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Marcia said as she picked up the pen and wrote a string of numbers in the corner of the record-sized paper. She tore the paper off and handed it to me.

I knew it was her phone number.

I put the paper in my pants pocket, and when I looked up, Marcia had already steered the wheelchair in the direction of the elevator.

I followed her.

We just arrived by the elevator, but the elevator that had stopped on the second floor descended.

"Look, I said he can't wait."

There was no change in the expression on Marcia's face as she spoke.

She seemed to know what Ming was thinking.

Sure enough, Ming stood inside when the elevator came up again. The elevator door opened and he looked a little embarrassed when he came out.

He had discovered that this was an elevator with the single-sided glass.

Ming stepped down the elevator and saw Marcia and I standing at the door. He asked with a barely smile. "Are you done?"


I nodded softly and tried to approach him, but I could not help feeling a little resistance in my heart.

Marcia behind me smiled. "Ming hasn't seen you in just a few minutes and he can't wait to come up."

It sounded like she was mocking Ming.

Instead of looking at her, Ming said to me, "Now that you have finished measuring the size, let's go to dinner. I have made a reservation."

Then he reached for my hand and took me to the elevator.

His tone was obviously less mild than before, even with some impatience.

When we got on the elevator, I waited for Marcia to come in. After Marcia came in with the wheelchair, she said to me, "Thank you."

On the first floor, Ming wanted to take me away, but Marcia deliberately said, "Rosalind, take one of my business cards to Becky."


Rosalind quickly picked up a business card from the front desk and passed it to me.

But Ming grabbed the card and put it in his pocket. "I will bring her here next time if we need you."

Marcia was not surprised by Ming's behavior either.

She squinted at Ming with a bleak smile.

I did not say anything about it, but I looked at Ming and there was only one question in my mind: Ming, what is he afraid of?

Was there any secret between him and Marcia that I didn't know?

When I got to the car with him and he started the car, I could not help but ask him, "Ming, you and Marcia..."

"Don't mention her." Before I finished speaking, Ming turned and took my hand. "I and she have passed. My future belongs to you, only you."

His gaze was focused on me. It seems that he changed back to Ming who had been gentle and calm after leaving the bridal shop.

I looked at him with hesitation. Then I nodded and said nothing more.

But there was a little concern in my mind.

Ming restarted the car and was going to the restaurant. On the way, he asked me, "What's your plan lately? Now that the hospital's quarantine is lifted, I can eat with you at noon."

"No." When I heard him say that, I refused subconsciously. After I said that, I felt I had refused him too quickly, so I quickly added, "A designer I knew before invited me to join her in a Tyloo High-End Interior-Design Competition. I will go to this competition the next day."

"A designer? A man or a woman?"

Ming looked at me with smile.

He sounded like he was joking.

But I knew he was asking it on purpose.

"Of course it's a woman." I looked at Ming. In order to reassure him, I deliberately said, "I promised to marry you, so naturally I won't be too close to other men."

The next day, I contacted Linda who had rented a small office in the city center.

When I got there, I found there was nothing outside the office.

I looked in through the glass door and found that there were no signs except a few desks and computers.

I pushed the door in.

Linda was immersed in computer graphics.

I looked around and laughed, "How did Mr. Richards find you? If I don't know the details, I definitely think this is a bogus company."

Linda knew I was joking, so she wasn't angry. She picked up a small book next to her and handed it to me, "Look at this. About the Tyloo High-end Interior Design Competition."

I took a look at it. I knew that there would be a salon sale after the design competition.

In addition to awards for all winning works, outstanding works can also be auctioned individually.

In summary, this was an opportunity for both fame and fortune.

I put the brochure aside and said seriously, "Well, I feel like I can get a second prize if nothing unexpected happens."

"Yes, I will get a third prize."

Linda glanced at me with a smile on her face and joked with me.

The entry requirement for this competition was a large interior design finished product within the last two years, which was slightly harsh for most practitioners.

If I was five years ago, I would not be eligible to register for this competition.

But now I had no problem.

I used Linda's computer to find all the renderings of my previous works and some detailed drawings from the cloud document, and then submitted them on the official website.

When Linda signed up, we waited for review.

Maybe it was because the registration conditions were too high this time. Linda and I received a call that afternoon to complete the registration.

But the specific topic of the competition will not be announced until the registration deadline.

It was three days later.

I had nothing else to do for these three days, but Ming didn't know that, so I called Marcia.

I asked her to meet.

When I thought about Marcia's legs, I tried to meet her at the bridal shop, but Marcia refused.

Finally, we decided to go to a coffee shop near Linda's office.

I waited for her at the door early.

Marcia's car was a modified Toyota Elfa. The car drove to the entrance of the coffee shop. After the door opened, it automatically descended to a platform with a small slope.

When she controlled the wheelchair to come down, I hurried to hold her..

When she landed firmly on the ground, she said to me, "Thank you."

I helped Marcia open the door and went into the cafe with her where Marcia had booked a single room.

The waiter took her directly to the reserved room when he saw Marcia.

When we ordered, Marcia took the coffee in front of her and took a sip before she looked up at me and said quietly. "Ming is not a good person. You should be very clear. I advise you to leave him early so as not to be like me."