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"Oh." I did not say anything.

Even though this was an obvious excuse, I don't want to expose it.

After all, knowing the truth didn't do me any good.

When he saw that I did not continue to ask, he asked me again, "Don't you say that you recently participated in a design competition with a friend? How did you meet her?"

"We have already registered on the website, and we will be notified two days later, so I took the time to meet Marcia to discuss the wedding." I lowered my eyes and said, "After all, this should be the last time in my life to get married. After thinking about it carefully, I think I should be careful."

I said this just to hope that Ming was happy.

He seemed to be in a better mood to hear that.

In the afternoon, he took me to Arthur to discuss the case of Inez Fanning and Marlin Carter. After all, in a few months, the first trial will begin.

I had a firm attitude toward this case.

Whatever the result was, I didn't care.

I will know the topic of the design competition tomorrow.

I took my computer and design tools to Linda's office. I was ready to do my best in the design competition.

When everything was done, I made a cup of coffee.

Just after I took a sip, Linda asked me behind me, "Becky, this design competition lasts 30 days and is very urgent. If the plan cannot be determined at one time, we must work overtime if we want to ensure the completion. What about your son? Can he leave you?"

When it came to this, I was stunned.

I took it for granted that I planned to work during the day and stayed with Lester at night.

But when Linda said that, I realized I could not.

If nothing had happened recently, I would definitely give Lester to Ming, but now I was not assured.

He would not hurt Lester, but...

"How about bringing your son here with my baby? My family has a babysitter, and one or two children are the same." Linda suggested.

"That is not going to work."

I smiled.

The main reason was if I gave Lester to Linda instead of Ming, he won't agree with this.

This question really embarrassed me.

In the evening, Ming and I picked Lester home. After dinner, Lester fell asleep and Ming went to the hospital duty, so I was alone at home.

As we struggled to figure out what to do, my phone rang.

It was Murray.

When I picked up the phone, he asked me, "Did you get something new about your mom?"

When he asked, I remembered that I had been busy since I came back. So this was completely out of my mind.

I did not even ask Ming.

I told Murray the truth.

Murray did not blame me and said, "Come on. I'll see you tomorrow. At that time, I will help you to ask if anyone in our circle knew her."

"Will you come tomorrow?"

When I heard that Murray was coming tomorrow, I felt like I had solved all the problems I faced!

Murray did not know what was bothering me, so he asked, "What? Don't you welcome me?

"Welcome!" I was thrilled.

I told him I was going to participate in a design competition recently and I didn't have time to look after Lester.

Murray listened and asked me, "Why don't you let Ming look after him? And it is not convenient for me to go out with Lester."

"He..." When he mentioned Ming, I hesitated a moment before asking Murray, "Master, what do you think of Ming?"

"Huh? Did you quarrel with him?"

"No." I shook my head. "Something has been happening lately, and I am getting the feeling that Ming is..."

When I said that, I didn't know how to go on.

Murray sighed on the other end of the phone. "I know what you are trying to say. I just want to say that if a person starts from scratch and he eventually succeeds, he must have something else in addition to having a keen intuition and a strong mind, ."

"You mean..."

"In business, you don't have to worry too much. He may do something that may be forced by the situation. You just need to know that he treats you well." Murray understood my concerns and said, "Okay, I'll start looking after Lester for you tomorrow. But if you don't win this competition, don't call me Master!"

"OK! Absolutely!"

After studying with Murray for several years, I may not have confidence in other things.

But I was confident when it came to this kind of competition.

That night, I scanned an electronic version of my mother Margaret's portrait and sent it to Murray.

The next day, I picked up Murray and gave him the key of the house. And I gave him the address of Lester's Kindergarten before I went to Linda's studio.

By the time I got there, the title of the competition had been given.

This time the topic was about the wealthy families.

This topic perfectly matched the theme of the competition, high-end interior design.

Both Linda and I had a lot of ideas on this topic.

I thought Linda would design a traditional work, but she chose a modern style.

For the next 30 days, Linda and I were almost in the office, and sometimes we had inspiration so we just lived in the studio.

So, the day before the deadline, we handed over the works.

After that, we went back to our houses. Especially me, I slept for more than ten hours after I went home.

It was already over ten o'clock at noon when I waked up.

It was the weekend. Lester saw that I had not changed my clothes and walked out of the bedroom when he woke up, so he was very happy. "Is Mom not going to work today?"

"Yes." I nodded and looked at Lester in a daze.

It felt as if it had been weeks since I saw him last time.

Lester took my leg and said, "Mom, why do not you go to the dinosaur museum with me today?"

"Okay! Then you wait for Mom to change clothes." I promised Lester without any hesitation.

After all, I did not accompany him this month, and I was filled with guilt.

Murray was playing a video game in the living room, and when he heard we were going to the Dinosaur Hall, he said, "You need to stay with Lester when you are free. I won't go because I want to clear the game at home."

I could not help frowning at Murray as he looked serious and play the video games.

He was an old person, and others of his age will visit the park. No one was sitting at home and playing games like him.

I shook my head helplessly and asked, "What will you have for lunch? Do you need me to order takeout for you?"

"No, I will order takeout myself." Murray looked at me as if he didn't think he was old and said, "I am not old-fashioned. I know how to order takeout."

"Yes, you are young."

I went inside to change my clothes.

When I came out, I found someone in the house.


Lester took his hand and said, "Mom, Uncle said he will he drive us to the dinosaur museum."