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He found a cave. Smith tried to climb in.

Soon, he took out the hunchback old man's storage bag.

Because of achieving Hidden Power, the hunchback old man's collection was also rich.

There was no time to look at other things. Smith grabbed several bottles of spiritual liquid and poured all of them into the belly. At the moment, Danhai dried up and continue to replenish the spiritual constituent, and this monster forest was full of danger and he has to remain on its peak.

Spiritual liquid flows into the body, such as a cool spring, and quickly spread throughout the body.

At the same time, the real fire of Danhai moved, helping Smith to refine the spiritual liquid into the body, and the vital energy quenched into the Danhai. Smith's pale face became ruddy at the speed visible to the naked eye.

After a long time, Smith's Danhai was filled once again, and its golden waves were just like an ocean.

However, he still failed to attain the second level concentration.

"It's really hard to advance." He clapped his tongue secretly and opened his eyes.

Although there was no progress, but these bottles of spiritual liquid have their own effect, Smith clearly felt that his strength was increased.


With a sigh, Smith once again looked at the hunchback old man's storage bag.

There is great quantity of the spiritual liquid needed for the advancement to a higher level, only three or four bottles were left in the storage bag. The rest was the currency of the monks: Spirited stone, whose worth was about more than 100 dollars.

In addition to these, it was a heap of evil poisons, piled up dozens of bottles, watching the leaf Smith constantly clicked on the tongue.

"It can be used." Smith did not destroy these poisons so that he could use them later.

After a while of searching, all that remained in the storage bag was a pile of low-level spiritual tools. There was nothing useful until he saw an ancient book with a yellowish color. He could see the two big words above: Beast’s Anger.

"Black Art." Smith's eyes became bright, that is something he lacks the most.

Counting down, adding what he gained in Zhengyang sect and Hengyue sect, the most fundamental skills he acquired were imperial black art and the strong thunderbolt.

Control of vital energy is the most basic means of monks. It is okay to face ordinary enemies. If you encounter a strong enemy, you will not be able to use it. The power of the thunderbolt is not weak, but it is too expensive. So the main thing that Smith required was Black Art.

"What is it?" Smith thought and opened the book, He was very impatient to see Beast’s Anger.

After a detailed study, Smith found that the Beast's Anger is an introduction to a type of Black Art, more accurately, it is a fighting Black Art.

He was surprised to see that there were six articles about the Beast's Anger. But the first three articles were all about the cooperation of human body parts and how to make the most of its strength.

As for the last three articles, they were the real skills.

The reason why it is called Beast Anger is its relation with beasts.

The predecessors who created beast anger must be good at observing because the beast's anger originated from the beasts. They made a thorough understanding of the skills of the beast, such as throwing, catching and bumping, which imitated the beast and initiated the beast's anger.

Beasts fight mostly with primitive bodies.

Sometimes people should learn from them, legs, feet, hands, knees, these parts of the coordination, while maximizing the strength of close combat, coupled with its growing physical strength, will definitely have unexpected results.

"Mysterious, really mysterious." Smith couldn't stop himself from praising it while looking at it, his mood has been sublimated.

Monks practice too much reliance on the true spirit and too much pursuit of the magnificent form of black art, thus ignoring the most primitive fighting skills, most of the monks variant was not low but in a close fight, they create a great mess.

"The treasure has been found again." Smith laughed, patted the ground, turned over and jumped up. The practice of beast anger has been branded in his mind.

With a shout, Smith immediately punched and then turned back to sweep the leg, followed by a palm.

A set of movements was completed at one go.

Immediately, Smith's movements became faster and faster, sometimes like wolves pouncing on rabbits, sometimes like tigers soaring into the air, and sometimes like apes and monkeys jumping rapidly, the movements were strange, but included the actions of many different animals.

Smith did not use the vital energy, only used the limbs of the body, while the body continues to stretch, he understood the secret of Beast Anger.

This exercise took nine hours.

Until the night fell, Smith continued to sit on the ground and was sweating.

In the next few days, instead of returning to Hengyue sect, Smith carried out a hard practice of close combat.

During the day, he jumped out of the cave and fought against the powerful monsters and beasts. He was transformed into the actual battle. Every time he came out, he was covered with blood.

Stay until the night, then went to the mountain where the spirit was strong to nourish the body, and then he practices the wild exercise.

Smith surprised to find that the wild exercise gave him another power that he could heal all wounds in the body, and the speed of recovery was much faster than before.

Day and night replaced and the cycle of the moon and sun continued.

Over the past few days, Smith gradually realized the essence of beast anger. During fighting, physical strength has reached a new peak, so that he has a kind of self-confidence to have a high-level concentration.

In short, beast anger is a kind of creation.

It was another starry night, and Smith stretched his body and looked at the cave entrance, he has already been there from a few days, so he planned to leave the cave tonight.

Uh huh?

Just when he was about to jump into the forest, his eyebrows wrinkled and he looked up at the sky. There was a rainbow coming from the sky but when he came close he got to know that she was a white-dressed woman.

"Control the Rainbow Realm." Smith's heart quivered.

The realms of monks are as follows, The realm of concentration, The monk with the realm of Hidden power when wanted to fly, they need the spiritual beast for flying, The monks with the realm of Diversity needs flying sword to fly in the sky, those who have achieved Spiritual Emptiness can ride the rainbow, these are the monks with Control Rainbow Realm, they don’t need spiritual beast and flying sword to fly. They can control any method of flying.

The woman in white can fly in the sky, which shows that she has reached the realm of spiritual emptiness.

Smith, who was already shocked, looked at the face of the woman.


Smith became distracted for a moment.

The woman's clothes were swaying, white clothes were more beautiful than snow, silk dress was glowing, a unique face, very beautiful that makes people wonder, like a fairy landed on earth.

But the woman in white was not in good condition. As she passed through the void, her speed suddenly dropped and her glory almost disappeared.

"Being chased." Smith's eyes narrowed slightly, only to find that there were three people behind the woman in white, and each of them has Control Rainbow realm.

"Walking is the best policy." Smith realized that this place wasn't suitable for him.

But he had just moved his feet, and the woman in white fell to the void, and laid a beautiful arc in the air and fell impartially before him.


Blood spit out, the white-dressed woman glanced at Smith and turned to hide in the lush jungle. She became vanished, Smith stood here and could not feel any fluctuation of her.

Behind him, the three men came in an instant, a grey-haired old man, a middle-aged man in a python robe, and a young man in a white robe. The three men were so powerful that Smith almost crawled down.

"Boy, have you seen anybody pass by?" The young white robe man looked at Smith.

Smith was awe-inspired and did not dare to move at all. The whole body seemed to be transparent in the eyes of the young man in white robes.

"What do you say?" The middle-aged man in the purple robe gave a loud cry.

"Towards… in that direction."Smith pointed in a random direction because he wanted to let them go quickly.

"Don't let me find out you lied to me, or you'll die very badly."

"Catch up." The grey-haired old man ordered the three men to step into the void again. "She was badly injured. She could not run very far. If they could catch her, they definitely would be very happy."


After the three men left, Smith exhaled heavily, and the whole body seemed to lose its strength.

Very soon, the white lady in hiding came out in a blundering way. Her shape was extremely awkward. Her eyes were blurred, her face was as white as paper, and her breath was so weak that she even cannot walk properly.

A breeze blew, and the woman in white fell down.


Smith did not intend to take care of it, but at the moment when women were about to fall, Smith, held her.