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I thought Ming would let me go somewhere with him.

But he was driving and parked outside a single building on the west side of the city.

This was a glassy building. Just because it was double-glazed and had a different angle of mirror in the middle, people standing outside cannot see the building at all.

And because it snowed yesterday, there was still a thin layer of white snow on the building today, which looked dreamy and beautiful.

"This is..."

I stood there, fascinated by the architecture in front of me.

"Just come in." Ming reached out to me.

I naturally took his hand and went in with him.

He opened the door for me, and when I entered, I saw a sea of wedding dresses.

There were dummy models one after another throughout the hall. Each model wore a variety of wedding gowns.

These wedding dresses didn't look normal.

They were very exquisite.

"It is so beautiful."

"This is the studio of a wedding dress designer. I specifically asked their designer to customize your wedding dress."

Ming was close to my ear and introduced me to this studio.

"Mr. Jessop!" Then a woman in a beige suit came out.

Her hair was curled up and she had light make-up.

Although she looked beautiful, she was not the designer at first glance.

"Rosalind, this is my fiancee." Ming introduced me to the woman.

Rosalind quickly reached out and said, "Hello, I am the manager of Dream Wedding Dress."

"Hi, I am Becky."

I shook hands with Rosalind.

"Where is your designer?" Ming asked her.

"Please wait a moment, the designer will come out right away."

Rosalind said as she left.

Ming and I stood in the hall, surrounded by all kinds of wedding dresses.

I went to one of them and had to say that the design was very unique. The surface of the wedding dress here was only a pure white but with a good lace cover.

They were all very well designed.

"We only booked the engagement date. Why did you order the wedding dress so early?"

According to the custom of York, a wedding was not held until one year after the engagement.

Ming came to me and took my hand and said, "This designer is famous. There are several grades of her wedding dress, and the best one needs to be booked a year in advance."

"The best one?" I looked to Ming, "I don't need such a good wedding dress. Just the right one will be ok."

I didn't even want a wedding.

But Ming was looking forward to it from the start, and I didn't want to disappoint him, so I had to do everything he planned.

Ming looked at me and said, "No, as I said before, I will give you the best."

"Pop, pop, pop."

As soon as he finished speaking, applause sounded behind the wedding dress.

But it sounded weird.

I followed the sound and saw a woman sitting on a wheelchair. The wheelchair was pure black and looked very advanced. There was a small manipulator on the armrest. She put her hand on it to control the wheelchair forward.

When she showed up, I noticed that Ming's expression was clearly getting worse. He took my hand and said, "Let us go."

"Don't leave." The woman in the wheelchair came around. She stood directly in front of us and looked up at Ming. "Ming, long time no see."

Ming's expression was very serious and cold which made me even a little scary.

This was him I have never seen before.

Ming held my hand tightly. He said a moment later, "Let's go."

"Ming, I haven't seen you for so long. As soon as I met, I heard you say to another woman what you said to me. I feel really complicated."

The designer's words hit me hard in my heart.

I looked down at her.

The woman's hair was long and her four strands of braided hair hung behind her.

From the appearance, she should be older than me, and her skin is slightly loose, but her facial features are still three-dimensional and delicate, with good-looking eyes, tall nose bridges and red lips. Even at this age she looked beautiful and charming.

She said that what Ming just said was for her before.

Was she Ming's ex-girlfriend?

I never seemed to have heard of her before.

Ming lowered his head and looked at the woman with a blank expression and said, "I did not know you owned the studio, or I would not bother you."

Although he said so, the meaning of the words was not the same.

He clearly didn't want to see her.

The woman looked at Ming and smiled faintly, then she looked at me and said, "Is this the girl you have been looking for?" She said, "She is not like that girl."

Looking for me?

Has Ming been looking for me in the past?

I looked at Ming with a slight suspicion in my eyes.

He heard the designer say that and suddenly his expression became very bad, "The past is over. You and I can not live in the past. We leave first."

"No." The designer looked at me. "Since you can not gave me a wedding dress personally, I could make a wedding dress for your wife, which was also satisfying to me."

When she spoke, she was smiling but her eyes were bleak.

I looked at her and felt my heart tighten.

The woman's intuition told me that this woman still had love with Ming.

"No, I don't think it is fair to her." Ming said as he was going to take me away.

But the door of this house was so small. The designer's wheelchair almost blocked the door.

She refused to let us go, and it was difficult for us to go out.

The designer looked at Ming and said, "What? You can't keep your promise and you can't give me the future. Now, do you even refuse to let me make money?"

Her eyes were dim.

There was something in her words.

She was as old as Ming, and since she said so, it meant that the two should be together for a long time...

I also understood the feeling that she cannot let it go.

I looked at her a little hesitantly and said, "Sorry, I don't want you to design a wedding dress for me."

Ming and the designer both looked at me.

The designer, in particular, could not help laughing at what I said. "Ming, it seems that another woman has been fooled around by you."

I knew why she said that.

If you love someone deeply, when you know that he loved someone in the past, the feeling is like the mosquito blood which couldn't be erased.

But when I knew her relationship with Ming, I felt completely acceptable.

Apparently, Ming also had the same idea as the designer, and he said directly, "I will give you the money as usual, but you do not have to design this dress."