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I was in his arms. I looked up and saw his dark circles and tired eyes, and I knew that he hadn't taken a good rest recently.

I can't help but feel a little upset.

"Ming, you should have a good rest today." I said to him.

"OK." He hugged me and got on the elevator.

Ming put me down when we got upstairs.

When I saw him open the door and I was about to go back my home, he grabbed my hand and said, "Come here."

"You should have a good rest now. And I will talk to you tomorrow."

I was standing.

He opened the door, but he still did not let go of my hand. He smiled at me slightly, "Do you think I would sleep peacefully tonight if I did not see how your leg hurts?"

I just realized that my legs are frozen and it will not be easy for me to walk.

But it was so late now, and I really didn't want to bother Ming.

Seeing me still, he frowned slightly. "Are you going to let me hold you in?"

I flushed and shook my head. So I followed him into the room.

His room was cold and clean, but it was not too cold because of the central heating system.

When he turned on the light, he took me to the bedroom and touched my trousers on my body which made him feel distressed. "On such a cold day, you just dress like this. If you didn't meet me, did you plan to walk to my hospital like this?"

I was embarrassed so I bowed my head, "I am sorry. I just... I am so worried about you."

When I said that, Ming smiled.

He always smiled, but this time it seemed especially good-looking.

"Wait me for a minute." He got up and went to the bathroom.

He quickly picked up a basin of water.

There was a towel soaking in the water.

He tried the temperature of the water with his hands before he said to me, "Take off your pants."


I looked at him blankly and I didn't respond to what he was talking about.

"I'll help you wipe your legs with warm water. Otherwise, your legs might get worse tomorrow." Ming said while pulling my pants. Seeing me still, he smiled and said, "You are the second person to worry about me, and I can't let you be hurt."

"What about rolling up my trousers? My trousers was loose."

I asked with a red face.

To be honest, I would feel shy if I have to take my pants off in front of a man...

Seeing that I was unwilling to take off my pants, Ming said helplessly, "You are going to marry me. Are you going to always wear clothes in front of me in the future? And I need to see the degree of frostbite on your thighs."

His words made my face a little flushed.

In order not to embarrass me, Ming took a thin quilt and said, "After you take off your pants, you can cover it with a quilt, and I did not say you should take off your underwear."

I pulled the quilt before taking off my pants and putting my legs on the edge of the bed.

He was half-kneeling there, and then he poked my leg with his hand and asked, "How do you feel?"

I shook my head.

My legs were frozen and I didn't really feel anything.

Ming picked up the towel in the basin and wiped my legs slowly.

The towel was warm, and gradually my legs could feel something.

He wiped my leg for more than half an hour. My legs were slightly red and almost recovered. "Thank you, I think I am much better. You should rest now."

After I finished speaking, he looked up at me and said nothing.

He first poured the water from the basin into the sewer.

I quickly put on my pants, but before I finished, Ming was back. He watched me wearing trousers and came over and pressed me directly onto the bed.

His thin lips did not hesitate to press down. I was a little nervous. My lips were closed tightly, and I felt he wanted to invade but didn't continue.

Ming looked up at me with hesitation and said, "Are you not ready yet?"


"I think you could consider giving me a chance." Ming said, "Maybe we fit well in sex."

Ming was not like Sean. He won't force me.

But he will express his needs.

Since I was close to him, I could feel his change.

I could feel his hard erection.

We were all adults. This was nothing at all ...

I bit my lips and tried to persuade myself.

Ming looked at me like this and knew my struggle. He leaned down and put a kiss on my forehead and smiled, "It's okay, I can wait. Just don't let me wait too long. When we get married that night, even if you don't agree, I will ..."

"I know, thank you."

I finished speaking when I realized the kiss just now.

It was..

At this point, Ming's face was close to mine. I closed my eyes and waited for the kiss.

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.

There was nothing on my lips.

When I opened my eyes, I saw that Ming's body had been retracted. And he was looking at me gently with a smile in his eyes.

I was just waiting for him to kiss me, which made me feel even more embarrassed.

He raised his hand. And his big palm fell on my hair and rubbed it. "You own me a kiss. When you are ready to accept me, I will get it back."

I knew. He didn't want to force me.

I tidied up my trousers and he took me to the door.

"Wait a minute." I watched Ming turn back and called him.

I took out the pen I bought and said with a smile, "Happy birthday."

Ming looked at the box and asked, "What is in it? May I open it?"

I nodded.

He pulled the ribbon from the box and took out the pen.

Before he spoke, I said, "It is not precious..."

"I like it very much." Ming immediately put his pen in his chest pocket and said, "I will take it every day."


I calmed down when he said he liked it.

Tonight, I was finally getting a good sleep.

The next morning, Lester went out and saw Ming. He was so happy, "Uncle, I missed you so much."

"I miss you too."

Ming picked up Lester and got off the elevator with him.

When we sent Lester to kindergarten, I said to Ming, "If you are going to the hospital, I will just go back by myself."

Linda told me about the design contest the other day. But I could not even look at it because Ming could not get in touch with me.

Ming was okay now, and finally I could work on the design contest.

But Ming pulled me and asked, "Now, can you give me a birthday present?"

It took me a second to react that he was talking about spending the day with him.

"Well, where do you want to go? I will be with you all day." I said to Ming with a smile.

Maybe it was because I almost lost him. At this moment, I cherished the time with him.