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After the lesson, Zhao Yanyan and I were kept back by the geezer to inform us about the benefits of entering the competition, stuff like improving one's self etc. Most importantly if we received a place in the finals, then it would add marks in the National Matriculation Examination. I was fine with what he said, but Zhao Yanyan was completely tricked by his words, and nodded in agreement.

"No one's picking me up today," Zhao Yanyan said quietly when we went down the stairs.

After hearing that, a flower bloomed in my heart, if I didn't have memories from my previous life then I might not have understood the underlying meaning, but if I still couldn't understand it now, then I'm an idiot.

"I'll send you back," I replied deliberately in a casual tone.

Zhao Yanyan blushed after hearing so and didn't make a sound, but didn't refuse either.

Thus, the two of us walked side by side to the bus station without speaking. Finally, I was the one who broke the silence and asked her, "What bus are you taking?"

"Bus 6," Zhao Yanyan replied quietly.

It might be due to it being her first time being with a boy, so Zhao Yanyan appeared to be very nervous. So I said, "Let me tell you a joke."

I saw it on the Internet in my previous life that when two people are together, if one doesn't say anything then the other person will have to continuously find topics to talk about, and the most effective way to close the distance between two people is through jokes, as long as the atmosphere become more lively, then the relationship between the two will improve.

Zhao Yanyan nodded.

Therefore I begun, "A bear and a rabbit pooped in the forest, the bear asked the rabbit, 'Doesn't it matter if the poop sticks onto the fur?' The rabbit replied, 'It doesn't matter.' Thus the bear used the rabbit to wipe his ass."

Hearing that, Zhao Yanyan covered her mouth, and wanted to laugh, yet tried to hold it in, causing her face to go bright red. After a while, she finally calmed down and said to me, "Where did you hear this joke, it's so disgusting."

"If it's so disgusting, then why did you laugh so hard?" I retorted.

"Who laughed, I didn't laugh at all," Zhao Yanyan replied calmly.

I reached over to her armpits and started tickling her, then said, "You're still not admitting it, let's see if you're laughing now!"

Zhao Yanyan quickly dodged to one side, but how could she escape my five finger mountain, she was immediately caught. I caused her to laugh loudly and unrestrictedly.

Suddenly Zhao Yanyan stopped laughing, and looking at me with bright red cheeks, after withstanding my assault for a while, she said quietly, "Move it away quickly!"

"What?" I was really confused. Right afterwards, I felt my right hand grabbing something really soft. What was it? I squeezed it subconsciously.

"Aya, you're still squeezing!" Zhao Yanyan shouted angrily.

I finally understood, my right hand, was right on top of the softness in front of Zhao Yanyan's chest, she surprisingly didn't wear a bra… I took my hands off it while laughing dryly.

All of a sudden, both of us felt really awkward, neither of us spoke. A Bus 6 stopped by the two of us, then drove off.

After a long time passed, I asked, "Are you angry?"

Zhao Yanyan shook her head.

"Sorry, I really didn't do it on purpose," I said.

Zhao Yanyan nodded, then said quietly, "I know."

(Passerby A: He definitely did it on purpose, I can be the witness!)

(Passerby B: This young man doesn't look that dirty, but it's hard to know what people thinks, who knows what he's really thinking.(

It looks like she's not angry! I said happily to myself. Now, should I follow up this victory, or should I take it slow? The two ideas fought fiercely in my mind.

Zhao Yanyan didn't know I was hesitating about what to do, seeing my changing expression, she thought I didn't believe her, so she lightly grabbed my hand and said, "Liu Lei, I'm really not angry, really. If you don't believe -- don't believe me then touch it again." She pressed my hands against her chest immediately after she finished.

I wouldn't have imagined Zhao Yanyan making such a bold move even in my dreams, it can't be that this chick actually cares about me that much can it? But I still took my hands away quickly, although I really wanted to continue to touch, if I continued like that then I would really become a pervert, this was the street after all.

Zhao Yanyan also felt that her actions just now were too much in her heart, it's all bad guy Liu Lei's fault, I actually did that kind of embarrassing things when my head heated up, would he think that I'm really loose?

I quickly said to Zhao Yanyan, "Yanyan, it's all my fault. How about I tell you another joke?" I deliberately didn't say the Zhao character.

It seemed like Zhao Yanyan didn't dislike me calling her that, and pouted, "I don't want to her your disgusting jokes."

"Then I'll tell one that's not disgusting," I replied.

"Then okay, tell another one."

Therefore I said, "There was once a fool, he would always reply with "no" whenever he was asked something. When asked have he eaten? He would answer no When asked have he slept He would also answer no." I deliberately paused here, then suddenly asked, "Ay~ Oh yeah, have you heard this joke before?"

"No," Zhao Yanyan replied while shaking her head. Then she suddenly noticed, and little fists rained down upon me, while she said angrily, "Liu Lei, you're so mean! You called me a fool!"

Within a Hongqi car far away, a middle-aged man in his thirties hurriedly took out a Motorola GC87C mobile, this is the first G series phone within Huaxia, and not many people could afford it. In 1994, this phone was a symbol of status.

The middle-aged man dialed a number, "Director Zhao, I arrived at Shao Nian Gong."

The person called Director Zhao on the other end of the call asked, "Old Gao, have you seen Yanyan?"

Old Gao replied, "I do see xiaojie, but xiaojie is with a boy."

Director Zhao asked, "Old Gao, didn't you say Yanyan don't care about her male classmates at school? There isn't any need to worry, aren't they just chatting?"

Old Gao replied, "But-but Director Zhao, this is different, they seem really close!"

Director Zhao asked surprisingly, "Close? Close how?"

Old Gao replied, "I see xiaojie -- xiaojie grabbed the boy's hand and placed it -- placed it --"

Director Zhao said in annoyance, "What is it, spit it out!"

Old Gao restructured what he was going to say for a while, then finally made the determination to say it, "On her boobs!"

Director Zhao didn't understand, and asked, "What are you saying? What boobs! How many times did I tell you to say things more elegantly, but you just won't change --" Then Director Zhao immediately reacted, and shouted, "Old Gao, what did you say? Yanyan let that guy touch her boobs???"

Old Gao immediately said, "Yes, I say it with my own eyes."

Director Zhao stayed silent for a quite a while on the other end of the call, then finally said, "Never mind, Old Gao, don't disturb them for now, follow them. Then report to me afterwards."