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Soon Lester left school.

Lester walked at the front with a small schoolbag on his back.

When he saw us, he opened his hands and ran out, "Mom! Uncle Jessop!"

Children's voices were loud.

Lester said "Uncle Jessop" so those rich ladies looked at us.

Ming didn't seem to respond. He touched Lester's head and asked him, "do you adapt to kindergarten today? Have you made any good friends?"


We got in the car together. Ming drove. Lester sat in his baby's seat and talked all the time about what happened in kindergarten.

The kindergarten in Sceaux was just an ordinary public kindergarten.

Its entertainment facilities were not as good as here. The food and drink as well as the curriculum arrangement were certainly not as good as this senior private kindergarten.

Everything here was new to Lester.

When driving to York No.1, the car passed through the downtown area of York. Because it was off duty time, it was a little bit blocked.

Lester looked out of the window for a long time and suddenly turned to me and said, "Mom! Let's go to that place for dinner!"

I looked at it through the window.

The hotel in front of me couldn't be more familiar.

I was Angie's assistant when I first came out of prison. I designed the lobby of the hotel.

I met Sean here again.

I didn't like it here. I raised my hand and touched Lester's head. I smiled and said, "I've figured out what to cook for you in the evening. Would you like to come home with me for dinner?"

"No!" Lester pouted.

I was stunned by his attitude.

Lester used to be obedient.

I was not happy. I wanted to educate him but Ming said, "OK, let's go there for dinner."

With that, he drove into the left lane and was ready to turn around.

"Thank you, Uncle Jessop!" Lester was restricted by the baby seat and couldn't get down.

But he kissed Ming through the back mirror.

They decided so I couldn't refuse.

The car turned around. Ming quickly parked the car in front of the hotel.

Lester unbuckled his seatbelt and jumped out of the car.

When I closed the door, I found that he was not at the door of the hotel at all. I looked up and looked for him and found that he had run into the lobby!

I went in at once.

I ran to Lester and held his hand. I accused him angrily, "don't run around. This is York. There are many criminals here. If someone carries you away, you will never see me again!"

Lester turned a deaf ear to what I said. He looked around and seemed to be looking for something.

"What are you looking for?"

I asked him.

"An uncle."


Lester's words made my heart thump.

Lester nodded seriously. He raised his hand over his head and said seriously, "yes, he is such a tall uncle. I always see him in my dreams."

"In your dreams?"

I never seemed to hear Lester talk about it.

"Let's go in." When I spoke to Lester, Ming had parked his car and came in and said to us, "there's only buffet here."

He stooped and asked Lester, "is it OK to have a buffet?"


Lester nodded happily.

When we arrived at the cafeteria, the waiter took us to a small box which was half open. The three of us went to get our food.

There was also a children's entertainment area in the restaurant. Lester just ate for a while and then ran to play.

I made an appointment with him to come back for dinner in half an hour.

Lester could read his watch.

He did come back half an hour later, but there was a little girl behind him.

Lester said as he walked along, "don't follow me. My mom doesn't let me bring girls to see her."

"..." Hearing what he said, I was speechless. "When did I say that?"

"Hello, auntie."

The little girl saw me and greeted me politely.

I looked at the little girl. She was about four years old and had a ponytail. Her eyes were as bright as black pearls.

Her little face was very cute.

In fact, I always wanted a lovely daughter, so when I saw her, I liked her very much.

I came out of my seat and squatted. I took her hand and asked, "hello. Whose child are you? Can you find your family later?"

"Yes. My family is by the side." The little girl pointed to a half open box about ten meters away from us and said, "my aunt is sitting there."

Since they were not far away, I was relieved. I turned to Lester and said, "you're a boy. You have to be a gentleman. You can't talk to girls like that, you know?"

"But I don't like girls following me." Lester pouted. "Women are the most troublesome."

"Who taught you to say it!"

I was angry.

Ming laughed. "Lester, girls should be loved by boys. Don't you remember our appointment?"

"Oh..." Lester was reluctant.

The little girl knew Lester agreed. She immediately grabbed his hand and said, "I know there are really good strawberry desserts and chocolates over there!"

Lester was pulled by her and didn't fight. He just turned his head and said, "those are all girls' food. We boys don't eat this kind of food."

"Oh..." When the little girl heard this, she was a little disappointed. "Well, I'll take it myself."

With that, she released Lester's hand and sadly turned to the dessert area.

When Lester saw the little girl leave, his face turned red. He ran to her at once. "Forget it. I'll go with you. You're a girl. It's not safe."

Then he took the girl's little hand.

I watched them leave and I was speechless. "He's so naughty."

Ming picked me up and asked me, "do you have anything you want me to take for you?"

"No, I'm almost full." I smiled at Ming.

After that, I kept watching Lester.

After all, he and the little girl were short. I was afraid others would bump into them.

Ming saw that I had been watching Lester and couldn't eat well. He called the waiter. He handed him his card and said, "call your manager."

"Why?" I was stunned.

"I'll ask the manager to find someone to look at Lester. You have to eat."

Ming explained to me.

The waiter agreed as soon as he saw his last name. But I stopped him. "Don't bother. Just be careful not to let those two kids run out."

The waiter agreed and left.

I didn't think they would have an accident in such a hotel. I had a few minutes of dinner at ease. The little girl ran over and said to me, "Auntie! He ran out of the restaurant!"