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"You are thanking me, right? Do some practical action!" Lucien says naturally. His lips are slightly pursed. Even young kids seem to be more mature than him.

Nina feels angry and funny. She glances around and sees nobody, and then she stands on tiptoe and gives him a quick kiss on the lips.

Lucien reaches out and wrings her nose to drag her towards himself, "Too perfunctory! One more time!"

"It hurts, okay!" Nina is very angry and glares at him.

"It's because you are too perfunctory. Hurry up and do it again, or I don't know what I will do to you!"

This man is going crazy again! Nina is afraid that he will do anything indecent in public. Nina has to hug his neck and kiss his lips hard.

After pushing him away, she affectedly wipes the saliva that doesn't exist at the corners of her mouth. Just like a haughty man molesting a woman, she says, "What feeling? It's good, huh?"

Nina thinks Lucien will be angry, but he smiles. His deep eyes are full of doting expression, "Bad girl, let you go this time! Just see what I am gonna do to you after a while!"

The cinema also takes the form of a private club. Its privacy is very good. Under the guidance of the waiter, they walk into the screening room with thick carpet, and then Nina is stunned.

There is a trailer playing on the big screen, and there is no one in such a large room.

"I book the whole cinema. Just the two of us." Lucien lowers his body and looks at her eyes, "After a while, you can sit on my leg and watch the movie."

Nina is very alert. She immediately looks up at him. This man is a little eccentric. He must be thinking about something bad.

Lucien sits down casually and pats his leg, "Come on, sit down. Make yourself at home."

Nina is very virtuous, "No need. You worked overtime all night yesterday. You are too tired. I don't have the heart to trouble you."

Lucien smiles and pulls her to the seat beside him, "All right, no more jokes. You can focus on the movie."

The light dims and the movie begins.

This is a suspense and inferential movie. There is a small climax at the beginning of it, which is very fascinating.

Because this is her long-awaited film, Nina is very devoted to watching it, and she soon forgets that there is a man beside her.

When the movie's pacing is not so tense, she looks sideways, and Lucien falls asleep!

He sits very uprightly and his tall body is straight and stylish as always, but his eyes are closed!

Nina gets close to his face. She wants to shout at his ear to frighten him. When her face is near his face, she suddenly hears his slight snoring.

The sound is not steady, even a little repressive.

Nina's naughty smile disappears. She knows that Lucien will snore only when he is overtired.

After staying up all night and catching an early flight in the morning, he must be exhausted.

Nina stares at his face lovingly. His thick eyebrows frown slightly in the sleep, and the anxiety between the two eyebrows lingers.

What happened? How can he be so tired and worried? Does Jasmine's father begin to get revenge?

Nina is very upset and has no mood to watch the movie. She gently puts Lucien's head on her shoulder to make him sleep more comfortably, and she falls into deep thought.

Just as she is lost in thought, she suddenly hears the ambiguous gasp and laughter coming from the movie.

Nina looks fixedly at the screen. It turns out to be the sex scene. The hero and heroine in the movie were originally enemies, but they gradually developed into lovers.

The picture is very beautiful, and this scene is mostly shot with long lens. The heroine's back is completely naked, and the lines of her waist and hip are amazing, which makes Nina's eyes fixed.

She is fascinated by the sight, and suddenly there is a slight chuckle beside her ear.

Nina is startled. She turns her head and sees that Lucien is awake. He is leaning on her shoulder and smiling at her.

"What are you laughing at?" Nina pushes him away. His head is so heavy that it hurts her shoulder.

Lucien stretches himself, "Nina, you lustful woman! Your saliva is coming out, isn't it?"

Nina blushes and quickly denies, "Don't talk nonsense! I don't feel anything."

Lucien puts her in his arms, "You don't feel anything? Come on, I'll let you feel it!"

Before Nina reacts, his hot lips has pressed hers...