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Marcia's words stunned me.

I didn't expect her to say this when she saw me.

Marcia found me surprised, and then she put the coffee cup on the table in front of her and looked at the lipstick marks on the cup. "Maybe I should say this to you more gently, but although I haven't had much contact with you, I can see that you are a person with kindness and you are not suitable for him."

"Can you... tell me something about you and Ming?"

After the MERS incident at that time, I felt that Ming still had weight in my heart.

However, on the day I tried the wedding dress, I hesitated again in my heart about marrying him after seeing his fierce eyes.

Marcia asked me, "Are you interested?"

"Well, I would like to know more about him." I nodded.

Although Ming loved me, I felt he will never be as simple as Daniell.

Marcia leaned on the back of the chair, and she looked into the distance as if she was remembering something.

I did not say anything.

It took a few minutes for Marcia to speak slowly. "When I was a sophomore at the age of 19, I transferred from the Department of Pharmacy to the Department of Clinical Medicine and happened to be in his class."

"Are you also a doctor?"

I was a little surprised. After all, doctors and wedding dress designers were two very different professions.

Marcia looked at me and smiled. "Yeah, I grew up loving art and design, but I was born into a medical family and had no choice but to go to medical school."

When she said these things, her expression revealed her helplessness.

I understood her.

"At that time, because my family conditions and my own conditions were very good, I can be said to be a celebrity in our college. There were a lot of boys chasing me every day, but he ignored me and just buried his head in the library every day." Marcia said with a mockery, "People may be such weird and funny animals. The more he chased me, the less interested I was. And the more he ignored me, the more I liked him."

"He was..."

"At that time, he was a poor boy. He has not returned to the Jessop Family. The only goal of his study was to find a good job and earn money for his mother. At the time, I was actually moved by his simplicity, and now I think about it, this must be an excuse he made for me."

Marcia said helplessly, "Later, we fell in love together. When I was a senior, we should do internships. Through my family relationship, I arranged for him to go to my hospital with me for an internship. At that time, he gave me the bank card..."

"Well, do you know anything about his mother? When did his mother die?"

I have never heard Ming mention his mother.

Marcia thought about it, "I've met his mother once. I can see that his mother was beautiful when she was young. Unfortunately, when I met her, she looked older because of the cruel years and the torture of life. Even though she was obviously in her forties... His mother died of illness before he graduated from college, and a few days after his mother died, Ming's father came to him and took him back to the Jessop Family."

There was no such coincidence in the world.

At this point, I understand, "His grandfather has been paying attention to him but refused to recognize his mother, so after his mother died, he came to him?"

"Yes." Marcia nodded. Her expression became more and more sad, "Maybe he has changed since then, or he has always been like that, but I haven't found it before."

"How did he change?"

I asked.

Marcia looked at me with a secretive look. Her beautiful eyes were full of sorrow. "I loved him and I don't want to discredit him. Because of this love, I have paid too much and also missed things, so I just want to persuade you to leave him. He, he never loves anyone, but only loves himself."

"How is it possible?"

Marcia's words took me by surprise.


When I tried to ask, the door of the room was suddenly opened.

I turned my head and saw Ming standing there. The warm light was scattered on him, but still could not cover his coldness.

The sharp expression on his face softened immediately when he saw me. He took my hand and said, "Let's go."

At this moment, I suddenly felt the horror.

Why did Ming show up here?

How did he know I was here?

Although I was pulled by him, I still sat on the chair.

When Marcia saw Ming, she was obviously surprised, but she quickly changed her expression and said, "How did Ming get here? We are talking about the details of the wedding dress."

"Is that so?" Ming looked at her, and the smile and gentleness on his face seemed to me a mask of hypocrisy.

And what was he really like?

I didn't know.

That was what scared me!

Marcia nodded slightly. "Yeah, we have known each other for over 20 years. Although we were not together at the end, but I also hope you can be happy. I think Miss Becky is a good person, so I have no intention of breaking you up."

"Well, I contacted Marcia because I had an idea about the dress." I smiled reluctantly.

Ming listened to me and he didn't leave. He simply sat next to me and said, "Oh, sorry, I'm too nervous. I'll wait for you."

I couldn't even say a word while he was sitting here.

The small room was surprisingly quiet.

Neither I nor Marcia spoke.

Finally I surrendered because of the stifling atmosphere and said to Ming, "We are almost done. Let us go."


He stood up and pulled the chair for me. And he took me by the hand while taking me out of the cafe.

He was still gentle.

But he did not even look at Marcia.

And I saw Marcia looking at him all the time with an indelible expression of sadness when Ming said he was leaving.

Although Marcia didn't say how long they were in love together, I knew it must have been many years.

After all these years, perhaps Ming has let it go, but Marcia has never given up.

After we got out of the cafe, I sat in Ming's car and couldn't help asking him, "How did you know I was here?"

Did someone tell him? Or did he monitor my call?

Or did he actually have someone watching me?

Ming looked at me and rubbed my hair. He smiled slightly and explained, "I know what you are thinking, but I didn't follow you secretly. I just saw Marcia's car at the door."