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At that time, Zhao Yanyan and I didn't know the two of us were followed.

On bus 6, Zhao Yanyan and I sat side by side on the last row.

"How about watching a movie together later?" I suggested.

"No, if I go home late, grandpa's gonna scold me," Zhao Yanyan said quietly.

"Just say you are going to enter the national competition, so the teacher got you to stay behind for private tutoring," I helped her come up with a plan.

"But-but I can't lie to grandpa!" Zhao Yanyan said hesitantly.

I saw the chick's hesitation, it seems like it wasn't impossible. So I pretended like I was annoyed, "So you don't like to be together with me."

Zhao Yanyan immediately fell for the trap, and said with determination, "Okay, let's watch a movie."

Zhao Yanyan and I got off at the City Children Theatre. We could see a gigantic poster of Andy Lau at the entrance of the theatre, the Andy Lau's classic movie "Heaven and Earth" was being aired, and it was because of this movie that the closing song "Wang Qing Shui" became known throughout the country.

Coincidentally, this movie was also one that I liked, I went to the cashier, and took out the remaining 5 kuai note I had left, "Two student tickets!"

The cashier pointed to the ticket stubs on the table, "The normal tickets are sold out, there's only tickets for couples seats left, twenty kuai per set, do you want it or not?"

Twenty… are they trying to rob us? How's it so expensive! I swore in my heart. However, I can't even buy a single ticket with the amount of money I have on me.

Zhao Yanyan probably saw my awkwardness, and took out a small purse from her backpack, and from it a fifty yuan note that she handed over.

I took a quite glance at Zhao Yanyan's purse, there was at least a hundred kuai note inside. It wasn't merely surprising anymore, this chick's family isn't just a little bit rich, bringing more than a hundred kuai when she goes out, and isn't scared of getting robbed. However, I ignored a detail, and that's Zhao Yanyan would be driven when she goes out, today was just an exception.

Zhao Yanyan placed the change back into her purse, then took the tickets and entered the theatre with me.

The couple seats were on the second floor, it is actually a small room blocked off on both sides, furthermore our seats were also on the innermost side, so nobody will pass by. Hehe, this was completely separated form the world! My mind started imagine things.

Zhao Yanyan neatly sat on one side. The movie hadn't start yet, and a trailer of sorts was being shown, it seemed like the two of us arrived at the right time.

I deliberately sat really close to Zhao Yanyan, she wanted to move away a little bit, but then noticed that unfortunately the other side of her was the wall. I intentionally and unintentionally made contact with her body at times, although I couldn't see the chick's expression, I could clearly notice that her breathing rate hastened.

The movie begun, the two of us focused on the movie. Zhao Yanyan was truly focused on the movie, I was pretending. I had seen the movie a lot of times in my previous life, and with a beauty on the side, I didn't feel like watching the movie.

As I watched the movie, my heart was counting the progress of the plot. Zhao Yanyan also calmed down a lot, and didn't seem as nervous as before, and allowed our bodies to stick really close to each other.

Seeing that the time was right, I lightly took Zhao Yanyan's hands in mine. At the split second that my hands touched her's, Zhao Yanyan's body shuddered. She turned around to look at me, and saw that I was still ignorantly watching the movie, as if nothing was going on. Zhao Yanyan frowned, and struggled a little, then allowed me to hold her hand after a light sigh.

Perhaps it isn't on purpose, Zhao Yanyan comforted herself in her heart,

The movie was right at the point where Andy Lau was fighting with the drug lords, the scene was really intense. When Andy Lau was hit onto the floor and was about to die, the entire theatre sobbed, Zhao Yanyan also unconsciously tightened her grip on my hand.

A faint smirk as if my ploy succeeded flashed across my face, hehe, I did plan for this scene.

Zhao Yanyan and I held our hands together until the gun shot rang out, when Andy Lau fell onto the floor, and the song "Wang Qing Shui" started playing, and the movie ended. Zhao Yanyan was sobbing uncontrollably like a lot of the other girls.

I took this chance to take Zhao Yanyan into my eyes, and gently stroked her hair and back. The softness in front of Zhao Yanyan's thin shirt pressed onto my body. This is essentially seduction, I was scared that I wouldn't be able to control myself…

Suddenly, Zhao Yanyan raised her head, and looked at me with her tearful eyes, and asked slowly, "Liu Lei, I'm so scared, do you think human life is really so fragile?"

I didn't know what she meant, so I nodded.

Zhao Yanyan bit her lips, as if making a huge decision, and said in a quivering voice, "Liu Lei, I like you! Don't leave me okay?"

I was momentarily shocked, I didn't think a girl like Zhao Yanyan would actually say this first, even though I had already confirmed that she had good feelings for me.

I held Zhao Yanyan tightly, and whispered into her ears, "Me too!"

Hearing that, Zhao Yanyan didn't have anything holding her back anymore, and stayed in my arms with a face full of happiness.

After a while, Zhao Yanyan said to me, "You didn't promise me yet."

"Promise you what?" I asked in confusion.

"Don't leave me no matter what happens. After seeing that movie, my heart started to panic, I felt that human life is really fragile. I keep feeling like you'll leave me one day, really, Liu Lei, that feeling became really intense just now, I'm so scared! Promise me okay?" Zhao Yanyan said as her tears started flowing again.

I couldn't help but admire a woman's intuition, she was right, if history doesn't change, then I would die in an accident when I attend Zhao Yanyan's wedding when I'm thirty-one. However, this life was different, I have been reborn, fate was grasped in my own hands. Furthermore, I guess that a lot of the xiaogui also knew that old bro Yama was backing me up, they probably didn't even dare to wish for my death. Speaking of old bro Yama, I haven't contacted him for a while, I should call him when I have time, I do kind of miss him. Of course, this was only mentally, I don't want to see him so soon.