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The next day, there was a bright morning in Hengyue Sect.

Smith walked down the hillside and move towards the task chamber.

His arrival has attracted many people's attention on the one hand because of Smith's new face, on the other hand, because of Smith’s level of concentration and the imperial palace sword carried by him.

"First level concentration, talent is too bad." As soon as he came in, disciples of Hengyue looked at Smith disdainfully.

"I also choose the imperial palace sword as a spiritual tool. I'm really full of food."

"There's a serious suspicion that flooded his mind."

Smith didn't care about other people's comments at all. He stared at the stone tablets erected in the task chamber, which were covered with small jade cards. Each jade card represented a task. From low to high, the task became more and more difficult.

"With Danhai, physical support and real fire protection, I have enough strength to face the monsters under the fifth level of concentration."

While looking at each task on the stone tablet, Smith was also secretly assessing his own strength.

Finally, his eyes finally fell on a jade medal, which is a relatively lower task, within the scope of his ability, "blood wolf."

Blood Wolf, Smith has seen in the collection of a monster and beast spectrum, extremely ferocious, strength equivalent to the human monk's third level concentration has a ferocious body, the general concentration level is unable to break through his defense, the general monk was unwilling to provoke it.

"Here it is." Smith just wanted to reach for the jade medal, but another white palm was faster than him to take it away.

"Blood wolf task, William got it." The quiet laughter is very clear in Smith's ear with provocation and abuse in his words.

Smith's subconscious mind saw a man dressed in purple clothes beside him. He was handsome and graceful. His black hair was thick and dense, like a waterfall flowing, but his lips were hung with the kind of playful smile that made him extremely disgusted.

"What? Are you not convinced?"The follower William raised his chin so high that he even looked at Smith obliquely.

"The other fellow took it away." Smith was too lazy to argue with him. He once again placed his eyes on the stone tablet and looked for other tasks. Finally, he saw another task related to the blood wolf, which was also the killing of monsters and beasts.

Just as he was about to reach for it, William took the jade medal off one step before him.

"I took the task." William's abusive laughter resounded again, saying that he also looked at smith with provocation in his eyes.

Smith glanced at William and bears it patiently.

His eyes were again on the stone tablet, and he was again looking for a task, but as before, he was just about to pick it up, and a white palm was one step ahead of him.

"This task is mine too." William was still the one who shot, with his chin raised high and provocative.

Smith frowned, he saw it out. William didn't come to pick up the task. Instead, he came to pick a fight. Otherwise, so many disciples came to the task. But William was only snatching the task of Smith.

"Hey brother, I have nothing to do with you. Why are you messing with me?"Smith gazed at William.

Smith thought that when he first came to Hengyue sect, He will keep a low pitch and he would never take initiative to make trouble, but that did not mean that he was afraid of things. William, who was in front of him, was obviously directed at him. Smith naturally didn’t accept this kind of trouble-making people.

"No relationship, hum and hum…" William snorted, "You hit my little brother and how dare you say you have nothing to do with me? How dare you be? You dare to bully my younger brother. It's really a long time.

As soon as this word comes out, Smith is quite clear.

He had roughly guessed, who William’s younger brother is, and he really had no idea of anyone else except the Jack he beat yesterday.

In this way, William came to help Jack, the person with William is their youngest brother, compared to Jack, William is stronger, but he is even more arrogant than Jack.

Suddenly, William's hand was on Smith's shoulder.

Immediately, a vital energy was poured into Smith's body, and it was rushing randomly in his body.

Smith's eyebrows were wrinkled, but they were calm and relative. Danhai's vital energy surged out, and William's vital energy was pushed out.

Vital energy was pushed out. Although William was somewhat surprised, his playful was even better. "Boy, you are really underestimated."

"He's the first to start, and he can't blame me." Smith looked indifferent, he could collapse Jack, and he would never be afraid of William, because William’s concentration is also under the fifth level, if he really opens arms, He will not lose.

"Good, very good." William applauded, "I like your strength, you are a hardworking person."

Saying this, there is a vital energy floating on his body, and he gave a blow towards Smith.

Seeing the situation, Smith has not shown the weakness. He got an idea and Danhai's vital energy rushes out.

The two men were full of aggression and immediately attracted a crowd of disciples around them.

"There is a fight!"

"With first level concentration, this kid dares to fight with William, He is crazy!"

"Do you guys want to revolt?" A strict shout came from inside, and the elder in charge of the task chamber came out, full of dignity. "This is the task chamber. You are not allowed to act wildly here, get lost from here if you want to fight!"

With the elder's deterrence, William certainly dared not make a second attempt. Even Smith obediently accepted vital energy.

"Sooner or later, boy, I'll settle accounts with you."William left with a cold smile, still did not forget the fierce and intimidating Smith.

"I'll wait." Light words from the mouth spit out, Smith eyes flashed a cold light, turned around again, glanced at the stone tablet, from above to pick a jade card, that is the task of killing Fire-wolves, the level is not very high.

Task card was accepted, and Smith left the task chamber, but he knew that in the next few days, it would be difficult to practice quietly.

Out of the Task chamber, Smith went straight down the hill.

On the way to Xiaoling Garden, Smith went in to see Martin.

"It's you who make me feel warm again and let me know that I still have people to guard." With a smile on his lips, Smith stepped down and let him have a better vision for the new beginning. He needs to work hard for this vision and protect the people he wants to protect.

More than a dozen miles away, there is a forest of monsters and beasts and Hengyue sect task of killing monsters and beasts is mostly directed at this location.

Simply identifying a direction, Smith tightened the rope tied to his sword and headed to the monster forest.

One hour later, in front of a dense mountain forest, Smith gasped and breathed down. The forest of the beasts was vast, luxuriant, and it was full of ancient trees.

"Work." Smith took a strong breath and stepped into the monster forest.