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He's drifting away, and there is nothing you can think of to reverse thecourse of your relationship. Your boyfriend, love interest, partner, whoeverhe may be, no matter if he's a holdover from your pre-Spartan days or aresult of your new life, how do you stop him from leaving you? Thecommunication isn't working. The space you're giving each other justcreated more space. The talks keep going in circles. It's not working, butyou aren't ready to risk the dick and lose him; he is a good man, and youare in love. You aren't stupid, though. You know he's getting tired of you.He isn't spelling it out, but the writing is on the wall, he's no longer happy.Ask yourself right now, are you happy? I'm happy if he's happy...isn't ananswer, just proof you haven't graduated to Spartanhood. You can't even behonest about how you feel because your entire life is built around this manseeing you as special, staying with you, and you not ending up alone. Youknow you're soft, but you don't want to hear about how weak you areanymore, you want a fix. Your heart is breaking over this man. Physicallyyou feel like shit and mentally you can't focus on anything but him. Whenyou do pull it together and he leaves your mind, it only lasts for a bit...thenyou remember... and you're sucked back into sadness. You are about to loseyour best friend, your soul mate, your future and you need a solution.You want to Spartan Up, but this book came too late. To set thingsright with your man like a Spartan would require you to turn back time anddo everything different. You can't re-meet him, re-date him, re-commit, andbe this better version of you. So how do you fix it and stop a relationshipthat's already sinking? There is a medicine for your CPR relationship...

Blue Pill

No matter if he fucked up or if you were the one in the wrong, you can keepyour man and salvage your relationship. That solution? Give in. Whateverhe wants, give it to him. Whatever he's done, forgive him. Whatever lie youcaught him in, let it go. Whatever manipulation he's done to create thatwedge, black it out. If he's grown tired of you and isn't putting in the effort,don't threaten him, show him that you are willing to compromise. If hisattention has begun to split to other women, drop your anger and show himyou are going to fight to bring back the spark. If you were being a brat orbully, caught up in your own baggage, and you broke his heart, get on yourknees. Beg him to take you back by acknowledging your trust issues orpast. Blame daddy, mommy, your exes, and then go find a therapist to showhim you're trying for "us." He will give you another shot. If you want tokeep a man, the solution is as simple as the things listed. Submit and dothings his way. Give him your power and go back to being a placeholder. Ina matter of months, all this stuff about being a Spartan will fade and youwill be back in a mindset that makes life bearable, on autopilot. Just anotherpeasant pretending to be a Queen. Just another weak bitch that barks at herman when he does wrong, but never bites. Another little girl trying to playhouse with a man who is still looking for her replacement.

You couldn't even make it to the mountaintop of Sparta, you made itto basecamp and turned back. You cried for change but chose to be likeevery other girl in the world; content, comfortable, typical. Take that easyroad back down to normalcy where you hypnotize yourself to believe infairytales again. No one has to know that you are weak. You can still walkaround with false confidence, telling your fellow peasants what you willand won't do for love, give advice that you would never take, and playmake believe on the internet as if you're happy. Those without power are nodifferent than those that turn away from power. You belong in that flock offraudulence that breath lies and perpetrate through life. You never plannedon changing. You saw what it took to get to the top and it scared the fuckout of you. Everything scares you, which is why it's better that youcontinue to settle like the coward you are. Give in and give up. Find solacein the field with the rest of the sheep because this crown is too heavy foryour head.

Red Pill

If you knew the title of this chapter was a trick question, then you passedyour final test. A Spartan would never ask, "how do I stop a breakup,"that's the epitome of a typical weak bitch thought. A Queen doesn't holdon; she is held onto! What's a breakup to a Spartan? Death and Rebirth.Your game doesn't stop to mourn the loss of something that helped makeyou stronger, it pushes ahead to an even greater love. Your love life isn't amovie where the guy comes back and makes everything right in the end, it'sthe movie set where you wake the fuck up and realize you no longer need tofollow that patronizing script. This book didn't come too late; this isn'tabout wishing you read this before your last relationship or years ago beforeyour first mistake, it's about using it in the now. You are exactly where youneed to be. If your relationship isn't working despite all of your efforts, thenget the hint, it was never meant to work, it was a step on your ladder.You may not want to lose him, but you have no choice. Your manisn't moving away from you, the universe is pushing him away. If you trulyare a Spartan, then you recognize this is not a tragedy, it is your will. Thefact that you two can no longer stay on the same page, no matter how hardyou try, is all the proof you need to walk away. Even if you bent the rules oftime, this boyfriend, your last boyfriend, the ones before him, none of themwould have made it. If your eyes were this open and your confidence thissolid, you would have attracted a much stronger man, but you didn't. Yougot the man who the old you manifested, needed, and deserved. This is thetruth you don't want to stare in the eye, but you must. Your relationshipdoesn't need to be reset; it needs to be erased. You are your own salvation,and for the first time in this life, you should understand that you don't needa man's love to save you, complete you, or uplift you; yours is enough. Thestronger you become, the stronger you will attract. This was never a lovestory; it was always meant to be a rise to power.


What's next? Conquest. Use your power by actually going out and doingthese things. The old you would have read and re-read, and then foundanother book to read and re-read because she was indecisive. She wanted tothink, think, and think some more as opportunity after opportunity passedher by. You don't need a PhD in this, you need to do it! Where do you start?At the beginning. I don't care what's going on in your life, if you are single,seeing someone, with someone, or stuck in-between one of those steps, youstart at the beginning. Don't read about being a Spartan. Be a Spartan. Resetyour mind, revamp your confidence, and change your world. This book isnot to be cherry picked or flipped through; it has to be done in the ways laidout. If you are in the midst of a problem that you can't solve, a situation thatis stressing you, or can't motivate yourself to get off your ass, start at thebeginning. Do the work, Awaken the Spartan within, and let her conquerwhat you cannot. Every obstacle in life will fade away once successbecomes the only goal allowed to enter your mind. To think you can't dosomething is the same as thinking you can do something, either way, youend up with results that reflect your beliefs. This is your world, Spartan.Believe in yourself like I believe in you.

Every morning and every night remember to remember

You deserve the affection that you kept trying to pour into others.

You deserve the same motivation that you tried to inspire in others.

You deserve the high of happy, without the low of sadness.

You deserve the joy of being spoiled, without the catch of having to repay.

You deserve the relaxation of trust, without the paranoia of betrayal.

You deserve to be confident, without the reminder to be humble.

You deserve to look at your reflection with eyes of awe, not judgment.

You deserve to be held forever, not for a night.

You deserve to be first, second, and third.

You deserve to have everything you want.

You deserve this power. It is who you are and who you will always be.

Men don't love women like you. They worship them.

Spartan Up...