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Hearing this, Oliver turned his head, looked at Smith with bright eyes like an idiot.

Smith glanced and realized the situation.

Smith Can't help but smile, he can't help scratching his head, feeling that he asked the wrong question.

The earth fire and the real fire were the flames of heaven and earth, but in terms of rank, the earth fire and the real fire were not alike. The earth fire can refine the jade spirit liquid, but real fire was more powerful than it.

"Elder, I'll take this jade spirit scroll." took the ancient jade scroll into his arms, and Smith immediately took out 20 pieces of spirit stones.

"Then keep watching and don't steal." After receiving spirited stones, Oliver said and walked away.

After Oliver left, Smith felt a little excited. He had a real fire and was qualified for refining jade spirit liquid. As long as he carefully understood the refining method, he would be able to refine jade spirit liquid.

For a moment, he seemed to have seen a bottle of jade liquid in front of him.

In a good mood, Smith just wants to turn around, but the real fire in his body vibrated a little.

"There are treasures." This was the first thought in Smith's mind. When he was in spiritual chamber, the real fire is his body vibrated, the sword recognized its lord that why he picked imperial palace sword, and then he obtained the art of wild exercise.

Since then, he has a guess, that is, the mysterious real fire in his body, has the ability to identify its treasure.

"If you can value it, it must be extraordinary."

Smith clapped his belly; his eyes were like torches, and swept through everything on the shelf until a purple and gold gourd came into his eyes, which makes the real fire vibrate.

"That’s the one." Locked the treasure, Smith strode across, holding the little gourd in his hand.

The small gourd was only the size of an adult palm. It was purple and golden. It was a bit shabby. It was not surprising that it was carved with several runes that you can't understand.

However, Smith knew that the real treasure can't be seen from its appearance. The appearance of the imperial sword was also not good, it was a heavy sword, but it contained the secret method of body training.


Gently pulled out the gourd plug, Smith closed his eyes and looked into the small gourd. However, he was surprised to find that there was a big space in the gourd. It was not a problem to install a dozen jars of water.

"You see it because of the large space in it?" Smith glanced at the real fire in Danhai.

The real fire seems to have spirituality and vibrated for a while.

"Trust you." Smith did not hesitate to look at the price marked on the bottom of the gourd, and the corner of his mouth suddenly pulled.

"one thousand three hundred stone."

"I can't afford to spend all my money!" Smith smacked his tongue, but the real fire vibrated.

"Little guy, do you like this little gourd?" Oliver was a kind of owner; who appear and disappear mysteriously. He appeared from behind and didn’t make any noise, which scared Smith.

Smith laughed and scratched his head with embarrassment. "Elder Oliver, can you make this little gourd cheaper?"

"That can't be done. The purple gold gourd has fix price. That is 1300 spirited stones. It's very cheap."

"Hmm!" Smith expressed regret over the matter.

Seeing Smith's embarrassment, Oliver began to speculate and asked, "how many spirited stones do you have?"

"One thousand one hundred."

"Short two hundred stones? You can take something else? "

Hearing this, Smith coughed and went towards Oliver, then took a small black bottle out of the storage bag.

"What is this." Oliver took over the small black bottle, then opened the cork, put it in front of his nose and sniffed it gently.

All of a sudden, Oliver was choked and hurriedly plugged the bottle.

This is a poison pill."Choked for a while, Oliver blew the beard to stare, "from where you got this."

"Take it." Smith touched the tip of his nose and gave Oliver small black bottle. It was from the hunchback old man. It was definitely the top grade of the poison. He really had nothing to take out. He could only use this bloodthirsty pill to fill it.

"Take this? I'm not fool. "

"Then I have only this bottle of bloodthirsty pills." Smith spread out his hands. "Elder, if you think it’s OK, then we can use this in replacement of 200 stones!"

"Young age, I don't want to be aggressive and clean up the evil things." Oliver’s gesture of teaching younger generation was just like that, but the little black bottle was put into his arms consciously.

“This bloodthirsty pill is too toxic. Let me have it! Give you that little purple and gold gourd in return. "

Hearing this, Smith couldn’t help but there was a twitch in his mouth. He felt that Oliver was very crafty. He obviously wants to rectify these useless ones. He seemed like he really suffered a great loss.

Although Smith was abusing him in mind, but still took out one thousand one hundred spirited stones.

"The purple gourd belongs to you."

"Thank you, elder."

Smith shoved the purple gold bottle gourd into his arms and walked out of the Marlboro chamber, fearing that Oliver would repent and rob him again.

After Smith had left, Oliver took out the small black bottle again.

"The bloodthirsty pill of the bloodthirsty hall, I made a good deal." Oliver held the small black bottle and laughed.

Back to the small hill, Smith sat on the stone with his knees crossed and took out the bottle gourd.

He cut his finger with a dagger, a little fresh blood dropped on it, and it was immediately absorbed.

However, Smith hoped that there was no secret skill or artistic conception hidden in the purple gold gourd, and was also disappointed.

"One thousand three hundred spirited stones!" Holding the little gourd of purple gold, Smith smacked his tongue, remembered that it cost him more than a thousand spirited stones, can't help but felt some pain in his flesh. "I invested all my money in buying you."


Secretly shook his head, and Smith stuffed the little gourd into the storage bag.

He didn’t notice that when the purple gold gourd was put into the storage bag, it flashed a purple halo, but Smith missed it.

After receiving the purple gold gourd, Smith took out the ancient jade scroll and studied it carefully.

After all, Smith has never touched the field of alchemy before. He spent nine hours repeatedly to understand it. He didn't put down the ancient scroll until he was familiar with the refining method of jade spirit liquid.

The process of refining jade spirit liquid was not very complicated, it needs more than ten kinds of spirited grass, but what makes him relaxed was that these spirited grass were not hard to find.

At this moment, the sun has set.

Smith looked at the sky, turned over and jumped, went back to the mountain behind Hengyue Sect.

Although the density of spirit in the back mountain of Hengyue sect was a little weak, it was also a good place for cultivating spirited grass. Most of the disciples of Hengyue sect came there to pick spirited grass.

According to the records of the ancient scroll of jade spirit, Smith shuttled through the lush forest of flowers and plants. Every time he saw the required spirited grass. He collected it in his bag. He almost collected his required quantity in an hour.

"Only snow jade orchid left." Counting the spirited grass picked, Smith found that the only thing missing was the snow jade orchid.

"This snow jade orchid was no better than other kinds of spirited grass, this place must have this!" Smith murmured and jumped in jungle again.

He was lucky enough to find snow jade orchid soon.

This kind of spirit grass was gentle, lingering spirit, white, like snow, and has a cool feeling.

He got the snow jade orchid, but didn't leave.

As he was first time refining the jade spirit liquid, the probability of failure was still very high, he needed to prepare more.

Soon, he saw more snow jade orchid.

"Good luck." Smith laughed, stepped on the rock, jumped forward, and took the snow jade orchid.

Just after landing, there was a discordant voice.

"That snow jade orchid is mine."

With voice, a beautiful shadow has come out of the flowers, reflecting the moonlight, making her extraordinarily bright, like a lotus.

That person, when he looked carefully, isn’t she Emma from Renyang Peak?