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A woman once told me how she faked having cancer to get her boyfriend to move in with her. She made a promise to herself that she would be married by 30, and at 29, that was her final Hail Mary. It worked...for two months. Then he left her, still believing she had cancer and all, for another woman. "If cancer couldn't make him stay, then what would have," was the question she asked me. The question I asked myself... How the fuck did it come to this?

Over the past six years, I've talked to tens of thousands of women who have sought me out for advice. There aren't too many men with access to such a large and diverse pool of women which I can pull from. Those born in the 60s to those born in the 90s, across all racial backgrounds and socioeconomic classes. I don't need to look at polls or stats; I see firsthand what fails, what works, and what only works for a time. From Sydney to Johannesburg to New York, men play the same games and women look for the same solutions. This is a world where everyone has advice to give on how you should live your life, every pseudo-celebrity tries to make a buck by calling themselves a relationship expert, and every Psych major with an internet connection and webcam claims to be some sort of life coach. It's all bullshit. It's a machine that offers women quick fixes from half-ass therapy, pumps them full of false confidence by using sugary words, and where do they end up? Right back on the dick of a man that doesn't want them. I don't play in that self-help sandbox; I am not the mainstream choice you see on some morning show blowing smoke up your ass. I am the harsh reality that speaks the truth you need to hear to become harder, not the gentle pat on the back that helps you survive another day as a man's doormat.

Men aren't even good at lying. Have you been out lately? Today's males are remarkably idiotic, yet they still manage to get whatever they want by exploiting smart women with those weak lies. Look at the world of compromise that's been allowed. Netflix and Chill is considered a real date. "Hey, are you coming out to the bar tonight?" is courting. "Let me just put the tip in," is poetry. And Side chick has become a viable relationship title. Men aren't held accountable for playing games; they are held onto tighter, and a generation of women won't do a damn thing about it but go to war with each other to see whose Instagram picture can attract the cutest loser. All of this empowerment talk, but few women actually live in power. They live in worry of if a guy will call them or not. They buy into lies they know are lies because they imagine a love waiting for them that will be worth the struggle. That weakness makes my stomach turn.

Breaking down the mind games of men and the various dick tactics they use on women is how I give back. Rebuilding self-esteem and giving practical ways to rise above the game has helped thousands, but I still see the same mistakes being made, and now realize I haven't gone hard enough. One woman had a boyfriend who slept with her sister. She took him back, got engaged, and he slept with her cousin. Her only concern was asking me how to keep her current boyfriend happy, so he wouldn't stray like that fiance. It's amazingly frustrating! What I recognized was that women didn't become angry, they became even more submissive. Despite the manipulative treatment guys put them through, they keep trying to find new ways to win male love. Sure, some develop attitudes, trust issues, and become bitter, but even they aren't angry. Women can't afford to hate men because they believe their future depends on finding a man to love. Getting a man isn't a success story, the title of girlfriend is like the common cold, leave a girl outside long enough, and she will eventually get it. I rate success on one thing--Power. Have I made a woman so powerful that she no longer asks me, "how do I get him to like me," or is she still looking for ways to kneel and roll over for dick's approval? Most don't get to that level of true power. They get a boyfriend who's handsome, wealthy, or even a famous athlete, and run back to me stripped of the confidence I spent so much time trying to build. This book changes that. Comprehend the secrets revealed within, and it will transform you at the core. But as an introduction, I felt a need to bring to the forefront the flaw that keeps you, yes you, stuck where you are--Men don't love women like you.

There is something holding you back; there has always been something holding you back. You don't see it yet, but you will. No matter what relationship advice you try to use or what new teachings you try to embrace, in the end, weak men, damaged men, needy men, flawed men are the only ones that will ever want you, and they won't even love you fully. The Alpha Males you crush on and make exceptions for, they don't settle for your type. They use you up and push you away. You talk about the same redundant topics and send the same dry texts as every other woman, and when your clothes are on, you are about as exciting as oatmeal. Men don't tell you this, they have to play along for pussy. So they flatter you in the same way they flatter every other woman, and you eat it up just like she did. You catch the same attitude as other women, and a man defuses you with the same "you know I care," tactics she fell for. Everything you do is predictable! The excuse that you're not looking for love, a lie. The excuse that there aren't any good men in your city, a lie. The excuse that your astrological signs don't match up, more bullshit. You don't know how to win, so you hide behind excuses! What are you going to do, wait for men to invent more ways to humble you? Go on, keep hiding behind your attitude, keep promoting that you don't care, but you feel it. Your life is heading towards happily ever settled; another woman that settles for what she could get because she never had the fucking heart to go after what she wanted. Move in with you but never marry you, get you pregnant then find a way skip out, milk you like a cow for a few years, then replace you with a better version... is that who you want to be, another failed story? Another old lady that looks back and says, "I wish I would have known better?"

You don't need a hug; you need a kick in the ass. You don't need to be understood; you need to understand. You don't need relationship advice; you need someone to hold your face up to a mirror until you realize that it's all your fault. You made mistakes when you were younger, you kept making mistakes as you grew older, and how did you better yourself each time? You lied. You placed blame on age, you placed blame on friends, you placed blame on parents, you placed blame on men. It's everyone's fault except yours, and here you are again, trying to learn how to do better while clinging on to the notion that nothing is wrong. Lies keep you from crying, but they won't make you any happier. The truth is, if you loved yourself as passionately as you love the idea of a man's validation, you would be unstoppable. You are at a crossroads where you can either follow the truth or swallow the lies, and I am offering you the power to rewrite life itself. This isn't a book; this is that mirror you sent for...