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They come out of the club only to find that it rains outside. It doesn't rain much, but it is rather windy.

"Meet me in the break room inside. I'll get the car." Lucien looks at the thin skirt of Nina, points to a golden gate on the left side of the club and says to Nina, "There is a waiter at the door. You can directly give him my name and go in."

Lucien's tall figure disappears in the rain and fog. Nina looks at his back and feels sweet in her heart like eating molasses.

She goes to the door of the lounge, and the waiter stops her as expected, "Miss, this is the lounge for gold card members. Please show me your gold card."

Nina smiles at him, "My boyfriend is your gold card member. I can go in with his name, right?"

The waiter looks at her and nods, "What's your boyfriend's name, please?"

"Lucien Gray." Nina breezes out Lucien's name.

The waiter freezes, "I'm sorry, miss, our members are registered in Chinese name. What's your boyfriend's Chinese name?"

Chinese name? Nina is dumbfounded. Lucien used to tell her his Chinese name, but she didn't care about it at all then, and now she has no memory of it.

Seeing that she can't give the name, the waiter has to raise his outstretched hands and says, "Sorry, this is our policy."

Nina nods understandingly and has to stand beside the hall to wait for Lucien.

The wind carries the rain on her and makes her shiver with cold.

Lucien comes by in his car. When he sees Nina, he pulls her right into the car. His face is reproachful, "Why don't you get into the lounge?"

"The waiter asked me to give your Chinese name. I couldn't give it, so I couldn't get in." Nina holds her shoulder and replies honestly.

Lucien slams on the brake of the car, and the tires screech noisily against the ground. He holds the steering wheel with his hands, and his deep eyes are fixed on Nina. His tone shows that he doesn't dare to believe his ears, "Nina, can't you remember my name?"

"Er..." Seeing Lucien's fierce expression, Nina knows that she has offended him. She lowers her head with a little guiltily, "Just the Chinese name. I don't pay attention..."

"You don't pay attention?" Lucien gnaws his teeth and says word by word, "You can't even remember my name, because you don't pay attention?"

Nina is bowing her head and pretending to confess, and she is thinking about how to change the topic and muddle through.

Lucien is still angry. He pinches her chin and looks down at her, "Your name is Nina. You are an old woman of 27, impulsive B blood type, a stupid and incompetent Pisces and only 161cm tall. You like movies and paintings, but you don't know much. You're afraid of thunder and darkness. You're as timid as a mouse. You like to cry and evade the question. You have no integrity. Every time you keep your head down and say nothing, it seems that you are confessing, but in fact, you are up to something! Nina, I remember everything about you! And you? You can't even remember my Chinese name!"