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As expected, Zhao Yanyan was still anxiously waiting for me in the classroom, seeing me enter, she flew into my arms.

"Liu Lei you scared me to death!" Zhao Yanyan said to me with puffy eyes, "Did you know? I was so worried just now, I was scared that I would never see you again!"

I embraced her tightly, and said, "Dumb chick, I'm so powerful, how could drop dead so easily,"

Zhao Yanyan laid in my embrace, as if she would lose me, only after a long while did she whisper into my ear, "Kiss me." After that she closed her eyes.

My mind heated up instantly, isn't this convincing me to make a mistake? But making a mistake, I like. Thus, I shamelessly prepared to make a mistake, but was freaked out by an untimely voice, "Boss, why did you run so fast!"

That shocked Zhao Yanyan and I, so we immediately separated. Guo Qing looked at us with an innocent face, "Boss, I didn't see anything, please continue, I'm leaving!" After saying that, he turned and prepared to leave.

"That's enough, stop pretending!" I shook my head helplessly, "Come back."

"Hehe, Boss, Dasao!" Guo Qing snickered while scratching his head, this kid did have a talent for spotting things, he did call Dasao.

Zhao Yanyan replied faintly as she blushed.

"Boss, when did you get together with Dasao?" Guo Qing asked curiously. This kid was with me together everyday, and he sat in front of me, it wasn't surprising for him to ask such a question.

"Hehe, this-this question is quite deep!" I replied perfunctorily.

Fortunately Zhao Yanyan said something to help me out. She said, "We're all hungry right, let's find somewhere to eat a little."

Guo Qing waved his hand, "Never mind that, you couple should go, I won't stick with you!"

Hearing that I immediately said, "Guo Qing, we're bros, and not strangers, let's go together!"

Zhao Yanyan also said, "That's right, Liu Lei won't be happy if you don't go!"

Only then did Guo Qing pack his bag, and went downstairs with us.

I asked Zhao Yanyan on the way, "Is I fine if you go back late?"

Zhao Yanyan glared at me and said, "Isn't it just because I'm worried about you! I told grandpa that the class leaders needed to have a meeting at night!"

Hehe, it was the second time this chick was lying for me.

When we got the school gate, I noticed something was wrong. Why was there so many people? It seems like there were police as well, did something happen at the school gate?

However, we didn't pay heed to it, we only noticed when we got closer that Liu Kesheng was naturally standing in front of a group of police. Seeing us come out, Liu Kesheng pointed towards us and said, "That's them, arrest them!"

The police behind him immediately surrounded us after hearing Liu Kesheng's orders.

One of the police said to Guo Qing and I, "We are from the police station, we're currently suspecting the two of you to be related to a case of aggravated battery, please return with us to the station to cooperate with the investigations!"

How was this asking us, before Guo Qing and I could speak, ice cold handcuffs were cuffed onto our hands.

"What grounds are you arresting us on?" Guo Qing anxiously asked.

"Who said we were arresting you? Cooperate with investigations don't you get it! Be careful when you speak!" a slightly younger police glared at Guo Qing.

"There's no need to wear handcuffs to cooperate with investigations is there?" I said coldly.

"Heh! We don't need you to teach us how to do our jobs, less of that bullshit with me! I suspect that you are the criminal, so I have the rights to handcuff you!" a fat police roared at me.

Two people pushed us onto the police car, Zhao Yanyan wasn't handcuffed, but was also brought onto the car like a criminal.

As the car drove along the world, within a while, Liu Kesheng's voice could be heard from the driving department, "Ye ge, get a few brothers to take care of them, fuck, they dare to hit my people!"

Then it was the fat-ass who roared at me, "No problem, we'll shut them into the interrogation room, then find a few young plain clothed police to give the two of them a massage.

"Hehe, thank you Captain Yang!" Liu Kesheng smiled.

Hearing the dirty talk of the two in front Guo Qing and I clenched our teeth in anger.

"Shit, this time we're fucked!" Guo Qing said angrily.

The current situation was indeed out of my expectations, I didn't think Liu Kesheng would use relationships with the societies to deal with me. I had only thought of him as a kid at first, this was completely an assumption based on my previous life, because Liu Kesheng didn't do anything big during the three years of high school. Since I had ben reborn, I messed up the original history, and a lot of things that didn't happen happened to me.

"I'm sorry!" I said to Guo Qing, "It's my fault that you're arrested."

"Boss, what are you saying! Worst come to worst I'll just get beaten up once after getting there. If I hadn't met you at the start, and you didn't take me to learn sanda, then the current me wouldn't exist. I might still be being beaten up by those idiots in our compound," Guo Qing said emotionally.

"Good bro!" I patted Guo Qing's shoulders movingly.

"What are the two of you doing, isn't it raising goosebumps!" Zhao Yanyan mocked the two of us.

I only realized then that, from the start, Zhao Yanyan was sitting there calmly, as if she wasn't worried about our current situation, like it was all as she expected.

Thus I asked Zhao Yanyan, "Yanyan, why aren't you worried at all!"

Zhao Yanyan's face showed a crafty smile, and she whispered beside my ear, "When I saw Liu Kesheng I felt something was wrong, and stealthily used the mobile in my backpack to call Uncle Zhang, he is probably rushing over to save us, he might even already be waiting for us in front of the police station."

Although I was surprised about Zhao Yanyan bringing a mobile in her backpack, when I thought about what she had said before, that her father has a computer in his study, I felt like it wasn't anything surprising, none of the people that could afford computers were normal, it wasn't over the top to buy a mobile for their daughter.

"You mean your grandpa's secretary? Can he save us?" I asked.

Zhao Yanyan nodded and replied, "You'll find out later."

The three of us were pushed into an interrogation room, the fat-ass called Yang-ge walked unreservedly in, and said to the police beside him, "Take the girl away, and tie her up alone in a room."

The police came over and was about to pull Zhao Yanyan, when I blocked off the way in front of her.

"Brat. Mind your own business, or else I can kill you if I get anxious, do you believe me?" seeing my resistance, that fat-ass Yang shouted.

"This is committing a crime while knowing the law! Are you even worthy of being a police? Can go face the police emblem on your hat? Zhao Yanyan scolded without fear.

"Committing a crime while knowing the law? Then I'll tell you, I am the law! If you aren't the person that Liu-shaoye wants, then I would deal with you too!" Fat-ass Yang said unhappily.