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High school knowledge was rather simple in my eyes, anyone that attended university should feel the same. Although there were some equations that I haven't touched for years, I'm still a top student that graduated at Huaxia University, so some things were very easy to pick up. I used a morning to look through algebra and geometry, and summarized everything, the theorems and formulas involved didn't even fill up a page. It was good that the school also gave out the textbooks for the second year, or else I had to go and buy it from the bookstore myself.

Zhao Yanyan looked at the boy beside her who didn't listen to the teacher from the first day, and just quickly flipped through the textbook and write stuff on a sheet of paper. She wondered, did he understand while flipping the pages so quickly? What if he didn't listen to the teachers about the class tests? Zhao Yanyan's cheeks became redder as she thought on, and thought in shame: I don't need to care about what he's doing! Although Zhao Yanyan thought so in her heart, her eyes still glanced over once in a while.

Her little movements didn't escape my eyes, although it seemed like I was focused on studying these simple high school math, but anyone who went to university would know, the tiny bit of knowledge from high school is nowhere near enough in university.

Hehe, this proves that some history could still be changed after I got reborn. If it was before, how was it possible for my proud desk mate to peek at me? It was always me who peeked at her!

Guo Qing and I went to the restaurant, Ju Yuan Snacks, which we frequented in my previous life at noon. Guo Qing and I had similar family backgrounds, both were of the working class, we would only get five kuai of pocket money tha includes our car fees. That's why both of us loved this restaurant, normally both of us would spend three kuai for a plate of vegetables, then get two bowls of rice, this means that we only needed to spend two kuai each, then subtracting the car fees, I can still save two kuai. If it was in my previous life, I would be extremely happy at myslf for every two kuai everyday, but now, I had a grander scheme, this two kuai also means almost nothing to me.

When we got back to the classroom, I noticed that Liu Kexing sat on my seat again, and Zhao Yanyan was wrapping textbooks intently, it didn't take much to know that those must be my books. Liu Kexing probably never thought that his dream girl would help me wrap up my textbooks, I wonder how he would feel if he found it out?

I frankly walked over to my seat and spoke to Liu Kexing, who was sitting on my seat, "This classmate, don't always sit on my chair, if you have some kind of attachment for this spot then apply for a seat change from the teacher!"

Then stopped looking at him, and said softly to Zhao Yanyan, "Thank you for helping me cover the books~!"

The moment these words left my mouth, Zhao Yanyan's face became bright red. Liu Kexing's face also changed, from yellow to white, and then to red, then finally pale before he said, "Yanyan, why did you cover the books for this bad student?" He probably already asked Zhao Yanyan who she was covering the books for earlier, but Zhao Yanyan was too embarrassed to reply.

I snorted, "Yanyan, that sounds like you're really close! Who is she to you?"

Having his line stolen by me, Liu Kexing awkwardly left. He probably swore at me over a hundred times in his heart, and was probably thinking of multiple ways to trick me! If it was in my previous life, then I might have been afraid, but now I'm not even scared of Ye Xiaoxiao, why should I be scared of this fox borrowing the tiger's fierceness?

"I really don't have anything to do with him," Zhao Yanyan whispered.

"En?" I momentarily blanked.

Zhao Yanyan immediately realized what she just said, and became embarrassed, why did she have to explain herself to him? Immediately changing the subject, she said, "Liu Lei, I helped you covered all your textbooks."

"Oh, okay, thank you!" I deliberately pretended like I didn't hear anything, but I felt like a flower bloomed in my heart. As expected, this chick definitely started to fall for me.

I found the physics textbook from the pile of books, and seeing the pure white cover, as well as the beautiful handwriting on the cover, I felt extremely happy.

I was completely speechless at the physics and chemistry stuff on the high school textbooks, it was way to simple, it was all common sense form daily life, I only spend two periods to look through all the interesting stuff on the books. The content was like the daily life encyclopedia that I saw on the Internet in my previous life. I didn't even bother looking at the English stuff, I often socialized with the directors in the main office, English was like my mother tongue. I also had a lot of experience in the high school Chinese stuff, which didn't even have any textbooks and just needed us to accumulate vocabulary in our daily lives. Did I even need to learn the Huaxia language with so much experience from my previous life?

Seeing the textbooks that Zhao Yanyan covered in my pile of books, I said pitifully, "It really was a waste of these textbooks, I probably won't ever touch them again."

After reading the books, I laid on the table, and completely ignored the math teacher that was speaking on stage. Zhao Yanyan looked at me weirdly and whispered, "Liu Lei? What happened? Are you sick?"

I continued to lie down and replied, "What the teacher is teaching is too boring, I want to sleep."

Zhao Yanyan frowned, ai, what a failure, I actually fell for such a bad guy. No, I had to think of something. I was definitely going to apply to Huaxia University, what if this person doesn't get in. Zhao Yanyan thought foolishly.

Just as Zhao Yanyan's thoughts were wondering, a strict voice sounded our, "The male student sleeping by the window on the third row from the back, come up and do these questions on the board!"

Zhao Yanyan immediately reracted her thoughts, what was she doing? She actually thought about such shameful things.

I stretched, then waked over to the blackboard. Seeing those questions, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Isn't this insulting my intelligence? On the blackboard where a few simplest geometry questions, I said to the teacher depressed, "Can I not answer then?"

The students all started laughing when they her my reply, the most irritating was Liu Kexing's.

The math teacher looked at me coldly, "No!" Then immediately scolded the rest of the students, "What are you laughing about! If you think you can do it, then come up to the blackboard and do some questions!"

The class immediately became quiet, all of the students looked intently at me, who was deemed unlucky. But how could I disappoint everyone? I took up the chalk and immediately ticked and crossed a few things without thinking, then threw the chalk on the side and walked off the platform.

These questions were just exemplar questions that the math teacher used to teach. A lot of the knowledge weren't even taught yet, so calling me, the sleeping student up to the platform, was just to put on airs, but I unexpectedly got it all correct.

The math teacher's expression darkened, but still calmly said, "Since you already understand, then don't waste your time sleeping, do something more productive."

All the students let out an uproar; they didn't think the math teacher would say so. The math teacher immediately used the whip to tap on the blackboard and said, "If you think you already understood everything like him then you can also go and sleep! He got these questions all correct, what I'm going to talk about next is the way thinking and the steps to solve these questions…"