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In S city, music fountain splashes in front of a courtyard-style house. The festive neon lights make it extremely beautiful. The guests surround a pair of young couples to send their blessing.

 A black Armani suit tightly wraps Davis's wild body, slightly open collar, revealing a dark purple silk shirt, diamond buttons shining dazzlingly. The cold thin lips are sexy and tight, with a dangerous arc, as if a cheetah is patrolling its territory.

Selena, who snuggles up beside him, wears a white evening dress with a happy and appropriate smile. Selena has chestnut curls at the back of her head, and a beautiful rose on top of her head. The beauty is set off with red flowers, and the red flowers are reflected with pink face, which looks gentle and pleasant.

Selena's face is pretty, but standing in front of Davis, she is a bit eclipsed, like a pearl under the moon. But that happy smile was enough to envy all the female guests.

Today is her sister Selena's engagement dinner. Alisa is in a good mood. She takes her mobile phone and adjusts the shooting angle from time to time, looking for the best angle to shoot the warmest and most beautiful picture of her sister. On the screen of the mobile phone, Davis's Obsidian suddenly gives her a sharp glance. That look is too sharp, which makes people feel like awn in the thorn. Alisa is so scared that her mobile phone almost falls to the ground.

When she recovers being sacared, she takes her cell phone carefully, Then she looks at the crowd, she finds Davis's rebellious figure has disappeared from the crowd. Alisa takes a long breath and readjusts her mobile phone. Someone behind her gives her a big pat, which makes her scream. "Ah…"

Selena's gentle smile comes into her eyes. "Alisa, you look so jumpy. What are you playing?" Alisa tunes out all the photos on her mobile phone and shows them to Selena. "Elder sister, look at it. Are they beautiful?"

Selena's smile frozes a little. "Alisa, don't do that. Davis will be angry when he sees it."

"Hum, you are partial. You are always partial to him. Don't you think it's strange? Such a prudent engagement banquet, none of his family comes. Besides, it's not allowed to take photos or be watched by others… "Alisa mutters unsatisfactorily.

Today, all the guests are sister’s friends and relatives, and all their mobile phones and cameras are collected before entering the venue. Is this guy a fugitive homicide? Alisa has a bad idea in her head.

Selena smiles softly and says, "Alisa, don't think about it. Put away the cell phone! Davis has a high status, unlike our common people. If he is exposed in front of the media, it will have a bad impact on Ling Shi group. OK, you little girl, how can you talk so much today? Go to help me get the medicine…" Selena has a heart attack and has been on medication. She is so busy during the day that she can't spare time to eat medicine, so when Davis is busy, she needs to take medicine quickly.

"OK, sister, I'll be right here…" Alisa is wearing a light yellow princess shirt and light jeans, full of the sweet sunshine of a flower girl. She darts into the gate.

After going up the stairs, she can't help taking out her mobile phone to look at the photos. Her elder sister in the photos is really beautiful, like a happy and noble princess. Suddenly, a low voice comes out of the room.