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Hearing Liu Kesheng's actions in the staff office, I really felt angry, but Zhao Yanyan tried to convince me otherwise, "Liu Kesheng is very narrow-minded and is very sinister, try not to piss him off from now on."

I didn't really care after hearing that, I'm already thirty-something, why should I be scared of a nipper of ten-odd years? Aside from telling on me, I doubt he can manage to do anything. However at this time, I made a serious mistake, and ignored Liu Keshng's family background.

After school, Zhao Yanyan and I walked side by side into the woods behind school. This was originally a small garden, but as the new Huaxia developed, the education industry became one of the top industries, as one of Songjiang's key high schools, Fourth High naturally had a lot of influence, just with the principle saying that the school was too small, the garden became the territory of Fourth High. Obviously, this situation paled in comparison to when I attended university in my previous life, I had heard that entire streets in some cities were segmented into universities for them to construct buildings.

"How are you going to reward me?" I walked leisurely in the woods, holding Zhao Yanyan's hand.

"Guess!" Zhao Yanyan winked, and said playfully.

"It can't be with your body right?" a lecherous smile surfaced on my face.

"What are you saying! Being so not serious," before she finished, Zhao Yanyan's little fists rained down upon me.

After messing around for a while, Zhao Yanyan stopped. She opened her eyes wide, and looked at me with sparkles in her eyes. Then said with deep love, "Liu Lei --"


"Close your eyes," Zhao Yanyan said quietly.

I closed my eyes. I could feel Zhao Yanyan quickly pecked me on my lips, when I opened my eyes again, Zhao Yanyan had already jumped away, her face was like a huge persimmon.

However, how could I let go of such a great opportunity, I immediately ran over and grabbed her, and wrapped my arms rightly around her.

Zhao Yanyan didn't struggle, her embarrassed face showed a slightly bit of excitement. Lying in my arms, she closed her eyes.

I gazed at Zhao Yanyan's tender face, and kissed her kips without any hesitation.

Zhao Yanyan didn't refuse, nor did she respond, her lips were closed.

Although this was also my first kiss, there was no lack of knowledge about this sort of thing on the Internet, have I never seen pigs run despite not having eaten pork⌈1⌋? I tried to use my tongue to separate Zhao Yanyan's closed teeth, used one hand to hold her, while the other one started touching all over that beautiful body."Don't--" Zhao Yanyan only said a word, but her mouth opened.

My tongue took this chance and went inside, intertwining with her's…

What I didn't know was that, the scene of Zhao Yanyan and I kissing, fell into a single person's sight…

When Zhao Yanyan and I separated while panting, I knew, from that moment on, we had both fallen. Zhao Yanyan dipped her head, then walked shyly but intimately with me out of school.

When we neared the gate, Zhao Yanyan said to me, "I'll leave first, Uncle Zhang is outside, don't let him see."

I nodded, and let her leave first.

From behind the fake hill in the woods, a figure appeared, he gazed sinisterly at the fleeting shadows, and said with disgust, "Fuck this! Just a coquettish X and you're pretending to be all high and mighty with me, this bitch!"

"Hello, is it Secretary Yu? I'm Liu Kesheng," Liu Kesheng dialed a number with a phone form his backpack.

"Aiya, it's Liu-shaoye! Speak, what can big brother do for you?" hearing that it was his boss's son, Secretary Yu immediately said sycophantically.

"Ah, I want you to help me find a few people from the societies," Liu Kesheng said.

"What? Did someone cause trouble for you?" Secretary Yu asked anxiously.

"No, I just want to deal with someone!" Liu Kesheng explained.

"Hehe, no problem! But who is this person? He dares to piss off our Childe Liu, is he tired of living!" from Secretary Yu's perspective, the person that pissed off Liu Kesheng has already been sentenced to death.

"Don't tell my dad about this!" Liu Kesheng reminded.

"Don't worry, leave it all to big brother! I'll tell the people to go after your school ends, and get them to call you when they're there. They'll listen to your orders, but don't cause any deaths, or else it'll be hard to explain to your father," Secretary Yu said confidently.

"That's fine! I'll leave it at that, I'll definitely say a some goods things about you in front of my dad!" Liu Kesheng replied.

"Hehe, then I'll thank Liu-shaoye for his kind words!" Secretary Yu smiled and hung up.

Heh! Compete with me? You didn't even look at my, Liu Kesheng's, ability, I didn't want to play you to death, but blame it on that woman at your side! I'll definitely beat you until you start looking for teeth on the ground!

Liu Kesheng angrily spat onto the ground.

  1. Proverb that means essentially "if I haven't done/tried something, I've still seen it".