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At this time, the fourth auction item, which has been taken out by Joseph was still a spirit artifact. It was an exquisite pagoda, full of colorful magic light, surrounded by colorful shrine just like dragon swimming around.

"Colorful and exquisite pagoda with a base price of 80000 spirited stones."

The influence of the colorful and exquisite pagoda seemed to be greater than that of the previous three spiritual tools. Once it was shown to the audience, the atmosphere in the chamber became hot in an instant, and the important thing was that the cultivation family had participated in the war.




When the cultivation families joined the war, the auction became lively.

In particular, the hostile aristocratic family finally found the reason to fight and howled all the way in the hidden dragon chamber.

In addition to the competition, there was a strong smell of gunpowder in the hidden dragon chamber, and there was a cold light shining. If it was not forbidden to fight here, these sects would jump out for a fight.

There were endless cultivation families in this land, and all kinds of gratitude and resentment have a long history.

At this time, the auction of the black market gathered them here, providing them with a good platform. Although they can't fight with each other in blood, they can at least fight with each other in price, but only if you have money.

"300000." Below, an old gray-haired man, biting his teeth, finally shouted out the price.

"What, do you want to exterminate a whole family?" In the private room above, there was a chuckle. On listening carefully it was the voice from the private room of the bloodthirsty hall. The words were very threatening and intimidating, which made the old grayhaired man shiver instantly.

"No, I don't need." That old grayhaired man hurriedly changed his decision, because having a grudge with the bloodthirsty hall is not good for his family.

"You are sensible."

The auction was going on. The next few items were all spiritual artifacts.

After a round of auctions, the climax came up again and again, and a lot of scary artifacts were taken out, which made the people below roar.

Soon, a black iron bar was sent to the platform.

"Iron bar, base price is 10000." Joseph seemed to be tired, yawned, said very casually.

Uh huh?

As soon as the iron bar was taken out, Smith suddenly opened and closed his eyes, because the fire was shaking.


Smith's eyes brightened.

By having some thought in mind he couldn’t help but looked at the iron bar. To be more precise, it was an iron bar. It was black, rusty and uneven. There were several places that were damaged a lot. There was nothing extraordinary in it.

Like Smith, the monks below also stared at the iron bar one by one.

"What is this?" Some people looked at Joseph suspiciously.

"Didn't I already tell you? It’s Iron Bar."Joseph glanced at the audience, "of course, you can also think of it as a fire stick."

In response, not only that person, corners of mouth of all people cannot help but twitched for a while; you are too casual!

Joseph responded very casually.

“No one is taking it seriously; it must not be treasure!"

"It's so ugly."

“It doesn’t worth spend money."

"No one wants it?" Glanced at the bottom but no one answered. Joseph was ready to put back that iron bar.

"Wait a minute." At this time, a voice came from the corner, "I want this iron bar."


A sudden sentence made the whole audience look sideways.

It was Smith who spoke naturally. It was rare for him to meet a real fire trembling treasure. He will never let it go.

"Master, I will give 10000, I want it."

"Are you crazy? 10000 spirited stones to buy a broken iron bar? " Bruce Junior said.



The conversation between the two made the whole chamber rocking with laughter. The old people were all amused by Smith and Bruce Junior.

"If there is no price increase, the iron bar will belong to this little friend…”

"Wait a minute." Joseph words did not fall, was interrupted by a voice, "11000, my Zhengyang sect will take this iron bar."


The whole venue was full of light voices. They all looked to the source of the voice. It was the Elder Walter of Zhengyang sect who called for the price. His posture was high.

In the corner, Smith's eyes have narrowed slightly, and the price was increased again, "I'll pay 12000."

The whole crowd was surprised by this.

"Who is this little boy?"

"Dare to bid with Zhengyang sect for just a swarthy iron bar."

"Most probably he has lost his mind."

In the noise, Walter smiled, "boy, do you know who you are fighting with?"

"Elder, are you scaring me?" Smith glanced at the second floor.

"It's good. You have guts."Walter laughed and said, "no one dares play with me from Zhengyang sect for a long time. In this case, I will play with you, and I will give 20000 spirited stones for this iron bar."

"21000." Smith's voice rang.


"31000." Smith immediately followed, with a sneering arc around his mouth. He had planned to use all his belongings to fight with Walter. Even if he didn't fight for the iron bar, he had to fight for a reason for being driven down the mountain mercilessly that day.

"Good. I'll give 40,000" Walter's words were still full of cruelty. Tens of thousands of spirited stones were not worth mentioning in his eyes.


Damn it.

Smith was speechless, almost choking the whole audience.

"Fuck, are you crazy?" Bruce Junior can't help but scolding Smith.

Smith did not take care of him, but could not help looking up to the second floor and laughed, "Elder, are you ready to enjoy to the full?"

"100000." Walter obviously didn't expect Smith to make it to 100000 at a time, which made his face a little gloomy.

"110000." Walter sneered, "boy, increase more if you have guts."



As soon as the words came out, the sound of spitting water was all over the bottom.

"Whose baby is this?"

"200000, he really has guts!"

This time, Smith has really made everyone stunned.

Even the Joseph on the high platform was also shocked. A younger generation dared to bid with the Zhengyang sect, he was really stunned by this matter.

A lot of people turned around to look at Smith.

Smith was relaxed just like nothing happened, leisurely having the sip of tea.

He knew how to fight for money. He was far from Walter. But for the sake of that treasure, he still decided to fight with Walter. Even if he can't win that treasure, he also wanted Walter to spend more spirited stones.

Of course, 200000 was his limit. He also added the value of his jade spirit liquid in it, which he has already planned to spend on black iron and black steel. He was really desperate about that treasure.

Walter’s was really turned livid with rage.

He didn’t expect such a competition from a junior? Smith not only dare to provoke but also offered 200000.

He was not short of money, but it was really not worthwhile to buy a broken iron bar with 200000.

Now he was in a dilemma. Buy it. It didn’t worth it. Don't buy it. He will lose his reputation. The whole Zhengyang sect will became a joke there.

"210000, If you have capability, add more!" Under the spotlight, Walter was still biting his teeth to raise the price again.

Now it’s the turn of Smith. 200000 was his limit.

"Boy, do you really want this iron bar?" Seeing Smith's embarrassment, Bruce Junior asked in a low voice.

Smith nodded softly.

In response, Bruce Junior immediately took out a storage bag from his crotch, "I have only 300000, you can borrow it and remember to return it to me."

Hearing this, Smith was a little shocked. He never thought Bruce Junior would be so righteous at the critical moment, which made him feel warm.

"Thank you." Smith smiled gratefully.

"300000." With the sound of his voice, he caused a stir again. At this moment, even Angela, who has always been indifferent and icy, could not help but cast a surprised look. When she saw Smith with a mask, she frowned a little.

When Smith looked at Walter’s face again, it was already gloomy and extremely frightening. The cold light in his eyes suddenly appeared. There were murderous intensions in his eyes.

"If you again showed murderous intensions, don't blame me for being rude." Looking at Walter’s murderous intensions, Joseph can't help but said this in a heavy voice.

Scolded in public, Walter clenched his fists and grounded his teeth and said, "I'll pay 310000."


"The little boy is going against heaven!" Suddenly, everyone's eyes came at him.

Who would have thought that an iron bar, which was regarded as a piece of junk, even sold for 500000? This iron bar has reached the highest price in the auction.


There was a sound of the table and a chair being smashed, and Walter was very angry.

But he didn't raise the price after all. Tens of thousands of spirited stones were not worth mentioning, but five hundred thousand spirited stones were not a small number. Although he was an elder, he didn’t have the courage to spend five hundred thousand spirited stones to buy a broken iron bar.

Under the attention of all the people, Walter's words were not heard, Smith took a deep breath, "500000, I hope you don't let me down."

With that, Smith did not forget to look at the iron bar on the stage.

"Since no one has increased the price, the iron bar belongs to the little friend." Joseph made the final decision.

Next, there were several spirit instruments. Although the price was not low and the auction was also lively, none of them was as thrilling as the iron bar auction.

Today's auction has come to an end.

"This is the end of today's auction, and tomorrow's auction will continue. The people who take the money will come to the back hall to get it."