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After school I didn't immediately return home, rather I went to the barber to get my hair cut. Splitting the hair in the center or the side was the current trend, I chose to have a thirty-seventy split for mine. Although I looked childish in the mirror, I looked much better than before.

Walking on the street I was familiar with in my previous life, looking at the ancient buildings on both sides that showed a stark contrast to the tall buildings in my previous life. In twenty years, Xinjiang City will have an earthshattering change. It is in these twenty years, the new Huaxia will also leap forward in a lot of areas, and bring the socialist economy to a new height.

Now that I have been reborn, I knew the economic, cultural and technological development of the next twenty years like the back of my hand. Could I do something for my country? Although I was the CEO of an international company in my previous life, it didn't mean I don't love my country, in fact, I really wished that Huaxia could also have their own international company.

However, these are not what I need to think about right now, most importantly, can I use my memory of twenty years to earn some funds to pickup girls? Starting a business wasn't hard for me, who was a business fox, but the difficult part was the lack of startup funds. My parents can't possibly give it to me, and they aren't able to either. I already used up a large school selection fee when I started high school, causing our economic situation to be rather dire, I can't possible not feel embarrassed for continue asking for a large sum of money right?

The thing I need to do right now is to make a business without using any money, in order to complete my startup funds.

(Hey, hey! Don't think wrongly, how is it possible for a good modern socialist teenager to do things like murder and plunder? I don't want to go to jail that earlier, I haven't XXOO'd Zhao Yanyan yet.)

"Mom, I want apply for a Sanda class," I said at the dinner table during dinner. This was the result of deep considerations; I was proficient in music, languages, football, basketball, Sanda and a lot of miscellaneous skills. However aside from Sanda, everything else was technique based, only Sanda was something that needed my body to be fit, if I don't have the power, then any techniques learnt is pointless. Although I could train my body at home, it would be slower than with professional equipment.

"Learn that for what! We sent you to Fourth High was for you to focus on studying, why did you start thinking about other stuff?" My dad replied angrily before my mom would express her thoughts.

"Dad, let me finish--"

"Finish what, I already said no!" My dad interrupted.

"What are you doing! Let our son finish speaking!" My mom glared at my dad, and he immediately stopped making a sound. In my family, my mom held absolute authority.

"Dad, mom. The high school I'm attending is very far away from home, it's fine now in the summer, but when it comes to winter, it gets dark very quickly, and they say that it gets quite messed up and there are a lot of robbers at night, this is all for my own safety. Even if it doesn't come to use, it's still training my body," since I'm a thirty something years old person, I was still able to utter these random excuses.

Hearing that it was for my safety, my mom immediately agreed, "I think Leilei has a point, I agree with this. It's been decided!"

Hearing my mom's decision and my explanation, my dad didn't say anything else and the decision was made.

After dinner, my parents started to educate me on how I must do them proud and how expensive sending me to school was. If this was my previous life, I would have perfunctorily replied, but I had just been reborn, and felt nostalgic. I was willing to talk to them about my dreams, and promised to study hard from now on, causing them to be extremely happy, praising that I had grown up after attending high school, and that their school fee weren't wasted.

I laughed at myself silently, why was I so dumb in my previous life? It was so simple to coax my father and mother, yet I had always made them angry.

At night, I laid on the bed, pondering about what I would do in the future. Today was the day of me getting reborn, it could be considered perfect when I looked back it. The only stain on the imperfection, was that I didn't known where to begin to get my first bucket of gold.

What could be worth something without any startup cost? Working for others? Impossible, ignoring the fact of finding a business that would want a high school student like me, even if I found a job, it would take forever to earn enough money to start my own business with the tiny salary. Suddenly I had a thought, remembering the industry I worked in in my past life, how did I forget about where I begun? Computer software, this was definitely an industry that could earn a profit without any startup cost. With what I know, isn't it all too simple to code a few programs?

However this was 1994, an era where computers weren't popularized, where would I even find a computer to write programs? The first thing I thought of was a network café, but then I immediately decided against it. Network cafes would only be popularized around the country after 1996 at the very least, there probably even isn't a computer suite for playing games.

Finally, I decided on two methods: one, my father's company worked on electronics, as one of the engineers in the factory he definitely had a chance to work with the computers in the factory, but the office computers often held important information, and I don't known if my father could take me to use it. Two, the Songjiang University definitely had a computer suite for university students, but I didn't know if it was open to the public, if it was open to the public, then everything is solved.

Ye Xiaoxiao got us to take out our textbook the first thing in the morning. Seeing that my book wasn't covered, her expression turned dark, "Liu Lei, stand up!"

Everyone looked at me with pity, although I did see the happiness on Liu Kexing's face, a typical face for a villain.

Under everyone's gaze, I calmly stood up. This Ye Xiaoxiao's actual age not even close to mine, why should I be scared of her? This was hilarious, and her angry look was also very attractive. Compared to Zhao Yanyan, Ye Xiaoxiao's look of a mature woman attracted me more, since I am a person in his thirties. At that moment, I was fantasizing while staring at Ye Xiaoxiao's chest, it wasn't on purpose, but as a student, when the teacher told you to stand up I think that most people would involuntarily look down. I stared at Ye Xiaoxiao's large breasts, and thought about the XX AVs I've watched in my previous life. How good would it feel to do it once with Ye Xiaoxiao

Ye Xiaoxiao didn't know my true thoughts, if she knew she probably would get so angry that her lung would explode.

Ye Xiaoxiao asked, "Why didn't you cover your books?"

I continued to fantasize about her boobs, and answered, "Why must I cover the books?"

Ye Xiaoxiao didn't think that I could answer like that, the question was kicked back to her side like a ball. She probably could never imagined that I, who was well versed in debates during my previous life, knew many amazing techniques. During debates, the one who played their final card first would lose their initiative, so I would always throw a question back during debates. However how would Ye Xiaoxiao know so much, she definitely dug a trap for and jumped right in.

The entire class looked at me, a student that argued with the teacher, in surprise. In their eyes, I definitely had a death wish.

Ye Xiaoxiao angrily replied, "No reason! I said it must be covered, so you must cover them! If you don't have your books covered tomorrow then get out, you don't need to attend lessons any more."

After Ye Xiaoxiao left, Guo Qing turned around and held up his thumb, "Fucking awesome! Boss, I'm going to follow you from now on!"

Zhao Yanyan whispered to me, "Why didn't you cover the books? Don't use something like why must we cover the books to reply."

This chick was smart, she blocked off my path with a single sentence. I rplied lazily, "Actually -- it's because I'm too lazy to cover them!"

My sentence caused the chick to stare at me in shock, perhaps she thought I was way too blunt.

I ignored her after I finished, started reading the textbook. The chick would peek over at me once in a while, as if she wanted to say something, but never had the courage to.

Finally Zhao Yanyan acted like she made an important decision, and turned around, then whispered in a tiny voice like a mosquito towards me while blushing, "Liu Lei, how about I help you cover the books."

I glanced at her weirdly, from my memory; this chick didn't take that much joy in helping others.

Seeing my glance, Zhao Yanyan twisted her body and replied shyly, "I just thought that if you don't cover the books Ye Laoshi will get angry tomorrow, what's more, Ye Laoshi also told me that class leaders should help other students --"

Shit, this can't me! What a bad excuse. This chick can't have fallen for me right? I thought proudly. Of course, how could I refuse such a sweet thing? So I shamelessly said, "Sure, sorry trouble you."