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When he heard my question, he did not look surprised but asked me, "How do you know this?"

Apparently, he knew about it.

And he did not tell me.

I can understand this. After all, I knew I can't help.

It was just obvious that he, like James, suspected that Sean contacted me when he asked me that.

"James called me." I told him the truth.

After Ming heard it, his frown was slightly relieved, and he nodded, "It seems that the last time someone contacted him was a week ago. Everyone said that he had not seen him this week. But before that, the Giant group was in a mess."

"Because the data of that AI project is lost?"

I asked Ming.

He looked at me with a melancholy look and nodded. "That has a bad impact on the Giant Group."

"Who did that? Did anyone find out?"

I kept asking.

Ming stood at the door and looked at me gently before shaking his head. "I don't know."

Well, I have not seen Sean in a long time.

Recently, I thought I had forgotten him, but now he was missing and my heart was in chaos.

I can't calm down for a minute.

Although I knew Ming would be disappointed, I said, "I am sorry, but I am a little tired today and I would like to go to bed early."

I didn't want to think about Sean, but I was worried about Sean. If I faced Ming now, it was not fair to him.

I needed to be quiet.

Ming always knew me so well. He looked at me with cold eyes, as he toughed my cheek with his finger and smiled bitterly. "Are you worried about him?"


"I know you are worried about him. You want to go out and look for him at night and think you might find him. Am I right?"

Ming said all my thoughts.

I was like an exposed thief then. I lowered my head and couldn't say a word.

I can not even see Ming's eyes.

I was afraid he was disappointed, or I was afraid to see his angry eyes.

But, for a moment, I felt he reach out and take me into his arms. He said, "I know you can not put him down completely now, but I will wait for you."

"It was snowing outside. You have to remember to put on more clothes if you go out. Don't freeze yourself. If you can not find your way back, just call me and I will pick you up."

His words made my heart feel as if it had been hit hard.

How humble he was to say such a word.

For a moment, I felt so guilty that I could not help but hug Ming back. "I am sorry. I won't go out to find him."

I was not qualified to find him, was I?

Lewis group, Jessop family. They had so many people. Their network was spread across York. where is my turn, right? I was not qualified to find him, right?



My head pressed against Ming's chest and kept nodding.

I told myself over and over in my heart: don't go, don't go, don't go!

One of his hands fell on my hair from my back. "Okay, if you want to go, you must remember to wear warm clothes. If there is no car to take you back, you call me. Now I will go back first."

After he said that, he put his hand down and turned back to his home.

I stood at the door and looked at the empty corridor.

Only myself.

In front of me, the window in the corridor was dark and there was not even a bit of light outside.

A small gap was opened in the window. After the cold air came in, it came into contact with the hot air in the building and turned into white mist.

And snowflakes was coming in through the gap.

It must be cold outside.

Where was Sean? Will he commit suicide?

I hesitated, but I closed the door.

I was in bed but couldn't sleep.

Where would he be?

I believed Sean will not commit suicide because of the frustration caused by AI events.

That night, I held back and didn't go out to find Sean.

When I woke up the next morning, I stood in front of the window. The snow had stopped and the sky was blue as water.

Snow piled on the eaves which was reflecting the glare of the light.

All I could think about now was Sean.

Where was he?

Lester was getting up, too, and when I helped him get dressed to take him to kindergarten, Ming was already waiting at the door.

The man had the car keys in his hand with a light smile on his face.

He saw us and said, "I'll take you there. The road is slippery outside."

"Thank you."

As soon as I spoke, I suddenly realized something. So I looked at Ming and I was a little nervous.

He also looked at me at the same time. He pressed his finger on my lips and pressed his face close to my ears. He whispered, "You owe me another kiss."

When Lester went to kindergarten, I had nothing to do and Linda asked me to help her.

Linda's design work was introduced by acquaintances, but she can't finish it alone.

I can help her and learn from her by the way.

I finished a small drawing with Linda, and when I was free, I searched for the Giant group on my mobile phone.

Sure enough, there were reports online that Sean was missing.

But no one reported blatantly, it should be that Jessop Family controlled the news.

After all, such a big thing was about many companies and stock prices. Once it was out of control, it was definitely not just the Jessop Family who lost.

"You still care about Sean?"

I didn't know when Linda was behind me.

When she saw me searching the Giant Group on her phone, she teased me.

But I did not refute it.

My heart has been filled with Sean since last night.

Ming had also lost contact before, and I had worried about him, but this feeling was completely different. My feelings about worrying about Sean were stronger.

When I thought he might commit suicide or be hurt somewhere, my heartache was out of control.

I put my phone away and did not speak.

Linda glanced at me. "Don't deny it. I heard a friend say Sean is missing."

"How do you know that?" I looked at her.

Linda stared at the screen, with one hand on the mouse and one on the keyboard, and said busily, "This is a public secret in the media world, but the Jessop Family has been controlling the newspaper. They are looking for Sean all over the world, and some people say that Sean was kidnapped."

"Do you know anyone who works in this area?" I looked at her in surprise.

Linda stopped her work and leaned back in her chair. And she looked at me and nodded. "My husband is in the media business. He told me about it, and I thought you knew about it. Besides, I just did not want to care about Sean."

At that time, Linda and I participated in the competition at the resort. She knew our relationship.

I hesitated for a moment, but still couldn't help asking, "Is there any new news? Like going abroad?"

Linda shook her head. "No, I think it is just because there is no news. The Jessop Family suspected he was kidnapped."