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Guo Qing's family was probably was the same as my mom, agreeing immediately upon hearing the chance of robbery.

On Saturday, Guo Qing and I met at the gate of Fourth High as we decided, then took a bus to Shao Nian Gong for the Sanda class.

Guo Qing and I followed the information on the flyer, and arrived at registration office on the first floor of Shao Nian Gong. There were children and parents that have com to register their children for classes everywhere, it could even be described as an ocean of people. In my previous life, I knew that youth education was a very profitable business, this industry bloomed after 1997, however in the current Songjiang city, there was only one Shao Nian Gong monopolizing the market.

Although I know this industry could be described as baoli, I clearly understood that, currently I could not gain anything from it. First of all I didn't have any startup funds, second of all, I don't have any teachers.

Finally, Guo Qing and I arrived at the front of the queue, I told the teacher at the registration office, "Laoshi, the two of us want to register for the sanda class!"

The teacher looked at the two of us and asked, "Sanda is very dangerous, and you could get hurt, did your parents agree?"

Both of us immediately nodded, "Yes!"

"Oh!" the teacher gave both of us a form and said, "Complete the form and go to the cashier to pay for the trial fee."

Guo Qing and I took over the form; on it was written the trial fee was 5 Yuan. It really was a different era, having to pay for trial lessons. I remember in my previous life that adverts for youth specialty classes were everyone, and the trial lessons were all free.

I looked at the registration form, personally information had to be written down on it, basically just name, age, and the school that we were attending etc. On it other side of the sheet was the instructions, and underneath that were the introductions for the open lessons, I looked over it briefly, and it was mostly dancing, singing and piano. Suddenly, my gaze stopped over three characters, and slapped my thighs, it really was a good situation of unable to find anything after wearing down all my shoes, then finally getting what I want out of nowhere.

I asked the teacher at the registration office, "Laoshi, did your computer lesson start?"

The teacher at the registration office looked for a moment, and said to me, "Not yet, tomorrow morning is the first lesson, do you want to register?"

"En, please give me a form," I replied.

I took the form and noticed that the terms and conditions were more or less the same as those of the sanda class, but the trial fee was actually twice the amount, 10 kuai. I shook my head, it seems like computers weren't really popularized, in the eyes of commoners, it really was a high tech item, costing so much to learn.

Guo Qing saw that I took a form to study computer, and asked me in shock, "Boss, what are you learning this for?"

"Technology is the future…" I knew that saying this was very hard to understand for the current Guo Qing, from his perspective, it was more worthwhile to play games rather than learn about the computer.

"Che--" Guo Qing said in disinterest, "I have no interest in this, so I can't accompany you, Boss."

I laughed, "No problem, I was just curious, I might just listen for one lesson."

I thought, it was good that Guo Qing didn't attend, I don't need to listen to his questions when he sees me writing programs.

After paying the trial fee, Guo Qing and I followed the information on the registration form to the sanda practice area at the top floor of the Shao Nian Gong, there were a lot of gym equipment that were very ancient from my perspective. A strong man full of muscles received us, and through speaking to him, we found out that he was our sanda coach, his surname was Zhang, and his name was Yang. He was the champion of the Youth Sanda League in the Songjiang province, and after graduating from university, he came here to teach students.

I also attended such leagues in my previous life, and became the national champion of the university students, I knew exactly how difficult it is. It looks like this coach, Zhang Yang, must possess unordinary strength. This was very lucky for other people in the lesson, the phrase a good teacher will have great students did not come from nowhere. However, to me, it didn't matter whether the coach was good or not, I already grasped various techniques of sanda, so the purpose of me coming to the Shao Nian Gong was just to train my power. Don't ask me why I didn't go to the gym instead, were there gyms in 1994?

I told Zhang Yang my intent, and explained that I just came to train my body, Zhang Yang didn't object, since whether or not I listened in on the listen, I still had to pay the lesson fee.

The teaching was in the morning, Guo Qing and the others learnt sanda from Zhang Yang, and I followed my own method to train my body. Everyone else, including Guo Qing, were puzzled by my actions, but they got used to it over time. Since it didn't really matter, they just didn't think about it.

Guo Qing and I went to a small restaurant near Shao Nian Gong at noon to eat lunch.

"Boss, why aren't you learning? Coach Zhang is pretty good!" Guo Qing asked me after eating a mouthful of fried rice.

"Isn't it fine if you learn? We'll leave together after school everyday!" I said.

"Don't try and trick me boss, I'm not your dad, the school gate is right at the city center, and there are often police patrolling at night, don't talk about robbers, there isn't even a thief," Guo Qing glared at me.

"Hehe, I actually just wanted to train my body, it doesn't really matter wheher or not I learn sanda," I smiled.

"Ai, boss, why do I feel like you're very mysterious sometimes, you're completely unlike people our age," Guo Qing looked at me, and said it word by word.

My heart tensed up after hearing it, he didn't have noticed anything did he?

But Guo Qing continued, "Boss, did you mature too early after drinking a lo of honey?"

"Fuck off!" I swore, that scared me to death. "You're the one that matured early, I saw you have a lot of hair when we went to the bathroom together yesterday.

"Ya~ Boss, can't you be a little quieter, you can't just talk about people's privacy out loud!" Guo Qing immediately blushed.

In the afternoon, the training area was open to the participants of the sanda class, but most people had already left. The self awareness of a kid of ten-odd years was still really poor.

When Guo Qing and I returned to the training area, it was already empty. Guo Qing didn't want to return, and was prepared to go to the arcade with me in the afternoon, but I was already uninterested by the arcade machines at this age, Guo Qing also lack much ideas of his own, so he followed me back to the training area.

I continued my strengthening training, while Guo Qing started hitting the sand bags on the side un-methodically. With my memories of my previous life, I clearly knew what kind of training was the most effective for my body, I was improving the flexibility of every single muscle in my body at the quickest pace possible.

My training had a focus, although this couldn't give me a physique for bodybuilding, it had a clear effect in terms of improving the body's strength and agility.