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"Sister Emma, what a coincidence!" Seeing Emma, Smith said this.

"Give me snow jade orchid."

"This one is mine. Sister needs it, find it yourself!"Smith tight fisted his ears, but he consciously stuffed the snow jade orchid in his arms.

"Be fool enough to reject a face-saving offer." Emma immediately put out his hand. White light lingered on the jade hand and clapped it with one hand.

"Are you always robbing other’s spirited grass with that confidence?" Smith glimmered, not stepped back but gave a punch.

The fists and palms were interlaced, and both of them were shaken back.

Emma made a cold snap and moved again. Her toes were on the ground. Her body was light and incomparable. A spirit sword has flown out of her sleeve, and she held it in her hand.

"The wind sings." With Emma's cold snap again, the spirit sword vibrated and the Spirit Light lingered. It was pointed out by her sword and pierced the air, but there was a sound of wind singing. It was really sharp.

In response, Smith's face was cold.

He didn't expect that Emma would use the mysterious skill of the secret method, and the move was the kill move. He was determined that if he didn't fight for defense, he would be pierced by a sword.

Immediately, he drew out the Imperial palace sword.


From the sound of metal collision, Imperial palace sword was buzzing and trembling, and Smith was also shaken back. The most important thing was that the Emma’s move was blocked, however there were wind blades scattered, and Smith's robes were cut, and one of them still had blood marks on the face.

"It's too heavy to kill. You can't get the right result."After a successful move, Emma came again with a move, sword cutting out the wind blade of the half-moon and cutting through the air.

"You are killing a follower for spirited grass. Emma, do you have real killing intension, or I have?"Smith was really angry. She really felt her killing intensions. Obviously, she was going to do that, but she just put on a decent and dignified posture.

Between the electric light and the fire stone, Smith stepped out, the real vital energy was infused into the imperial sword and the horizontal sword waved.


It's the sound of metal collision again. The two people were backed up by the dull hum of the anti earthquake.

Smith was so powerful that he had decided to teach Emma a lesson.

However, as soon as he stepped out, there was a strong wind in the slant.

"Hidden Power." Smith glimpsed.

For a moment, he punched in a hurry.

However, the secret man shot too fast, and he rushed, not fully gathered infuriating, so the sudden attack made him step back.

"It's so bold that even the people of Renyang Peak dare to move."

The sound was like the wind. There was a white shadow in the jungle. It was very fast. In a moment, he deceived Smith and waved the palm again.

In response, Smith hurriedly raises the imperial sword in front of him.


The man who did it clapped his hands on Imperial sword.

The horrible palm force shook Smith back again. Before he can stop his body, there was another palm attack on his stomach again.

Everything came too fast. It was not only his actual combat ability, but also his lack of reaction. The person who makes the move has Hidden Power. His strength was strong, coupled with the sneak attack, so he has no room to fight back.


When he stopped, Smith's blood gushed out, and he nearly fell down.

Smith can clearly saw the appearance of the person.

It was a young man in a white robe. He was graceful and showed gentle temperament, but his mouth was full of that disgusting smile.

"Brother George." Seeing the visitor, Emma suddenly showed a smiling face, and there was an admiration in her beautiful eyes.

"Sister Emma, are you ok?" The young man named George smiled like a warm wind, but it was very indifferent.

"I'm fine." Emma was a little shy when she was cared by her sweetheart. But when she looked at Smith, frost appeared on her cheeks again. "Elder Brother, he is Smith."


Listening this, George became interested in it and looked at Smith thoughtfully, "so you are my new apprentice of Hengyue Sect."

"People who acquired Hidden Power, also use sneak attacks." Smith sneered, and his heart could not help but ignited anger.

"Don't think that you will be invincible if you defeat William. You should know that you are still weak in my eyes."George flashed a sneer at the corner of his mouth."Renyang Peak gave you opportunity. If you could not cherish it, you will not make progress."

"I will take the revenge of today’s sneak attack."

"I will wait for it." George gave a cruel smile.

After that, George turned around and came to Emma with elegant steps. Then he picked up the snow jade orchid and handed them to Emma. He said with a smile, "Sister Emma, it’s yours."

"Thank you, Elder Brother." Emma smiled shyly, and there was another blush on her cheek.

"Go back to Renyang Peak."


They left side by side, leaving Smith in a shambling shape.

"This account, I remember, you wait for me." The eye cold light was unceasing, Smith mercilessly wiped the blood from his mouth.

Instead of leaving, he found a secret place to heal himself.

In less than half a day, his amazing resilience enabled him to recover from the injury, and he continued to look for snow jade orchid.

He needed snow jade orchid to make jade spirit liquid, so as to fill the large capacity Danhai with jade spirit liquid, so as to make a breakthrough as soon as possible.

At dawn, he came out of the mountain. After nearly ten hours of hard work, he only found nine snow jade orchids, but it was enough for him to try to refine jade liquid.

It's the hill again.

After Smith calmed down and concentrate, his mind called out the real fire. He controlled the fire with the method of controlling vital energy and concentrated it into a fire stove tripod.

Then, a plant of spirit grass was put into it in no time, and the real fire surged, and the spirit grass put into it turned into ashes on the spot.

"Is the fire too strong?" Smith said in his heart, and then controlled the real fire steadily to reduce the fire.

More than a dozen spiritual plants were thrown in, and they withered rapidly, and every drop of liquid was extracted.

That was a slow process.

Smith's mood was clear, sweaty and concentrated. Although he failed several times, he also found a knack. With the increase of the ashes of spirited grass on the ground, his control of fire has become more and more adepts.

Didn’t know when there was a smell of Medicine on the top of the hill.

"Came out of the stove." With the sound, in the fire cauldron furnace, a cloud of spirit liquid flew out and was picked up by him with a jade bottle.


A mouthful of turbid Vital energy spit out, Smith tightly holds three bottles of jade spirit liquid, greedily sucked the strong medicine fragrance overflowing from the bottle.

"Hard work is not in vain." Wearing hot sweat and smelling the fragrance of medicine, Smith felt exhausted and dissipated a lot.

"I just don't know how effective it is." Mumbling to himself, Smith looked up and poured a bottle of jade liquid into his mouth.

Suddenly, Smith's spirit shocked.

The jade spirit liquid flowed into the body, just like a clear spring flowing through all the meridians of the body, smoothened his fatigue, nourished his spleen and kidney. The essence spirit power contained in the jade spirit liquid replenished the real vital energy consumed in refining the spirit liquid.


Smith's face brightened with a light, because he kept taking the liquid to touch the double barrier of congealing energy.

A bang.

Smith poured the remaining two bottles of jade liquid into his mouth.

This time, the golden fire came out.

From a distance, Smith's body was burning with a golden flame, with long black hair and automatic without the wind. Taking him as the center, a huge aura vortex was formed. Smith's body was like a bottomless hole, and the whale swallowed the aura of the heaven and the earth.


Didn’t know when there was a voice came from the dark.