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Woman's skirts, torn underwear, underpants, man's shirts, ties and pants are scattered on the carpet and sofa and beside the bed.

The air is full of chaotic love-making. The sheets and quilts are still in disorder on the huge European double bed after people’s crazy action.

The naked sleeping man has beautiful facial features, a strong body, a strong chest, and wheat color skin. He went to sleep after the crazy love-making. He also exudes a wild breath like a dangerous cheetah even though he is asleep, which makes people dare not approach.

A pretty girl sits at the other end of the big bed with black hair covering her white, soft and thin back. Tears blur her vision. Her black eyes are full of despair, loss, fear and humiliation.

 "Alisa, you better listen to me well, all the women in your family are for me to fuck…"

"Alisa, I never love you, let alone your sister. I just take you for fun, why take it so seriously…"

"Alisa, I just want to dirty you, mess you up, and let you sink under my body forever…"

 "Alisa, I am tired of playing with you, you just go away!"

 "Alisa, do you have any fucking face? I'm tired of playing with you. What are you pestering me for? Get out of here, now, have you heard…"

Alisa’s terrible memories spread like black fog, and the fruit knife in her hand reaches the man's chest. She bites her lower lip, and her hands are trembling. She has no courage to stab. All of sudden, the man opens his deep eyes, and the star-shaped scorpion shows a hint of ridicule. He presses heavily on her delicate body, and his hands hold her plump breast and ravage wantonly.

"Alisa, you want to fight with me, but you don't have the power neither now nor in the future…" Alisa's slender arm falls weakly. The fruit knife in her hand falls to the ground, and her tears fall silently…