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Grace Lauren is overjoyed to see the chaos. She thinks she couldn't get away. But God has mercy on her and makes such a mess.

As she tries to move out of the crowd step by step, and butler stops her, "You can't go."

Grace Lauren smiles seductively in a low voice, " No business with me now. I think I would better get out of here."

The butler glances at her, "Aren't you the mother of our young master? The young master gets hurt. And you say no business with you?"

He hears something about what happened several years ago. This woman is really suspicious!

Lucien Gray is evacuating the crowd with the lobby manager. He hears the butler, and says coldly, "Take this woman to the hospital and test her DNA!"

After a flurry, little Nelson is brought to the hospital. The emergency room is not allowed to enter. Everyone is waiting in the hallway.

Nina Morrison's heart is clenching tightly. Her tears never stop. She can't sit down. She tiptoes to look into the emergency room.

Grandfather Gray looks at her and says to himself. This Nina Morrison looks more like Nelson's mother than that woman. He feels this way when Nina Morrison was living with the Gray Family, and five years later, that feeling becomes stronger.

The more Grandfather Gray looks at Nina Morrison's face, the more he is surprised. The face and the silhouette look just like Nelson!

Especially the contours of the chin and forehead, are chipped off the old block!

Everyone is nervous. The doctor comes out, "The child's eyes are burned by the strong light, the cornea is damaged seriously. We've given him the tranquilizer and he's asleep now."

Nina Morrison nearly faints away when she hears that the cornea is damaged seriously.

Lucien Gray keeps calm. He and Grandfather Gray consult the doctor in detail.

The doctor comfort them, "Although the damage is severe and the recovery will be difficult in late stage, we still need further treatment and observation to confirm whether he will go blind."

Hearing the doctor's saying, everyone goes silent. The air in the corridor is breathlessly low.

"Nina Morrison! How can you give a child something so dangerous? Did you do it on purpose? Lucien dumps you, so you want to ruin Nelson?" Jasmine Harris rushes up to Nina Morrison, raising her hand and gives her a loud slap in the face.

Lucien Gray doesn't stop Jasmine Harris. Nina Morrison doesn't hide. She stands tall and receives Jasmine Harris's slap. Her heart pains so much that she could not breathe.

It's all her fault! If she doesn't give him the gun, nothing will happen to Nelson!

Why would the gun break down? She doesn't have time to think about it. Her heart feels like being rubbed by a giant hand, and every breath is an ache.

Seeing Nina Morrison doesn't hide, Jasmine Harris wants to slap her again. Lucien Gray comes over and grabs her arm, "That's enough!"

He looks at her with empty eyes. There is no intimacy and affection of a couple going to get married. Jasmine Harris's heart turns cold. She asks, "Nina Morrison hurts Nelson. Is it wrong of me to slap her? Why do you stop me? In your eyes, your son is less important than an ex-girlfriend?"

While Jasmine Harris and Lucien Gray argue, Grace Lauren tries to sneak away again. She covers her stomach and says to the butler, "I have a stomachache. Can I go to the bathroom?"

The bathroom is just at the end of the corridor. Thinking she couldn't make the big waves, the butler nods to agree.

Grace Lauren runs into the bathroom as is she was set free. She has come to this hospital before. The bathroom adjoins with the balcony of next men's room, and next to the men's room is the stairs. If she can climb over to the balcony of men's room, it would be easy to slip out from the stairs.