivers the hot milk to Alisa.

"Baby, be careful. The fire and electricity in the kitchen are dangerous."

Wit says, "Mommy, I am not a kid anymore!"

After Alisa finishes drinking milk, Davis has already disbanded them.

"How about it?"

Davis's face is a little cold, "Last night, three speedboats were attacked by us and began to fight back at us. They would not be able to catch up with us as the wind at midnight was strong. However, our position is exposed.

"What will happen?"

"The result is that my father will definitely send someone again. Last night was just the beginning!"

"Oh, daddy, change the direction quickly. I don't be taken away by my grandfather!"

"Daddy will find a way out!"

Davis stretches out his arms, holding one in the other, and hugged them to the cabin.

"Daddy, give me a gun, and I will protect mommy with you tomorrow..."

Davis hits lightly on Wit's head, "You don't need to protect Mommy. With your dad here, your mum will be fine."

"However, I am still very worried, dad. After all, you are getting old, and you should let your son to bear it."

Davis is really annoyed this time, "What, you jerk. You dare to say that your father is old?"

Wit immediately hides behind Alisa, "Mom help me. Dad is going to murder your son!"

Alisa opens her arms to protect her son.

"Okay, let's stop! Let's go for dinner!"

The family is very happy even they have troubles.

That afternoon, Biden really sends a bigger ship to chase them down, and this time he takes more people.

Davis is very annoyed. He called Daniel.

"What's the matter with you? My father sends so many people over here, and you don't help me at all?"

Daniel complains over there, "You don't know how hard I am. Father puts me under house arrest, and I can't go out now."

Davis's face becomes gloomy. After all, their weapon reserves are limited, and his father's power is unlimited.

If the war continues, his father will surely take them away.

"I have a way out..." Alisa whispers to Davis.

Davis's face immediately freezes, "No, I don't others to help me. I don't want others to take care of my woman."

"Asshole, you will hurt us if you continue doing this." Alisa is angry. No matter whether Davis disagrees or not, she does what she wants.

The two ships continue to fight, and under the command of Davis, the Queen has always been in an advantage.

However, the ship body has been damaged, so if it continues to fight, it might sink.

Davis is in troubles now!

The following night, a military helicopter stops on the deck.

Thomas appears on the helicopter and says, "Come here!"

With the help of Thomas, Davis and Alisa finally flee from the sea with Wit.

The three then reach Norway and start a happy life.