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Smith had just stepped into the monster forest when he heard the roar of the monster.

The spirit is highly concentrated, and Smith moves cautiously towards the depths. There is always a danger of losing one’s life in that forest. So he had to take every step with utmost care.

After half an hour, Smith stopped on a rock.

Standing on a high place, Smith looked around with tiny eyes and was attracted by a shining primrose on the rock wall not so far.

The grass is full of purple light and lingering spirits. He is very familiar with that herb. After taking it, it has a good effect on stabilizing the mind and eliminating miscellaneous thoughts. It is a rare panacea.

"Good luck," Smith muttered, but did not start immediately. From his experience, He already knows that there must be monsters and beasts in any land with spiritual grasses.

Sure enough, when Smith looked around, in the lush mountains and forests, there was a rustling sound, followed by bloody and tyrannical air, and then, even the earth trembled violently.

Suddenly, Smith's eyes narrowed slightly.

Very soon, the luxuriant forests were pouring towards both sides, and a huge monster came out. It was full of one foot, burning purple flames all over the body, and a huge red-eye pupil was full of tyranny and bloodthirsty.

"Fire-wolf." When he saw the huge monster, there was a sneer revealed from the corner of his mouth. "I am looking for you."


On the other side, the wolf was screaming, and his wide mouth was open, spurting the purple flame.

In response, Smith jumped out of the rock at his foot tips in an instant, then suddenly turned around with a rebound. The golden sword that had already condensed came out, and the target was pointed directly at the eye of the Fire-Wolf.

He has killed Fire-Wolves more than once. He knows that Fire-Wolves have strong flesh and strong flame, but their weakness is their eyes. To deal with this kind of monster with thick flesh and the ability to control the fire, one must hit their eyes.


The golden sword sounded and pierced the air.

Puff! Puff!

With a spatter of blood, and a huge scream of the wolf and blood starts flowing from Wolf’s eye.


There is a depressing cold sound. Smith had already clasped his sword to the head of the wolf with his both hands. It was a heavy blow; the flesh of the wolf skull was smashed, and his sword was also blown in the air.

However, because of the heavy blow, the Fire-Wolf was knocked down and was not able to stand again.

Wolf was injured and Smith attacked!

Smith knows this very well. He can kill the wolf in three or two steps. Vital energy gathers in his palms and thunder and lightning rips between his fingers.


With Smith's loud shout, his empty hand firmly clapped on the head of the fire wolf.


The fire wolf's head burst open on the spot, stinky blood splashed out immediately, wolf’s huge body fell down on the ground, Wolf has also surprised that, it was stumbled by a monk who is at level one concentration.


Smith took a long breath, but his tight body did not stretch at all. This is really unlike before, he only had level one concentration and limited strength. Although the war with Fire-Wolves was not long, but it was dangerous, He could become the lunch of Fire-Wolf with one careless step.

Without stopping, Smith opened the head of the wolf and picked out a small bloody stone.

The little stone was very irregular, its surface was pitted and hollow, and at the moment there was still stinking blood dripping.

This is the beast constituent of the bleeding wolf.

As for the beast constituent, it is the essence of the beast and the most precious part of the beast. The monk kills the beast mostly for the beast constituent. The beast constituent contains too much essence. The monk takes it, which is of great benefit for practice.

"Mission accomplished." Smith wiped the bloodstains on the beast and stuffed them into his arms. He never thought that the task would be completed so soon.

Uh huh?

There was a sharp wrinkle in the eyebrows and a cold tingling pain in the back.

With a thought in his mind, Smith suddenly turned around.

But his speed is still slow, three silver needles have pierced the air. He tried his best to escape, but he was still in the middle of his move when three silver needles were inserted into his arm one after another. These silver needles contain poison. His eyes became dizzy and in no time his whole arm became black.

"He was targeted by sneak attack." A mouthful of blood was spitting out, Smith covered his arm and was looking coldly at the lush jungle.

"Boy, good sense!" Smiling voice came from the jungle.

At the next moment, a humpbacked old man in grey clothes came out, leaning on a crutch, pockmarked face and wrinkled skin, all of which was about to pile up. His eyes were very deep, and his bloody red.

Eyes were more like a snake. That was extremely suffocating. At first glance, he seemed to be a wicked person who specializes in killing people.

"Let's hand it over! Give you a whole body, or I will make you feel better than death." The old man smiled and showed his yellow teeth.

"I am a person with first level concentration, what kind of treasure can I have?" Smith gave a cold cry and his eyes began to feel dizzy.

On his arm, the poison contained in the three poisonous needles was spreading very fast. It was not long before most of his meridians and bones were corroded, and vital energy also could not help it.

"You look very disobedient!" The old man grinned fiercely and slowly approached, with Black Mist lingering in his palm.

He met with an unexpected failure.

Smith hated tooth itch. In front of this hunchback old man, he saw that old man was a master of poison, and also achieved first level Hidden Power. Smith admitted that even if he had not poisoned, he could not do this thing.

However, at this moment, the gold fire of the Danhai Sea shook and broke into dozens of channels which fled into Smith’s meridians and bones, and the toxins were strongly refined by it.

"Can it be refined?" Smith was a little surprised when he looked inside his body in a hurry.

However, although the poison was refined, he remained motionless.

The reason why he stayed in place was that he was preparing to give the old man a thunderbolt when his defense was lax, so as to be absolutely repressed. If he fought in the front, he would think he had no chance of winning.

However, if you suddenly give it a shot, it's hard to say.

"Little boy don't blame Grandpa." The old man came, his eyes were full of evil light, clearly a great evil person, but he must have to show a kind of compassion.

"I don't blame you." The cold light suddenly appeared, and a sneer appeared at the corner of Smith's mouth.

In response, there is a wrinkle on the old man’s eyebrows.


With a sudden shout, the static Smith rushed out.

"You are unexpected." The old man was startled and wanted to escape, but such a short distance and Smith's quick start made him unable to respond at all, and he was firmly attacked on his chest by Smith’s thunderbolt.

The old man was really shocked.

How could he have imagined that Smith could get rid of the poison in such a short period of time, and even put on such a Jedi counterattack for him?


After a hit, Smith cheered again.

The hunchbacked old man who had not yet stood firm had no time to defend himself, but he was still thrown back by Smith's attack.

Smith was pouring vital energy. He did not give him any breathing time. Just like a beast attacking its prey.

During this period, the hunchbacked old man tried several times to make a move, but Smith did not give him any reaction time.


With the usual cold knife inserted into the chest of the hunchback old man, he lay down on his back and wanted to speak, but as soon as he opened his mouth, blood poured out, and there was terror in his eyes. He had never expected that he would be killed by a junior of first level concentration.

On the other side, Smith also swayed halfway on the ground.

It's the best time to use the thunder's palm one after another to exhaust his vital energy, but it's worth killing the old man who has achieved Hidden Power. He has never achieved such a brilliant achievement before.

Although he has relied on stealth attacked, he was proud of himself.

Without stopping, Smith got up, without any delay. He collected the old man's storage bag, carried it on his back, and rushed into the jungle. When he left, he did not forget to pick up the purple ginseng grass.