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I looked at Ming and I hesitated, but now that he was here, I could not get rid of him.

Ming said when he found I said nothing, "What? You didn't want me to bother you and Lester?"

"No." I hurriedly said, "It will be tired to accompany us."

"I won't be tired to be with you." Ming reached out to me. "Let us go."

I hesitated for a moment, and finally I laid my hand on his palm.

We went downstairs together.

The scene was harmonious.

If you didn't know the situation, you must think we were a happy family.

It was winter now. It was foggy and still snowy today. When we came out, there were very few cars on the road. I looked out of the window and saw only a few snowflakes falling on the window.

The shape of the snowflake was very nice.

It took more than an hour to get to the Dinosaur Museum because of the slippery road.

Because of the cold weather, there was very few people in the Dinosaur Museum.

We hired a guide, and Lester followed the guide in the dinosaur hall, as Ming and I walked behind.

We were walking side by side, but both of us said nothing.

I didn't even know what to say to him.

I didn't know why Ming and I just became like this.

But we were getting married.


Ming seemed to be looking for a topic. As he just wanted to say something, Lester waved to me, "Mom, Mom, Take a picture of me!"

I looked at Ming and said with a smile, "I will take a picture for Lester first."

"Well, I am with you."

Ming raised his mouth and smiled softly.

He followed behind me.

I went to help Lester take a lot of pictures.

The guide was very enthusiastic to tell Lester about the dinosaurs in which age, their characteristics and so on.

Originally, I was not interested in these, but this guide said very vivid. At last I couldn't help but also listened to him.

I accompanied Leicester, taking pictures and listening to dinosaur knowledge.

It was already a bit late for us to leave from home. When we walked out of the huge dinosaur hall, it was already evening.

I looked around and found that Ming was calling not far away.

Lester was asking questions to the guide, so I called Ming to leave.

When I approached him, I found the his expression cold and indifferent. When I saw his expression, I could not help but feel a little nervous.

He listened to the person on the phone and said nothing. He looked far away and was very focused as if he had not found me coming at all.

When I approached, he found me.

When he looked up and saw me, he said to the person on the phone, "I'll talk about this later, and I hang up first."

After that, he put the phone in his pocket and asked with his soft expression, "Are you done? Is it time to consider where to eat?"

I was a little uncomfortable with the changes of his attitude, and I said, "Well, let's ask Lester about it, and I want to call Master together. I will pay for it."

After all, there were three people on my side, so it was reasonable for me to pay

"No." He said as he looked at me, and his eyes were lonely.

Like he still had something to say.

"What is the matter?" I asked him.

With a little sadness in his face, Ming asked me, "Why do I feel that you and I are more distant than ever? Am I doing something wrong and disappointing you?"

I froze and subconsciously said, "No."

"Do not lie to me." He stretched out his hand and took me into his arms.

I hesitated, but I did not resist his hug.

A moment later I heard a sad voice coming from above my head. "I know, Marcia makes you feel strange to me, but I hope you understand that I am just protecting myself. If you want to know about me and her or my past, I can tell you."


"I will tell you everything. I just hope you do not stay away from me."

When Ming spoke that, he held me tightly as if he wanted to rub me into his arms.

My heart was filled with confusion.

If Ming really wanted to tell me everything about him, maybe I will give him another chance.

But that night, I got a call before we had a long talk.

From James.

When I got James's call, the old man's voice was so husky and he asked me, "Did Sean contact you?"

"Sean? No."

I froze.

Why did James call me and ask that question?

James was breathing heavily. He was silent for a while before continuing to say, "Is what you said true? Don't lie to me. I'm old and I'm not healthy and I can't stand it anymore. If he is with you, you can tell him that it doesn't matter. I just need him to be healthy."

James made me confused.

"Grandpa, what is wrong? Sean is really not here. I have not talked to him in a long time."

Was Sean missing?

James saw that I deny it. His voice trembled so much. "Really? Is he really not with you? Don't lie to me."

"Really... What is wrong with him?"

At this moment, I was suddenly worried.

What happened to Sean?

James sighed. "He, he has been missing for almost a week, but We didn't notice that before."


"If he contacts you, you must tell me!"

James seemed to know Sean was not with me and was not in the mood to talk to me any more, so he hung up the phone.

I looked at the phone in my hands.

I did not hesitate to call Sean directly.

The phone message reminded me that his cell phone was turned off.

Indeed, if Sean's phone wasn't turned off, they won't call me.

"Knock." Someone knocked at the door when I tried to call Sean again.

I knew it was Ming.

I should have had a good talk with him tonight.

After all, we were getting married. We shouldn't get along like now.

But now that I knew about Sean's accident, I had no mood to talk to him.

I looked at the door hesitantly and finally opened it.

Ming at the door was wearing a white shirt and casual pants. And his hair was a little damp.

He looked harmless.

If nothing happened to Sean, I might really be willing to talk to such Ming.

Ming looked at me as if he realized that I was absent-minded and asked me, "Is something wrong?"

I looked up at him.

When I thought about the look he made when he called in the afternoon, I hesitated and said, "Do you know Sean is missing?"