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Smith found a small hilltop.

The trees here were green and lush, but compared to the three main peaks, this hill is not a small one.


Taking a deep breath, Smith inserted The Imperial Palace sword on his back, and then scratched his fingers, dropped some blood on it and here it is, the spirit, naturally wanted to recognize the Lord.

Soon, the blood was integrated into the sword.

However, Sword immediately trembled, and there was a flash of light, and then a huge amount of information strongly invaded into his mind.


Sudden tingling in the brain caused Smith to cling to his head and his voice became low. However, the pain came and went quickly. After some time, Smith licked his head, the blue veins on his forehead slowly dispersed, and his dizzy eyes also became clear but on his face, there was ecstasy that could not be suppressed.

"The wild exercise." Smith felt a sudden shortness of breath.

He was so ecstatic because there is a secret hidden in that sword and the sword recognizes his blood as owner. His blood triggered the seal in the imperial palace sword and released the secret technique called the wild exercise.

"It’s really a treasure." He was full of excitement. Smith hurriedly sat on the floor, quietly understanding the mystery of the secret. Through enlightenment, Smith discovered that the wild smelt was a secret technique of quenching the flesh.

“The bones are refined, the veins are reinforced, the blood is burned, and the skin is smashed.”

Smith never felt that in his entire life. When he spoke his heart splashed that represents the power of the wild exercise.

Yes, this is the wild exercise. Calcination in every inch of human skin, every bone, and every vein. It is a way to thoroughly practice the body. The pain caused by the practice of this mystery is no less than that caused by torture.

"This is the secret method created by some crazy person." Smith opened his eyes; he was stunned tongue-tied, this “the wild exercise” technique, was absolutely overbearing.

However, after the tongue, Smith’s eyes also showed a fiery light.

Although an ordinary person cannot withstand the pain of the wild exercise, the benefits obtained after the refining of the body were also extremely horrible. By practicing this technique, you can make the body of King Kong and push the mountains and seas.

Moreover, this technique is not everyone’s cup of tea and the practicing person needs to have a fire.

Smith realized that the wild exercise was perfect for him, and it has a specific black order. He had a strong flame and a unique condition in his body.

"Since God has given me this skill, naturally it will not harm me." Smith thought, and decided to practice the wild exercise.

Took a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes. After a quarter of an hour of sighing and comprehending, he secretly operated the wild exercise technique.


Once the secret method is in operation, the sound of skeletal collision heard in Smith's body, and Danhai spiritual fire started burning all over the body.


The sudden pain made him roar.

Oh! Oh! Oh!

Soon, such sounds continued, Smith was under severe pain he felt that 720 acupuncture points of his body have been broken, acupuncture points have been strongly smashed opened, and then eight veins with the continuation of the bone refining also have been opened up.


Smith cracked his teeth and roared. Every muscle and bone, every inch of skin, seemed to tear. The pain almost made him faint.

Click! Click!

The interception of the bones begins to crack, and then slowly breaks after cracking so that the bones continue to break and follow a breaking cycle.

Blue veins were exposed on Smith’s forehead. His dark eyes were bloodshot all over. It seemed like a thousand steel needles were stabbing his whole body.

Three hours later, he fell down on the ground by losing all his strength.

For the first, he practiced this technique he almost lost his life. He managed to move after a week.

"It's a game of life!" Smith was breathing heavily, sweating heavily and his face was bleak.

Although his eyes were still full of ecstasy and excitement.

He understands that practicing is not a matter of time. It is an exercise that requires endless time. It is a very difficult road to live in the throes of pain.

Strongly supporting the body to sit up again, Smith began to look inside his body.

Without doubt, by practicing this technique, his rough bones have already fallen off, become smooth and tough, and there is a golden glow on the bones. It seemed to be very strange.

There were black impurities on the surface of the body, which were excrements from the exercise of the body, and also there were bursts of a stench.

The breeze blew in through the gaps between the cracks, and Smith felt refreshed all over.

Then, the thin aura between the heavens and the earth began to gather, and the acupuncture points and pores of his whole body followed the big circle, swallowing the influx of heaven and earth, helping him nourish the bones and veins and healing the minor defects on the surface.

Practicing this technique made Smith very greedy, swallowing the spirit of heaven and earth, the whole body's pain gradually disappeared in the swirl of heaven and earth aura, just like bathed in warm sunshine in cold winter months.

"Hard work is not in vain." Smith gently holds his fist and clearly feels that his body has become strong.

At this moment, not only vision, hearing, speed, and strength have been improved, but also every corner of the body, there is a strange force overflowing, which makes him more energetic.

After a long time, Smith turned over and jumped up.

He took out the jade spirit liquid from his bosom and poured the whole bottle of jade spirit liquid into his mouth with his head up.

At this moment, if someone is here, it must be stopped, because jade sprit liquid is a collection of the essence of many spiritual grasses, contains a great essence, caution should be taken while consuming this drink, a whole bottle can break Dantian.

However, such worries are totally negligible for Smith.

With the fact that Smith has Danhai instead of Dantian so his capacity was also large, it’s not the matter of one bottle of jade spirit liquid, even if consumed 180 bottles also cannot break his Danhai.

After consuming the spirited liquid, Smith felt as if there was a fresh spring flowing all over the body meridians, cool and comfortable, nourishing the pain of the meridian skeleton, it was rapidly dissipated and whole body was exhausted.

At this moment, Smith began to realize a problem, that is, such a huge Danhai capacity.

Danhai's capacity is far from comparable to Dantian's, but it means that its advancement speed is also slow.

"He doesn't know if it's a blessing or a curse to open up the Danhai at this moment."

Three hours later, Smith catches up his breath and jumped on a rock. He looked up at the stars with his hands on his back and felt sad.

Yesterday, He was abandoned and driven out from Zhengyang Sect. He was homeless. By chance, He has got the spiritual fire and was taken to Hengyue Sect. He luckily became a disciple of Hengyue sect and that’s all made him feel like a dream.

"Is it fortune?"Smith sighed softly but could not hide the irony in his eyes.

After tidying up his mind. He began to think about the next practice. Danhai's large capacity has brought him many benefits, but it also brings many drawbacks, that is, it is too difficult to advance. Although interns can get a bottle of jade spirit liquid from the sect every month, for his large stomach, that one bottle of spirited liquid is simply not enough.

In this way, it is necessary to make great efforts and normal practice cannot be sufficient for Danhai.

Smith thought about tasks given by the sect.

However, the tasks given by the sect have generous rewards that motivate followers to do more practice. In the case of Zhengyang sect, He also frequently receives tasks and is the same as compared to Hengyue Sect.

With a thought in his mind, Smith slowly closed his eyes and embraced his sword. Soon afterward, he fell asleep.