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After class Guo Qing turned around, "Boss, you're not just good! You argued against our class tutor in the morning, then slept in math class in the afternoon, and you actually got all the questions on the blackboard right, boss are you a superman?"

Hearing that Zhao Yanyan said, "Che, who knows if he just guessed."

I immediately uttered, "I guessed it, guessed it, I just have good luck." Then I laid back onto the desk and continued to sleep, I thought about the problem of earning money till very late the previous night, and stayed awake the entire morning, so I was already so tired that my eyelids were trembling.

"Ya, why are you sleeping again? What's with you!" Zhao Yanyan grumbled quietly.

When I was deep in my sleep, a book was smacked hardly on my head, an angry but alluring voice entered my ears, "Liu Lei, stand up!"

I sleepily opened my eyes, and gazed at the beauty in front of my, "Sis, let me sleep a bit more!"

With a "hong" sound, everyone started laughing.

I rubbed my sleepy eyes, and noticed that it was my class tutor Ye Xiaoxiao beside me. I immediately cleared up a lot, and stood up from my seat, "Hello Laoshi!" I greeted her mechanically.

Ye Xiaoxiao looked at me angrily and roared, "Liu Lei, you've got guts! Sleeping in class, according to other people's reports, you were already sleeping in the last math class! How many days have it been since school started, you're already slacking off like this, stay back after school and go to my office."

I sat down, and noticed Liu Kexing slyly laughing at me. Fuck, I though, he actually told on me behind my back.

Walking back to the platform, Ye Xiaoxiao said to us, "This is an English lesson, please open the textbooks and flip to the first chapter!"

I listlessly took out the English textbook and threw it only to the table, I already passed Level 6 in English during university, I'm actually been told to to learn these simple English conversations,

Repeating the passage endlessly with everyone else, I was going to break down. Fortunately just as I was at the edge of breaking down, the bell rang. Ye Xiaoxiao placed down her books and said, "School's over, the students on duty should stay back and clean. Liu Lei, come with me to the office!"

I closed the English book in boredom and stood up, Guo Qing turned around to me and said, "Boss, be careful!"

I replied to him with an indifferent smile.

I followed Ye Xiaoxiao to the fourth floor, and into the innermost office. Ye Xiaoxiao took out her keys and opened the door, and got me to go in first. Then Ye Xiaoxiao took out the key from the lock and locked the door.

There were only the two of us in the office, a male and female alone in a room. She just locked the door, was it hinting at something for me? Should I immediately rushed over, tear off her clothes and do something?

Just as my thoughts were wandering all over the place, Ye Xiaoxiao walked over to her desk, and slammed the teaching plan onto the desk with a "pa" sound, "Tell me, Liu Lei, what is going on?"

I was still imagining things in my head, and what excited me most was that from the angle where I was standing, I was able to look past her neckline and see the half-hidden whiteness of Ye Xiaoxiao's…

Ye Xiaoxiao didn't notice my expression, and continued, "Liu Lei, my impression of you wasn't bad when you reported in, and I wanted to assign a leadership position to you, but you disappointed me!"

Ye Xiaoxiao stood up, and faced me, with only the distance of a fist between us, I would even smell the faint aroma that was being emitted from her body.

This shouldn't be the smell of perfume, but the natural body fragrance that girls possess…

However, Ye Xiaoxiao didn't notice that standing in front of her was a pervert in a child's clothing that was about to assault her, and continued to educate me, "I know the middle school you graduated from was really bad, and your results are terrible, but you shouldn't give up on yourself because of this, since you have come to Fourth High, you should treat it as a new start in your life. I won't say anymore to you, go back and reflect upon it!"

Ya! I'm finally free, Ye Xiaoxiao, Ye Xiaoxiao, didn't you know how much pain I was in? You were so close to me… Isn't that baiting me to commit a crime…

I didn't dare to stay any longer and immediately turned to walk out of the office. Just as I was about to exit from the door, Ye Xiaoxiao stopped me, "Liu Lei, did you understand today's English lesson?"

I didn't wanted to stay any longer, so I nodded perfunctorily.

"It's good that you understand, there are more stuff to remember for English. Liu Lei, work harder, and don't let your teacher down!" Ye Xiaoxiao said.

I nodded and walked out of the office. I only noticed now that Ye Xiaoxiao were really thinking about the students, why did I hate her so much in my previous life?

After returning to the classroom, I noticed everyone had already left, I packed up my bag and left school.

When I reached the school gate, I surprisingly found out that Guo Qing was actually standing there waiting for me. My heart couldn't help but be moved by this.

"Why didn't you leave yet?" I asked.

"Boss, I was waiting for you! How was it, did Ye-laoshi make it difficult for you?" Guo Qing asked caringly.

"No," I shook my head, "Ye-laoshi is pretty nice."

Hearing that, Guo Qing oddly, "Really?" Guo Qing was puzzled, I was called by Ye Xiaoxiao to be scolded, and now I was saying good things about her, that was incredible.

Guo Qing and my home weren't far away, so we took the same bus back, on the bus I asked Guo Qing, "Are you free Saturday and Sunday?"

"I don't really have anything to do, why?" Guo Qing asked.

"I'm going to take a Sanda class, do you wanna come?" I said.

"Sanda? That seems interesting, I'll go back and talk about it with my dad, " Guo Qing replied.

I was afraid Guo Qing's dad wouldn't agree, so I told him what I said to my dad.