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Looking at the test paper in front of her, the more Ye Xiaoxiao looks at it the more surprised she felt. In the Chinese to English translation question, he actually wrote down the multiple tenses of a word as well as it's synonyms, and in the multiple choice and reading comprehension questions, the answers were exactly the same as the model answers! Ye Xiaoxiao couldn't believe that this was a test paper completed by a student just entering high school in ten minutes.

When Ye Xiaoxiao told this to the three students, Zhao Yanyan's face lit up with happiness, Xie Wei didn't react, only Liu Kesheng said despicably, "Ye-laoshi, there's eighty percent chance that he copied it! A bad student, that sleeps all day, he's able to answer this test paper, who would believe it? Haha!"

Ye Xiaoxiao looked at Liu Kesheng with dissatisfaction, although Ye Xiaoxiao didn't truly believe Liu Lei could have down this test paper, the truth was in front of her eyes. Copied? Who could he have copied from in ten minutes? From the book? Ye Xiaoxiao made the test paper herself, it doesn't exist in the book! Ye Xiaoxiao picked up the red pen without hesitation, and wrote three large numbers on Liu Lei's test paper -- 100.

Ai! Ye Xiaoxiao sighed, the impression of Liu Kesheng in her heart went down a notch again. It appears that the class leaders she have chosen weren't anything spectacular, she'll need to find a chance to elect them again.

After marking the papers, Ye Xiaoxiao got Liu Kesheng and Xie Wei to return first, and kept Zhao Yanyan back by herself.

"Have you seen Liu Lei study English by himself?" Ye Xiaoxiao asked impatiently, she couldn't understand how a student that would always sleep in class could get full marks on the tst paper.


Zhao Yanyan shook her head, "I've never seen him study English, his English textbook is still brand new, it's in his drawer and has never been touched.

Although Zhao Yanyan was also curious as to how Liu Lei could get 100 marks in ten minutes, she didn't think too much about it. This boy beside her was always able to bring her surprises, like that time in the math lesson, and the typing speed of three hundred something alphabets per minute, as to why he was able to do that, Zhao Yanyan didn't care, she had the complete mindset of a maiden in love, no matter what, Liu Lei will be her only lover.

In truth, Ye Xiaoxiao had a complete grasp of Liu Lei's normal actions, the question she asked Zhao Yanyan just now was just to double check.

Zhao Yanyan acted like she won the lottery, and happily flew over to my side, "Liu Lei, you actually got 100 marks, the highest in our class!"

Zhao Yanyan looked like she was even happier than getting 100 marks herself. What kind of woman wouldn't want their loved one to be the best?

I already predicted this result, heck, if I don't get 100 in this kind of paper, then I'm retarded.

Zhao Yanyan saw that I didn't have the excited expression that she thought I would, so she said disappointedly, "Why do you always look like you don't care about anything?"

What was there to be excited about getting 100 marks in a high school English test? What I cared about definitely wasn't my paper, I said in a tone full of expectations, "My Yanyan, can you please tell me what reward you're going to give me?"

Zhao Yanyan immediately blushed after hearing that, and said in a tiny voice beside my year, "I'll tell you after school."

I had a puzzled expression, what kind of reward was it to have to be told after school!

After Ye Xiaoxiao announced the test rewards, the entire class roared, and all looked at me in a weird expression, as if looking at a monster.

Zhao Yanyan sat on my side while smiling, as if she was the one who got 100 marks. However, Zhao Yanyan's result was just slightly lower than mine, at 98 marks. After that was Liu Kesheng, Xie Wei and co..

Guo Qing complained about how unfair it was with his test paper of 59 marks, "Boss, you actually got 100 without even learning, I didn't even pass even after intently listening in class and finishing my homework on time."

Thus I said a sentence that stopped Guo Qing, "I guessed it!"

After the test papers were handed out, before I even touched it, it was snatched away by Zhao Yanyan.

"What is it?" I asked in puzzlement.

"I want to keep it!" Zhao Yanyan folded the test paper up carefully and placed it on her backpack.

I didn't have anything in my hands when Ye Xiaoxiao went through the paper, but even if I did I wouldn't look at it. I would rather use this time to continue planning my input method.

I thought about it, the current Huaxia was still using the DOS system. Using the experience from my previous life, in the next few years, Windows wouldn't become too popular. When it is finally popularized, that's only after Windows 98 gets released. The companies were still using a combination of UCDOS + WPS or CCED. But who would have thought, after a few years, the word processing WPS that have once been used in over half the country would begin to fade from people's sights, and be replaced by Microsoft's all rounded Office combination.

Office, a inspiration flashed across my mind!

What would happen if I introduce a DOS version of the Office software? From a technological point of view, this wasn't a problem, I had also participated many times in the development and internal testing of Office products in my previous life, and had a good understanding of its functions. However, even if I could make it, can I take over the market? I had full confidence in the functions of the product, and it would definitely be more than the current WPS and CCED, but how can I make it be accepted by people quickly?

If this program can be popularized, I believe that as long as I introduce a Windows version in the future at an appropriate time, most people will not give up the familiar interface to choose Office. The reason that WPS loses it's advantages in the Windows operating system, is because it was released just a bit slower than Office, causing the work software market to be monopolized.

This would mean that, the work software market in Huaxia will be my haven from now on.

Ai! I sighed, if I could form a relationship with governmental departments, with a large purchase from the government, then everything would be solved. However, I come from a working class family, I don't have the money nor the relationship, it is extremely difficult to get to know people working in the government.

It seems like I have to take it step by step, if I can sell my input method for a good price, then quite a bit of problems could be solved when I have money.