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My eye lips kept on jumping since the morning, of course, I wasn't disregarding my excitement-caused insomnia as the reason, but I still felt that something was going to happen today.

As expected, the moment I came to school, trouble found me. Liu Kesheng walked over with a sneer, and through down an envelope that he took out from his sleeves, then walked away without turning his head.

I opened the envelope, and saw that there was actually a "letter of challenge" inside, it wrote:

Liu Lei:

See you in the woods after school, if you don't dare to come then give up Zhao Yanyan! If you are a man then don't tell the teacher.

Boring, I threw the letter on the table. This brat, he's been watching too much TV shows! Did he think this was Meteor Garden⌈1⌋?

Zhao Yanyan picked up the letter, then said to me with care after reading it, "Liu Lei, I don't want you to go."

I smiled, "There's no problem! What can he do to me?"

Yet Zhao Yanyan said, "Liu Kesheng and I were in the same middle school, although we weren't in the same class, but I do know what he's like. There was a time were a high school student pissed him off, he called a few delinquents from the societies and broke that student's leg! The thing got really big!"

Leg got broken? I frowned and said, "Then that was it?" I know that aggravated battery resulting in disability was a big crime, even if he is a juvenile offender, it was enough to send him to juvenile detention.

Zhao Yanyan shook her head, "Liu Kesheng's family does have a bit of background, I hear that they spend a lot of money and in the end the wounded's family agreed to settle it privately, thus resolving the incident."

Background! I suddenly understood, I committed a grave mistake. I only treated Liu Kesheng as a kid of ten-odd years old, but I forgot about his family background. From the looks of it, even if he beat me to death, I, as a child from a working class family, could only admit my misfortune! However, if I don't go then would I appear too cowardly?

I made up my mind, and clenched my teeth, what was the purpose of me getting reborn? Isn't it for Zhao Yanyan? If I was forced to leave Zhao Yanyan, then reborn for what! Worst come to worst, I'll fight till either one of us dies.

Thus I hardened my heart and said to Zhao Yanyan, "Don't care about things between men."

"Oh!" Zhao Yanyan nodded like a chagrined little woman, and didn't say anymore.

After a while, Guo Qing arrived. I handed over Liu Kesheng's letter of challenge to him. I didn't think the first thing this brat would say to me after reading it was, "Boss? You got the school beauty?" His words did not avoid Zhao Yanyan, who was sitting beside me at the time.

I coughed a few times, only then did Guo Qing notice that his voice was too loud.

I pointed at the letter of challenge and asked, "Guo Qing, what do you think?"

"What do I think?" Guo Qing stomped his foot, "He is fucking riding on our heads, he doesn't seem to know his place without us showing him some colours."

I looked at Guo Qing in amazement, this guy was as cowardly as a mouse in my previous life, he didn't even dare to fart when he got bullied, what happened? Could it be that I coincidentally took this guy to earn sanda, and this guy's personality changed completely after teaching his old enemy a lesson? That seems very plausible. I asked, "Are you going after school?"

"Of course!" Guo Qing cracked his knuckles, "Boss, can I not go if you're going? It just so happens that my hands have ben itching these few days, so I want to start practicing on a few people."

The day past by really quickly for me, because I didn't sleep well the previous night, I fell asleep in a faze, it was nearly the end of school when I woke up.

But the day passed by like a year for Zhao Yanyan, who got worried for me the entire day, she kept on getting distracted in class, and she didn't even hear when the teacher called her name.

After school, I told Zhao Yanyan to go home first, but this chick refused no matter what, and was determined to wait in the classroom for me. There's no helping it, I could only go along with it.

Guo Qing and I walked unreservedly into the woods, Liu Kesheng was already waiting here. Behind him were four delinquents with dyed hair.

Seeing me come, Liu Kesheng immediately signaled the people behind him and walked over acting infinitely pretentious.

Liu Kesheng shouted, "Liu Lei, you're got guts! You dared to come to the woods with just two people!"

Before I could say anything, Guo Qing said in annoyance, "Fuck, why do you have so much bullshit. Gang fight or solo?"

Liu Kesheng smiled instead of getting angry, "Fine! You're getting all pretentious in front of me right? These no one that'll disturb us in the woods, do you believe that I can kill you?"


Guo Qing didn't have the patience to listen to his chitchat, this brat's hands were most likely itching, and was annoyed that no one could be used as a sandbag. He side kicked the moment he rushed over, kicking Liu Kesheng into a dog tasting mud. This side kick needed technique, I didn't think that this brat managed to finish training what he just learnt on Saturday.

Liu Keshng didn't think this person would fight the moment he says fight, there were no omen at all. Originally he had prepared tons of things to mock Liu Lei, but he was kicked around before he even said anything. Liu Kesheng said frantically to the delinquents behind him, "What are you spacing out for? Go!"Only then did the delinquents reacted, and surrounded Guo Qing and me.

Seeing their physiques, I got the general gist of things, yellow-faced and lacking muscles, typical over-indulgence. They're just able to scare people from their appearance, but will end up being the one beaten up when in a fight. I said to Guo Qing, "Are you fine by yourself?"

Guo Qing said confidently, "Boss, don't worry!"

Hearing my words, the delinquents looked mockingly at Guo Qing, one of them shouted, "Little shit, you don't need to act so arrogant, there's time for you to cry alter!"

The other ones also said, "------"

But I didn't get to hear what he said, because before he even made a sound, Guo Qing threw a punch on his jaw.

As expected, they didn't let me down, the rascals are only able to scare primary school kids, Guo Qing beat them all onto the floor without much difficulty.

I walked to Liu Kesheng's side, and said coldly to him, "Don't have any ideas about Zhao Yanyan anymore, or else I'll make you die horribly! I'll repeat once again, this is not an empty threat, you can give it a shot if you don't believe me!"

After that, Guo Qing and I walked dashingly out of the words, it was like in Wuxia TV shows, two heroes walking out of the forest at dusk, with multiple corpses lying behind them.

Suddenly, I remembered that the chick Zhao Yanyan was still waiting for me in the classroom, I rapidly ran towards the classroom.

"Wait for me, Boss!' Guo Qing was indulging in the confident atmosphere, seeing me suddenly run, he immediately shouted behind me.