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Grace Lauren doesn't expect Grandfather Gray would agree so fast. Being afraid that the boiled duck flies away, and not daring to threat anymore, Grace Lauren quickly holds up five fingers and says with a flattering smile, "Grandfather, is this number okay?"

"Five million is okay, but from now on, my great-grandson has nothing to do with you! Do you understand?" Grandfather Gray stares at Grace Lauren, "If you keep making trouble, I can't vouch for the money nor your life!"

Five million? Grace Lauren is so surprised and almost screams out! She thought they would give her no more than five hundred thousand, and doesn't expect that Grandfather Gray would be so generous!

She nods quickly, "That's for sure! Don't worry, I will take this secret to my grave. I have nothing to do with your precious grandson!"

"Grandpa, who is this lady?" Lucien Gray's voice comes behind. He is walking this way with Nelson. He hears half of what Grace Lauren said and eyeing this woman suspiciously.

Grandfather Gray looks at Lucien Gray and then at Nelson, sighing in his heart. How beautiful this great-grandson is! How could he has such a shameful mother.

Fearing that Grace Lauren would keep on pestering Nelson to call her mom, Grandfather Gray tells the butler to take Nelson away. Then he turns to Lucien Gray and asks him, "You ask me who she is? You want me to remind you?"

Speaking of this, Grandfather Gray is angry that Lucien is perfect except for having no responsibility for marriage. Some years before, he spends a lot of time among various kinds of women. He changes women like changing clothes. Now he finally settles down with Jasmine Harris, but still doesn't get married after three years!

Luckily, there is a Nelson. Otherwise, Grandfather Gray must turn over in his grave.

Lucien Gray freezes as Grandfather Gray says so. He looks at Grace Lauren again, but still doesn't know her. There is totally no impression!

Grace Lauren sees how handsome Lucien Gray is, her mind starts to spinning around. Nina should have died in Chicago. If she uses her son to get close to Lucien Gray, maybe she can even be half a hostess.

Pretending to be weak, Grace Lauren walks towards him, "Mr. Gray, don't you remember me? I... I'm...I'm the mother of your son!"

Nelson's mother? Lucien Gray seems to have been struck by lightning. At first, Nelson was accepted by Grandfather Gray confusedly, and he doesn't think more about it after DNA testing. He really thinks that he get some woman pregnant accidently and then she takes the baby here.

But for Grace Lauren, he really doesn't remember anything.

Seeing Lucien Gray doesn't remember, Grace Lauren explains quickly, "Mr. Gray, after night... I come to you with your shirt... Do you remember?"

Shirt...Lucien Gray finally remembers. His thick eyebrows wrinkle tightly. He looks up and down at Grace Lauren, feeling impossible.

Her facial features and verve has nothing in common with Nelson. Looking at the slutty and carnality in her bones, he would never believe that she is Nelson's mother!

Being stared sharply by Lucien Gray, Grace Lauren starts to panic, "Mr. Gray, you don't believe I am the mother of your son? Grandfather has tested his DNA. He is really your son!"

Lucien Gray raises his eyebrows and is about to say when Nelson takes Nina Morrison's hand and runs over excitedly, "Dad! Look at the laser gun Auntie Morrison bought me!"

Grace Lauren's face goes white as she follows the voice.

She doesn't expect Nina Morrison would be here! This girl doesn't die in Chicago!

If they have confrontation, it will be all over!

While Grandfather Gray and Lucien Gray are looking at Nina Morrison, Grace Lauren wants to run away. But the butler is watching and asks coldly, "Please wait before he finishes speaking!"

Nina Morrison also sees Grace Lauren. She widens eyes in disbelief, "Sister!"

Grace Lauren turns her head with a bitter smile, "Nina, I don't expect to see you here!"

Lucien Gray is stunned by Nina Morrison's "Sister". This woman is Nina Morrison's sister?

Nina Morrison's baby died, and her sister shows up with a baby, and Nina's so close to the baby...There is a though flashes through Lucien Gray's head and it is interrupted by Nelson's crisp voice, "Auntie Morrison, is this your sister? Am I going to call her big Auntie Morrison and call you little Auntie Morrison?"

Grace Lauren laughs embarrassedly and has to play. She pretends being eager to touch Nelson's face, "Aha ha! Darling, you are so cute!"

Grandfather Gray and Lucien Gray's eyes flash.

Lucien Gray come over with Nelson, and Grace Lauren has seen him, but she has no reaction to him at all. Now she's so affectionate, which means she didn't recognize him just now!

A mother can't recognize her own son?

Lucien Gray and Grandfather Gray exchange glances. They are about to speak when Nelson demonstrates his laser gun, "Great grandpa, daddy, look at it, I pull the trigger here and there will be light coming out..."

Then his little hand pull the trigger excitedly .

"Ah!" With a harsh scream, little Lucien suddenly drops the gun, covering his eyes with hands. His little body begins to tremble.

"Nelson!" Everyone cries out in surprise.

Why? Why does the light that supposes to come out from the gun-barrel would come out from behind? Right into Nelson's eye? So bright and dazzling that makes a few adults' eyes to shed tears!

Nina Morrison rushes to him. Her tears pour down her face and her throat splits, "Nelson, what's wrong? Good boy, what's wrong? Don't scare me!"

The gun has just been taken out of the box! How could this happen! She gives that gun to Nelson! Why is it broken!

"Auntie Morrison, my eyes hurt, I can't see!" Nelson cries, instinctively hiding in Nina Morrison's arms. His small hands clutch Nina Morrison's skirt helplessly.Nina Morrison feels as if a knife are being twisted in her heart. She holds Nelson, choking with sobs.

Lucien Gray calms down and calls an ambulance.

Nelson's scream startles the guests. Everyone comes and get around him.

Jasmine Harris follows Sunny and Jarvis this way. Seeing Nelson holding his hands over his eyes and leaning painfully in Nina Morrison's arms, Jasmine Harris gives a cold smile.

She does something on the gun successfully. Nina Morrison doesn't even know how she died! Nelson is Lucien Gray's treasure. Hurting Nelson is worse than hurting himself!