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After a good sleep, it is early in the morning. Nina Morrison is dazed between the awake and asleep when she hears a cautious knock on the door, "Daddy..."

It's Nelson! Nina Morrison sits up with a bounce. She wakes up Lucien Gray, "Get up and get dressed, Nelson is coming!"

Lucien Gray has a good sleep last night and is sleeping soundly. He rolls over, holds Nina Morrison in his arms, and calls to the door, "Nelson, good boy, would you go back and sleep more? Mommy and daddy haven't gotten up yet."

Mommy and daddy, why do these titles sound so comfortable? Nina Morrison smiles and gives Lucien Gray a kiss on the forehead.

Being encouraged, Lucien Gray and kisses Nina Morrison on the cheek.

Nelson is still knocking at the door, banging relentlessly.

Lucien Gray just wants to send this little devil away and enjoys the sweetness in the conjugal bed, so he advises Nelson, "Nelson, daddy is still not up, it is not polite for you to come here so early!"

The voice of the little person takes a bit of grievance, and says loudly out of the door, " I am not coming for you! I've come for mommy!"

Ahaha! Watching Lucien Gray's jaw dropping and being speechless, Nina Morrison puffs out a laugh. Good son, he is really cool and dominant kind!

She pushes Lucien Gray away quickly, puts on the bathrobe, and stares at him with a smile, "you don't dress? I'm going to open the door!"

Lucien Gray abandons this thought and wraps the quilt up, "Whatever!"

Nina Morrison glares at him, "How awkward would it be if Nelson finds out! Get dressed!"

Lucien Gray angrily opens the quilt and wraps again quickly, "Why it should awkward? How lovely it is!"

After a quick glance, Nina Morrison has seen something that looks like an angry king kong. Her face flushes into red, "Pervert!"

Lucien Gray stares at her scornfully, "Don't you know that for a normal man, he would have morning wood every morning?"

Nina Morrison throws a soft pillow in his face, "You have no face. Don't talk nonsense when Nelson comes in."

Nelson is still standing outside the door, screaming for mommy, and there is a cry in his voice. Nina Morrison opens the door heartbreakingly. The tiny person stands at the door. A patch covers her eyes, but it is unable to cover the disappointed look on her face.

Nina Morrison feels sorry. She squats down and picks Nelson up, "Baby, I'm sorry, mommy takes so long. Will Nelson not be angry?"

Nelson nods adorably. He hugs Nina Morrison around the neck, and begs in his sweet waxy voice, "Mommy, I want to sleep with you."

Nina Morrison looks at Lucien Gray in bed. She hesitates and then nods, "OK, mommy will sleep with Nelson."

Putting Nelson on the other of the bed and lying in the middle between him and Lucien Gray, Nina Morrison kicks Lucien Gray on the waist, hinting him to get dressed.

"Mommy!" Nelson lies in Nina Morrison's arms with a milky-smell little body. He turns to her and calls her gently.

"Baby?" Nina Morrison bends down and kisses him.

"Mommy!" Nelson calls again.

Nina Morrison suddenly realizes that Nelson doesn't have anything to say to her, he just wants to call her and feel her presence.

Her eyes moisten a little. Nina Morrison responds softly, "Baby..."

"Mommy!" Nelson keeps calling Nina Morrison. After getting Nina Morrison's response again and again, Nelson spreads a bright smile on his little face. His white little teeth, with pink lips, are so sweet that make her heart melting.

Lucien Gray, lying aside, is also touched by the warm interaction between the mother and son. He stretches out and folds both of them into his arms.

Nelson squirms and pushes Lucien Gray's arm away, "Smelly daddy! I want mommy!"

Then he leans closer into Nina Morrison's arms to avoid being touched by Lucien Gray.

"You little weirdo! Have your mommy and abandon me!" Lucien Gray hits Nelson on his forehead slightly, feeling frustrated and speechless.

Nina Morrison's eyes smile into a crescent moon. She also pushes Lucien Gray away, and guards Nelson like a hen guarding a chick, "Lucien Gray, you've been evicted from us. Why don't you sleep in the guest room?"

"What?" Lucien Gray yells, "Nina Morrison, you also betray me?"

"Of course! Nelson is cuter than you! More fragrant than you!' Nina Morrison sniffs the sweet milk scent of Nelson and replies Lucien Gray with satisfaction.

Lucien Gray starts to get naughty, pushing Nina Morrison using the thing between his legs, threatening as he does so, "Really? Nina Morrison, are you sure you want to betray me?"

Nina Morrison is shocked. Nelson can't see now. Lucien Gray isn't really so animal and wants to do that in front of their kid?"

She swirls away from him, "Your majesty, I was wrong! I dare not again! I will always be loyal to you!"

Lucien Gray is just trying to make fun of her, but after some moves, he can't help himself. Hearing Nina Morrison's words, he leans over on her and kisses deeply on her lips, "Beg for mercy so soon, you little thing?"

Before Lucien Gray finishes his sentence, Nelson punches him in the back, "Don't bully mommy!"