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Nina Morrison picks up the story book on the floor and sits down quietly next to Nelson. With tears in her eyes, she reads softly, "In the forest, there is a log cabin and ..."

Suddenly, the story is interrupted. Nelson throws his arms around her shoulders, lifting his little face which is covered by the patch to Nina Morrison, and his little hands grope for her face in the air. When he finds it, he puts his palms on her face and touches her gently, "Auntie Nina, is that you? Nelson misses you so much! Why haven't you come to see me for so long!"

Tears rush out from Nina Morrison's eyes. She hugs Nelson tightly and nods chokingly, "Nelson is so clever! I am Auntie Nina. Auntie Nina comes to see Nelson..."

Nelson hugs her around the neck joyfully. His fair little face presses to hers, "Auntie Nina! It's you! Nelson is so happy!"

Holding the little person in her arms, Nina Morrison's nose twitches. This is her son, the son of her blood, the baby that she conceives for ten months and gives birth painstakingly. Now he has grown into a handsome little boy. Nina Morrison holds Nelson and feels more satisfied than ever.

Her heart is filled with great happiness. She kisses Nelson's face again and again, and tears wet her long hair beside the ear.

Lucien Gray's eyes also moisten as he looks at the mother and son hugging together.

He goes over and squats down, touching Nelson's hair, "Baby, would you like to have Auntie Nina to be your mother?"

Nelson looks up in surprise, "Yes! Daddy, are you serious?"

Then he turns to Nina Morrison cautiously, "Auntie, Nina, would you like to be my mother and stay with me every day?"

His tender voice is full of entreaty and expectation, which stings Nina Morrison's heart. Her son is too thoughtful!

Lucien Gray gives Nina Morrison an encouraging look, "Nina, Nelson is waiting for your answer..."

Nina Morrison clears her throat, which is blocked by tears, and kisses Nelson's forehead tenderly, "Baby, Auntie Nina would love to! I would love to be your mom very, very much!"

"Yeah! I have a mom! I have a mom! I finally have a mom!" Nelson jumps to his feet, his little face is covered by black patch, but the best smile shows in the sun.

Lucien Gray and Nina Morrison look at each other, and kiss lightly on each other's lips.

It's been a long time since Nelson feels so happy. Lucien Gray adds, "Nelson, would you want to call her mom now?"

Nina Morrison's heart hangs in the air. She holds her breath and waits for Nelson. She has been waiting for this mom for five years...

Nelson, who can't see at all but doesn't need any instruction, jumps into Nina Morrison's arms without a deviation. He lifts his face and shouts smilingly, "Mommy!"

The tears that just stop pour out again. Nina Morrison holds back the choking in her throat, "Nelson is so good! Baby! My baby! Mommy loves you!"

Lucien Gray opens his arms and hugs they two in his arms.

This family, which has been broken up for five years, finally reunites. He will be an indomitable tree, a shelter to keep the mother and son from storm, to keep them as warm as spring all the year round.

After bathing Nelson, telling him a story, and watching him fall asleep, Nina Morrison doesn't feel tired at all. The excitement in her heart couldn't fade away. She couldn't get enough of Nelson's face.

Lucien Gray has just come out of the shower with wet hair and a bathrobe, "My silly girl! You can watch it every day in the future. Why are you in such a hurry? Go take a shower. I've been waiting for you for a long time."

"Wait for me? Wait for me for what?" Nina Morrison asks casually, looking at Nelson's small face.

Lucien Gray comes up grinningly, and whispers in her ear, "Wait for you to fulfill our marital obligations..."

Looking at his evil smile, Nina Morrison understands what he means. Her face flushes immediately, "Lucien Gray, will you please have some face? Your son is here, shame on you!"

Lucien Gray takes one look at the sleeping Nelson and pinches her on the lap, "It doesn't matter. If Nelson sees her daddy and mommy love each other so much, he will be happy for us!"

"Go away! Behave yourself!" Nina Morrison taps his hand away. Being afraid that their talking would wakes Nelson up, she pulls him away and gently close the door.

As soon as the door closes, Lucien Gray holds her up and carries her to the master bedroom.

"Hey, put me down!" Nina Morrison has already taken a bath and now she is wearing a dressing gown. The gesture that he holds her shows everything under the dress.

Lucien Gray raises his arm, "No, you owe me. I want you to pay me all back tonight!"

Nina Morrison kicks and hits him, "What do I owe you?"

Lucien Gray smirks, "you'll see!"

Lucien Gray shoulders her into the bedroom and slams her into his big bouncy bed. Then he pounces on her like a starving wolf.