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Alisa is so shy and angry that she refuses to hand over her mobile phone. This evidence must be shown to her sister to let her know what kind of man she really likes.

Alisa holds on to her cell phone.

"Two…" Davis's eyes are full of sarcasm from the cat playing with the mouse. Before he counts to three, Alisa suddenly raises her foot and kicks her cell phone out. The action is fast and accurate, and the mobile phone is kicked to the window.

"Bang!" The mobile phone bumps into the glass and bounces off. It stops spinning.

Davis's face darkens when he sees this. The whole man is surrounded by a group of grumpiness. This damned woman even dares to play with him. He presses Alisa against the wall with his body. He pulls his tie out of the neck with both hands, ties Alisa's small hands together and throws

her onto the sofa. The whole action is quick and ruthless.

Alisa struggles to kick and bite, which has no effect on him at all. He throws out his black suit and holds Alisa's soft chin in his big hand. His handsome eyes are full of violence.

"I gave you a chance. You gave up to it!"

"Your bastard, you can't do this to me…" Alisa struggles and cries. Out of the window, fireworks are blooming in the night sky. The gorgeous and psychedelic track attracts the attention of all guests. The explosion of fireworks covers up Alisa's call for help.

Davis mercilessly rips open her bra and blue jeans

"Let go of me, you bastard…" Alisa's voice is hoarse with tears. Despair floods her like a tide. Alisa's white and delicate body is like an egg that has been shelled, which is presented to Davis without any cover. He roughly lays her flat on the sofa, and her thin white legs are forced to bend up and open to the maximum. Her legs are shaking constantly due to fear. For the first time in 18 years, Alisa's eyes are filled with tears of despair, and the man is her sister's boyfriend.

Davis's panting is heavy, and the soft and silky touch from the palm makes his desire expand to the maximum. He anxiously pulls open his pants chain, grasps her thigh, and drags it to his own body

"Don't…" Alisa cries feebly. The tear in the soft part magnifies in Alisa's mind, and the pain makes her mind clear. Blood flows down her jade legs and falls on his palm.

She is still a virgin! Davis's perfect lip curls a satisfied smile. Suddenly there is a kind of prank like pleasure. All the women of her family are prepared for him. Good, he's going to enjoy it.

Alisa's nails are deep in the sofa. She hurts so much. She wriggles her body to get rid of the deep tear. However, it feels like a maggot attached to the bone, like a shadow, unable to get rid of.

"Are you comfortable? Shout out if you feel good…" Davis is happy with her wriggling.

The beautiful eyes show the smile of devil, and the strong waist strongly impacts. In exchange for each heavy blow, Alisa arches herself nervously and frowns painfully. Alisa's mind and body are splited and her brain is completely blank. Her virginity is thus taken away by a bastard. It seems that it takes a long century for the invasion to stop. Alisa's legs are shaking and unable to close.

"Ka ca, Ka ca…"

In a daze, she feels the light of the flash.