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Ming said and went inside.

But when he just left, the designer said softly, "Well, I thought your bank card would be on her."

For some reason, I was embarrassed when I heard the designer say that.

It turned out that what Ming had done to me now once had done to another woman.

Ming treated me well and did everything for me.

If I didn't love Sean first, I would have loved Ming with all my heart.

At this moment, I had some understanding of this woman.

I stepped forward and pulled Ming, "Ming, let's order a wedding dress here. It's the same wherever we go."

Now that we have paid the money, we'll book it.

The designer looked at me with a smile on her lips. "Ming, this was a familiar scene. I used to call you like this for years."

She said as she started counting.

"I see. Let's order the wedding dress here." Ming interrupted the woman and dragged me inside to check out.

As I walked, I pulled out the bank card from my bag.

The designer looked behind and chuckled, "His bank card is really here for you. Ming's tricks on girls are really the same for many years, but they are very useful ... right?"

She looked at me as she asked.

She was looking for something in my eyes.

She looked at me for a few seconds and smiled. "It seems that this girl is smarter than me, and she knows how to protect herself."

As Ming listened to her, the expression on his face became worse. "Are you really going to make a wedding dress here? I can find you something better..."

"Right here."

I concluded.

Actually, I wanted to be here and know more about Ming.

Although I didn't know if this designer will tell me.

Ming thought with hesitation and paid the money.

He seemed to be afraid that I was alone with the designer. So when he went to pay the money, he also pulled me.

I heard the light laughter of the designer.

I didn't know if it was a laugh or a snicker.

When we paid, Ming wanted to give me the bank card, but this time I refused to take it.

To be honest, after knowing that Ming had given the bank card to another woman before, I suddenly felt that it was not so sacred.

This was a wedding studio. Ming didn't seem to want to persuade me here, so he took the bank card back.

After paying the money, I went to the designer. When I arrived in front of her, my knees were slightly bent, keeping my face almost horizontal with her and said, "Hello, my name is Becky, and my wedding dress will trouble you."

I reached out after I said it.

The designer was obviously a bit surprised by my behavior. After a moment of stunning, she held my hand with smile and said, "My name is Marcia. Don't worry. I must design the best wedding dress for you."

"Thank you."

I straightened up.

Marcia said while controlling her wheelchair, "Miss Jones, come with me. I will ask my assistant to help you measure your size. By the way, you can tell me what kind of wedding dress you want. I will design it specifically for you." When she said that, she stopped her wheelchair and turned to look at me. "This is the first time I have provided such a special service to guests."

"Thank you."

I followed Marcia, and Ming followed me with a nervous face.

When we got to the door of an elevator on the second floor, Marcia looked at Ming and smiled. "Ming, why are you so nervous? Are you afraid that I will tell her bad things about you?"

Ming didn't say anything.

Marcia went on to say, "We are going upstairs to measure the size of the wedding dress. In order to pursue a better wedding dress, Miss Jones will take off all of her clothes." Speaking of this, she said, "But you are getting married, it will be okay for you to see her naked, right?"

When I heard that I was going to take all my clothes off, I thought and said to Ming, "Ming, could you wait downstairs? I will come down after measuring the size."

To reassure him, I patted his hand.

He hesitated for a moment and finally nodded. "All right."

After speaking that, he stepped back.

The elevator door opened, and I went in with Marcia. This elevator, when we look outside, seemed to be a metal door.

But when I entered with Marcia, I found out that it was a single-sided glass like the interrogation room!

Apparently Ming didn't know that.

Through the glass, I saw Ming staring in the direction of Marcia, and there was no tenderness in his eyes.

His eyes were full of warnings!

I was even shocked by his expression!

At this moment, the elevator was slowly rising.

The elevator was stable and rising very slowly.

"This elevator was specially designed so that when the bride came down in her wedding dress, she can look at the longing expression of the groom. But I did not expect to see this expression today."

Marcia said that coldly.

But she did not look surprised.

She seemed very familiar with Ming with such a personality.

The elevator was on the second floor.

There were two areas on the second floor. One of which seemed to be the design room, and Marcia took me to the other room where a young assistant was waiting there.

I took off my jacket at Marcia's request, and I put on the invisible bra needed for the wedding dress, and then she asked the assistant to measure for me and she recorded.

When it was done, Marcia said to the assistant, "You wait at the door."

When the assistant went out, Marcia asked me to sit down.

I got dressed and sat on the sofa in the room. Marcia looked at me and said, "What do you think when you see Ming like that?"

"I wasn't surprised."

I lowered my eyes.

In fact, in my subconscious, I knew Ming was such a person. So today when he showed this expression, I was not surprised but felt it was normal.

Marcia heard what I said and was surprised, "Why do you know that?" But she quickly put back her surprise and smiled, "Well, I am probably the only fool in the world."

I looked at Marcia, and I did not know what to say.

Hesitating for a moment, I asked, "Can you tell me about your things?"

I always knew that Ming had a complex personality.

As Sean once said, he was definitely not as simple as he seemed.

And since I decided to marry him, I had the right to know this.

If I asked Ming, he was not necessarily telling me the truth.

Marcia heard me and smiled. "I am sorry that I may not be able to tell you today."


"Because Ming knows how long it will take to measure the size."

I knew what she meant.

She knew Ming too well.

I can see that she and Ming must have been together for many years.