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When they went downstairs, they found that the streets were full of people. All of them, without exception, went to the center of the black market.

"This scene is very huge!" Smith said and put on the ghost mask.

"This is appearance changing pill and voice changing pill. Take one." Bruce Junior took two pills out of his crotch and handed them to Smith."It can change people's looks and voice."

Smith wanted to pick it up, but he remembered that Bruce Junior was carrying it out of his crotch, so he gave a dry cough and said, "you keep it! I'd better wear a mask!"

He took out his mask from his arms and put it on his face.

Bruce Junior ignored Smith's disdainful eyes and swallowed the voice changing pill and appearance changing pill directly.

"Why is your storage bag in your crotch?"

“It’s safe."

The dark market was in the hub of that area. There was an attic, which was as high as piercing into the clouds and was grand and majestic.

It was named as hidden dragon chamber, which is the place where the previous auctions had been held.

At this moment, people from all directions were converging to this place.

Not long ago, in front of the hidden dragon chamber, there was already a sea of people.

"Why don't you open the door?" Some people were impatient to wait.

"It’s not the proper time, what’s the emergency?"

"No one knew that what will be auctioned by heaven black sect this time."

"The auction hosted by heaven black is really extraordinary." Behind the crowd, Smith could not help sighing and smacking.

Soon, the gate of the hidden dragon chamber was slowly opened.

As soon as the gate opened, an old man in black with a green dragon stick stepped in first.

"Who is this man? It's too big! "

"You don't know that. That's old man of black-mountain. He's the local despot here!"

After the old man of black-mountain, several old men went in.

Then, the stream of people rushed into the hidden dragon chamber.

"Come, come." Bruce Junior also followed the crowd to squeeze in, and his small fresh meat was almost squeezed into meat pie.

When the shadow was scarce, Smith stepped in.

When he walked in, he found that there was a huge circle in the hidden dragon chamber.

In the chamber, there were carved railings and jade buildings, and the divine flowers were flying. Even the spiritual grass and flowers for decoration were extraordinary.

"That's a big deal!" Smith sighed.

Those who came in soon found their place. The friars who came to the auction for the first time often saw a strange light in their eyes. As for the friars who had come before, they seemed indifferent.

"That's it, that's it." Bruce Junior pulled Smith to a jade table in the corner. This guy was not polite. He grabbed the fruit on the table and put it in his mouth. He didn't forget to put some in his arms.

"Fuck you. You can save some for me!" Smith can't help shouting.

"You're wearing a mask. You can't eat it. I'll eat it for you."

"It’s yours."

He didn’t know from how long there was an old man sitting on the table in front of them, when he looked carefully he got to know that, he was the old man in purple who appeared in the forest yesterday?

Smith was shocked when he looked at him.

Although cultivation was suppressed, the old man in purple gave him very strange feelings.

Smith regained his gaze. The old man in purple looked at Smith slightly, but there was a strange colour flashing in his eyes.

"The Qi family from southern Xinjiang has arrived." Someone shouted.

At the door, three old men in grey had already stepped in and went straight up to the room on the second floor.

"Situ family has also arrived."

"What about the Wang family of Beichuan? They are also here. "

"Butler family of Eastern mountain."

Most of the disciples came from the cultivation family. The battle was not small, which attracted the eyes of the monks in the chamber.

"No one from your family?" At the door, Smith looked at Bruce Junior.

"Here we are!" Bruce Junior, who was eating spirited fruit, pointed to a stocky, fat man on one side. "Well, that's my second uncle."

"Your uncle looks like… It's very casual! "

"That's necessary."

"People from Hengyue Sect have also come." Someone shouted again.

Hearing this, Smith and Bruce Junior looked at each another. A middle-aged man with a sword has stepped into the gate. He was tall and straight as a mountain. He was vigorous.

"This man is from Hengyue Sect? I haven't seen him."Smith looked at Bruce Junior and said,"Have you seen him?"

"He is the master of the Yujian Peak of the inner gate." Bruce Junior really recognized it and said.

"The people of Zhengyang Sect are here, too." Just as he said this, another voice came from below. He was a greyhaired old man.

"Walter." Smith recognized this man at a glance. He was the Elder of Zhengyang sect who was in charge of law enforcement hall. That was Walter who drove him out from Zhengyang sect that day.

"The Qingyun sect has also sent people."

Then, an old man in blue walked in with a cane, followed by an old woman and a young man in purple.

When Smith saw it, his eyes narrowed instantly, especially when he saw the young man in white with cold light in his eyes. That was the young man in purple who smashed his Dantian that day.

Smith recognized him. That's Ron. He was the second true disciple of Qingyun sect.

"This revenge must be avenged." Smith clenched his fist subconsciously.

When all three sects have been arrived, they went to the second floor one after another. At the door, there were three more people, an old man with grey hair, a middle-aged man with the purple robe, and a young man with the white robe.

Seeing them, Smith's eyes were narrowed again. They were three people who chased Julia in the monster forest that day. Smith did not expect to meet them here.

"Bloodthirsty people." The scene was full of surprises.

There were three sects of Dachu in one hall, and the bloodthirsty hall was dominated by north area of Dachu, which were a real giant, no one dare to provoke them.

"It is very lively scene there."

"I'm afraid it's not that easy to take pictures of treasures."

Below, on a high platform, an old figure has already stepped up. People here called him Senior official Joseph.

"Everyone knew the rules here, so I won't talk nonsense." Joseph said, "Auction, start."

Then, a man with a spirit sword stepped onto the stage.

The spirit sword was full of purple light. The sharp sword was frightening and sometimes made a clanging sound. It was absolutely a horrible sword.

"Purple sun sword, with a base price of 50000 spirited stones." Senior official Joseph started to talk about its price.

"I give fifty-one thousand." Soon, someone held up the sign.

"Fifty-three thousand."

"Sixty thousand."

With bidding started the price of the sword started rising, as the price continues to rise, the auction became hot.

"It's too expensive." Smith can't help but smacked his tongue. The price of the first auction was so high, which made him embarrassed because of having less number of spirited stones.

"Haven't you heard of a good start?" Bruce said, "the first auction is active, and there are cheap ones in the back."

"Eighty thousand spirit stones."

"Eighty-five thousand."

"Ninety thousand."

Below, the competition was still fierce, in order to get purple sun sword, one by one dead price increase, roar red neck thick.

"One hundred thousand." At this time, a voice came from the second floor. The bidder was Walter of Zhengyang sect.

Under this, the people below simply ceased all activities.

"If no one increases the price, the purple sun sword will be given to Walter." On the high platform, Joseph glanced at the audience. When he saw no one increased the price than waved purple sun sword back to the sleeve.

Then, someone came up from the stage, holding a small copper stove, which was engraved with lines and bloomed with red light. Although it was only as big as palm, it revealed the magnificent atmosphere.

"The base price of the copper furnace is 30000 spirited stones. Now it's on sale."

Soon, the bidding has been started.

"Fifty thousand."

"Seventy thousand."

"I'll pay 90000."

The voice of the price calling came one after another.

"This small copper stove is not bad, either." Smith touched his chin.

"If you want, increase the price." Bruce Junior said.

"No money."

"Then forget it."

In a twinkling of an eye, the small copper stove at the bottom has already reached a price of 150000 spirited stones. Moreover, according to the posture, the 150000 spirited stones were also small amount to take down the small copper stove.

"160000, my Qingyun sect will take this." Above, there was the voice of the Elder of Qingyun sect.

All of a sudden, no one dare to bid more than 1600000 spirited stones that Qingyun sect has offered for that copper stove.

"Since there is no price increase, the copper stove belongs to Qingyun sect." Joseph glanced all the way, saw no one bidding more, then waved his arm to give the copper stove to Qingyun sect.

The next thing he took out was still the spirit instrument, which was a gossip mirror. Just after it was taken out, it scattered the hot spirit light. The spirit light was shining, dazzling, eye-catching, showing the breath of terror.

"The base price is 100000. Let's start bidding."

"Ten thousand." A Taoist in purple below, bid first.

"Sam, you can't take this gossip mirror with such a low price." On the other hand, a whitehaired old man with a grim face sneered.

"I'll pay 120000." The old man with white hair smiled.

Sam's face was cold, and he snorted, "I will give 10000 more than you, 130000."


"I'll pay 170000."

The whole hidden dragon chamber was full of the sound of two people bidding. The two seemed to have grudges from the past. The words were full of coldness and hostility.

Sure enough, this black-market auction was not as peaceful as it seemed. In fact, these people were fighting secretly.


"ten thousand more than you, 210000."

Gossip mirror competition was extremely fierce. Two people got red in the face from the heat of auction, until the third person joined, just broke the balance, than is the fourth person, the fifth person.

With the increasing number of competitors, the price of the gossip mirror has soared to more than 300000.

"I am just about to step in?" Bruce Junior said, "The price is so high, it really is the group of beasts."

“I think this auction has nothing to do with us?"

"No money, it’s really awkward."

Below, the auction of gossip mirror was over, and the one who got it was an old man who was thin like a monkey.


Those monks, who had hatred because of the gossip mirror, all snorted coldly, their eyes were cold.