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Hearing this, I was very nervous and got up and ran outside the restaurant!

As soon as I ran out of the restaurant, I saw Lester standing in the corridor.

Sean was squatting next to him.

I approached and heard Sean say, "what's your name? Where are your parents? Are you lost?"

Lester shook his head and said nothing, but he held Sean's arm in one hand and his eyes were red.

I didn't know if it was the so-called family relationship.

As I hesitated to move forward, Ming's voice sounded behind me, "Sean."

Lester and Sean looked at us at the same time.

Maybe their movements were too similar. They were obviously large and small versions.

Though Lester didn't look like Sean, his face was exactly the same as Sean.

"Mom." Lester called me first. He pointed to Sean and said, "he's the uncle I met in my dream."

Sean realized something when he heard Lester call me mom.

He paused. The next second he pulled his hand out of Lester's arm. He stood up and said coldly to me, "pay attention to your child next time. I have something else to do, so I'll go first."

Lester looked disappointed when he saw Sean leave with such a cold attitude.

Although I didn't know why Lester dreamed of Sean, he must be disappointed with Sean's attitude.

In my heart, I wished Sean could stay with Lester a little longer.

At this time, I saw Cindy coming out of a box in front of me. She saw us and didn't greet Sean directly. She said hello to Ming first, "you are here, uncle."

"Yes." Ming came up to me and put his hand on my shoulder and said, "I'm here to eat with my fiancee."

I was a little nervous when his hand touched my shoulder.

By this time, Sean had come to Cindy's side. He turned and saw Ming's hand resting on my shoulder. He looked a little impatient.

He said to Cindy, "let's go in."

When they got in, I squatted down and said to Lester, "Lester, don't run around in the future. I'm worried about you."

Lester kept looking at the box and pouting. After a long time he said, "Mom, that uncle is not the same as the one in my dream."

I touched Lester's nose. "Are you mistaken? You don't know that uncle. How could you dream of him? He doesn't know you. It's normal for people you don't know to do so."

It was not normal.

But I couldn't explain much to Lester, so I could only say that.

"Really?" Lester looked at me.

He looked disappointed.

"Yes." I picked Lester up. "Let's go. That little girl was waiting for you just now."

When I mentioned the little girl, Lester's eyes lit up. He put his arm around my neck and nodded.

He was willing to leave with me.

When we went back, the little girl came back.

They went to the children's playground together.

When Ming and I finished eating and went to Lester, the little girl's parents stood by and were ready to pick her up.

I took a look at the little girl's mother and recognized her!


When I saw Linda, I had no intention of hiding my identity.

Linda turned to see me and was confused, "you are..."


I said quickly.

Linda looked at me carefully and said incredibly, "June? Why do you become like this?"

"It's a long story."

I wanted to talk to Linda for a while, but we hadn't seen each other for many years and had a lot to say. We could only temporarily exchange telephone numbers.

I left with Lester. Lester sat in Ming's car and tilted his head and asked me, "Mom, aren't you Becky? Why did you say your name was June."

"That's my old name. Now that you know it, promise me you won't tell anyone, will you?"

I looked at Lester.

"Yes!" Lester nodded seriously. He zipped his mouth with his hand. "Don't worry! I'm sure I won't say it!"

"Thank you." I patted Lester on the head.

Today was November 11th. It was Ming's birthday two days later.

After Lester went to bed at night, I searched on my computer for a birthday present that a doctor usually liked.

As soon as I opened the web page, my personal phone rang.

I knew it was Ming.

I answered the phone and immediately heard his soft voice, "what are you doing?"

"I'm surfing the Internet."

I replied simply.

I stared at the screen and tapped the mouse. I was looking for some valuable suggestions from netizens.

"Are you free tomorrow?"

He asked me.

I guessed he was going to take me to buy something for our new house, but tomorrow was the last day before his birthday. I could only prepare presents for him tomorrow.

I hesitated for a moment and said, "sorry, I have something to do tomorrow."

I had no work to do.

I was a little guilty.

He was silent for a moment and chuckled. He asked me, "are you going to prepare a birthday present for me?"


I denied it subconsciously.

I thought I was stupid.

I should ask, "is tomorrow your birthday?"

I shouldn't subconsciously deny it.

I said awkwardly, "yes, I want to surprise you."

"I'm happy that you can take the time to think about it." Ming said, "since it's my birthday present, can I ask for it?"

"Of course!"

If Ming told me what he wanted, it was really the best thing.

He seemed to think for a moment and said, "I want you..."


His words made me nervous at once.

This sentence had too much meaning.

Was he going to let me be his birthday present? We were adults. If I refused, was I too hypocritical?

When I hesitated, he continued, "I want your time. I hope you can stay with me for one day."


I agreed immediately.

Although he didn't say it, I knew Ming was testing me just now.